Update 11/13/2021.

Update 7 April, 2020: How convenient for the landlords of the Bethesda community that know just know that the National Institutes of Health is the home of the other side's main squeeze: the one's that think you yourself are the offender being the human that comes into the world by the manner that gives you the right to remember the human species is the only species with the capacity to be with the WE to tell you to drop the folded napkin and take it up the ass so that the Modern Medicine Racket can take your entire being to the commodity corner to become the lord and master of your entire lifetime to be the ones that give you the right to become the walking pathogen that might seem healthy but might just might be filled with the very diseases that you guessed it our paychecks tell us we must devise the many war plans to fight to keep you safe from the body that is the home of the Spirit.

Jim wants the world to understand the Fort Detrick Bioweapons forming to make the public sick program has not ceased but has been shuttered under the guise that Fort Detrick had to be abandoned to become the only place that the good guys don't look for the COVID-19 strain meaning the very mention that Sandy Hook is the next thing that comes to mind tells you that shutting down the elementary school means that no kids are there for classes but the training exercise being played to the public as the slaughter of children at school gives the country the right to remember that going to the Fort TheTrick area tells you that the many scientists that have been employed by the government of the USA to be the ones that develop the so called pandemic viruses means they have not been told to move to their new homes but have been told to hush up.

WE are the authors.

Update 17 June, 2019: The people who create and give money value can take away that value at will. In God We Trust. Who is your God? Sit tight.