Will you contact her and ask why?

20 years I was a yoga student before attending teacher training.

I was 3 years into Ayurvedic training, finishing and attaining my Ayurvedic certificate that same winter.

I paid $2000+ to attend Martia Rachman's Yoga teacher training and Yoga Therapy training.

The curriculum required each of us to present on a yoga-therapy-topic.

I arranged with Martia ahead of time when I would present my required presentation.

I worked hard preparing the presentation.

The day came for me to present. I was prepared.

Martia Rachman blew me off.

Martia Rachman blew me off.

Martia Rachman blew me off.

You did, Martia, blow me off.


Two students were supposed to present that day.

Martia allowed one student to present for over 30 minutes.

Then another student presented for 20 minutes.

When only 5 minutes were left in the class I asked Martia, "Do I get to present this week Martia?"

You see, the next week was the final week.

She allowed me to speak during the last 5 minutes of class, when everyone was hungry for lunch. I was very, very upset and had a hard time presenting during those few minutes.

Other students, especially the illustrious Mellie Mack of Black Mountain, were upset with me

The Yoga Therapy topic about which I planned to present was very near and dear to me, a portrait of my personal struggle.

Of course, during my short <5min presentation Martia stepped over my words, interjecting her supposed superior understanding.

I quit that afternoon.

Teacher training at Black Mountain Yoga is a farce.

"Martia can drop into any asana and she knows their Sanskrit names too. It's as if she's made of plastic! She's a guru."

Eat your heart out Ape Man!

Again, what was it? $2000+ I put down the drain that winter? Thanks Martia!

I need to make a fucking living! But I am NOT cutout for the bullshit that is the foundation of this stuck-up egotistical society.