Updat 16 October, 2023: The WE thinks the animals are returning never to a world where the animals are less than the humans. And that is the way to residual needs allowed, that wins why the big rocking stars are posturing to stay alive by thinking that selling out too the animals isn't a problem. And U2 thinks that Las Vegas too thinks that wifi isn't harmful, nor does the Anthony Kiedis care about animals since the food that he eats is them.

Update 14 October, 2023: The WE is there to reallow the heart to hold to the charging that loving another allows too the 5G to be without precedence in the society that understands that wittle kids needing life-support are to be regularly at the concert halls when too the digital wallet isn't well to the world, this is the time to reconsider too the wifi enabled ways. And that is the way to return to cellular technology intentionally beginning to have to begin again as healthier. The truth is unequivocal that the very frequencies sold to the telecommunications industry to show off the ubiquitous need to sicken too the youth to forbidden to breed were enabled by the God Almighty to end the insanity that is the way of the world that follows the aboveness of the so-called "world leaders" or their favorite designation "the elite". They want to remove the majority of the beings alive today to never being alive again. And the world will suffer heartaches after heartaches when the many millionaires too bury their kids, but, then again, this is the time to be I-me-mine! Go U2! Show off the reason you are Irish yourselves, not the descendents of the Irish removed to Australia or the USA. Go for the buttfucking and asslicking and all the fun stuff that says "I love the oligarchs the best!"

Update 26 March, 2023.

Update December 2, 2022: FACT-CHECK: The birds suffer from the wifi and the cell towers and the EMF of the radars. And that is the fact. Song birds are real! Song birds are wanted! Do not support 5G Anthonies and Friends Allied by the need to power up the phones to speak to the children about the animals too suffering both terrestrially and in the waters. Please don't neglect again this hour, this year too.

Update November 20, 2022: Selling out the republic too is the way to 5G entering to the dropping dead suddenly. The graphene oxided shots turn to radioactive in the 5G settings. So sellout the fans again y'all of the vaccine passports realize not real to you yet but to the WE the need to reiterate to the WE's working women in the field that I need support to cleanse too the selfish need to want to not watch the die off. And the 5G is that all the way: the way to ending the dying off of the mentioning to the world too that the animals and birds and insects and waters (Do we matter to you Anthonies?) inside the watering that the 5G is in the atmosphere to shit on the rain too sells to Anthony "I want better worlds too for the animals" Kiedis to size up the need to helping me by helping another be there since you are not to be there ever as the friend even since I am too vocal to the vociferous to the not well to the reputations of the big kids that what? Sell out their own kids?

Profits from the prophetic need to Ghost Dance to the disturbance that Anthony participates in the killing off the "white" people instead of loving them as the White Buffalo Woman asks is this: allow.

Update 23 July, 2022: This is the time to think twice about the next round of shots. The reality that the being there is asking for the right to return to another world wins the right to regard rights about revolutions.

Radioactive people are there now. Yo Yo is invited.!And I am tired.

Update 12 May, 2021: The 5G that will issue to the world too the not that different than the way to the faster not really service but too the advertising tells you to buy buy buy to the rushing to the next delivery to the buying ahead of time to the being too the advertiser to the selling too the gear to the public tells to the woman typing the bread machine is the reason too the kids of the animals want her to realize the WE wins the rights to the being too the alive again when the many many many many and I mean many will succumb to the messages they are too the gone to the other side via the trajectory the knowing only the escape from the hell of the world planned by the big whigs is the leaving early the many souls have chosen too to be without the minds this aliveness.

Update 28 June, 2020: WE are the authors of the chips being the installed this go around not only for the children but for the big kids that have the best of the best in the insurance industry's way of the being the dictators of the health of the children to the thought the women that think the giving to the children the right to begin the being the HPV vaccinated means the never being the mother to the fact the boys too tell themselves the being the horny the thing that never happens meaning the not to the max penis never gets the hard but the dollars that make the HPV the best kept secret that kills the kids the moment the WE informs the many the being too the women that think the giving to the woman the never again given the right to post on the neighborhood forum where the women to the max think themselves the judge jury and executioners of the truth the woman is trying repeatedly to break through to the other side of the women's heads too fixated on the being the big important judges too of the needing to be safe by asphyxiation to the thought the being the listening to the scientists excludes the woman to the max in the neighborhood with the many years of the scientific career but to the max the not in the system that her ethical ways prevented her from joining up with.

Update 1 May, 2020:

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt:

Update 17 December, 2019: The Hidden Military Use of 5G Technology

Update 17 June, 2019: I'm beginning to understand it is the warmongers who are pushing 5G, for use with their weapons. Hence the need to put down the Chinese technology that would be harder to hack. Think about that. 5G will be concentrated in your cities. We are the choosing people. We can choose NOT to do this. But we gotta pay attention and see first.

The fact is the public listens to celebrities.

I'm ignored. Not even my own family listens to me.

I have no voice.

But you do.

Will you raise it on this very important issue?

Or will you call me "coo coo" for being concerned?

Stop 5G on Earth and in Space