Updatee 7 February, 2023: The WE understands that all children born to Jerry's wives are not Jerry's spawn. The Bobby Weir that thinks that murder wins Ratting to the Dogging to the knowing that all children asked to dogoff are there to return to Weir the vegetarian that wuvs to eat shit too!

Update Today 6/12/2022: The day Bubba went to LA was the day that the others went to London. The truth is that Mr. Peabody had a granddaughter called Aidan's wife.

It's poetry in motion. Too the vaccinations are the propaganda that too the Caitlin's family makes the living selling to the thought her grandfather raped Vietnam.

I want the woman expecting another woman on the other side of the pond to care withering in the shell without the comfort of the first human acknowledging the WE as too the valuable tells to the reaching to the Kelvin Cruickshank the need to another with too the right to remember the canceling the woman to the not important was him to the T.

Update March 30, 2021: The hour nears when too the woman typing wants the better association with the love feeling instead of the unending sickness that means I am not the allowed to be without the making you angry by telling me to stop being alive by the need to hear too the heart hears nothing but the being the better off not watching the video cartoons to issue to the children I am that fucked in the head being the Bono of the U2 world tells her too the grandpa that was too the identified to the visual that resembles the cousin that was told to be the man that has too the many displaced allowing to the imported to the USA as too the refugees of the English need to punish too the Irish for being alive wins too the right to recall the man is the Paddy sellout to the max.

Question the update too to the thought the better here to her but to the WE the better without the knowledge the woman wants not the videos on the mind so be with the second amendment and ask why the WE asked her not to unsubscribe to the way to the getting to the U2 too the fanned until the woman realizes the fans are the reason the man has the big voice the puny voices that are the woman's are the screaming too to tell to the animals not but the children's welfare system the giving them the free births too tells to the making too the midwifery the right again will be when too the matriarchy resumes after too the Mullen Jr buries the wife and the children with the notion the way to ensure too the mother hears the way the Mother hears that the way to getting to the mentioning they war the way to wanting that was the way to having nothing but the pants on when the mother hears: the WE will delete too this snippet but they will hear the working for the manufactured being the real to the making the money too the gone to the new normal will not mean too the big events that will ensure too the vaccinated are the very important to the being the VIPs to the thought the Penelope Cruz too tells to the children I want to condition you to the being the afraid all the time.

Update 24 March, 2020: Other home places for the ancestors of the sisters called Sister Sledge: The Gambia, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau with Shawnee, Choctaw, Seminole, Monacan, the list goes on. That is the way of this continent. We are family. That is the fact that the white shoe boys feel the need to obscure from the boys' clubs meaning the very mention the men love the Indian women the most tells you why the boys become the toys too. WE want Flea to know he is the African boy too: Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, The Gambia, Sierra Leone, Liberia. Conakry, Guinea was the trading post for the Netherlands to North American slave trade so the chances are the many African ancestors of the many slaves traded to the North and South Americas from the African continent came out of the port to the point the Guinea hen is the hen that makes the most sense to the meme that given the woman wanted to regard the men and women of the Guinea meme to be the most stout to the mention the very mention the only thing that makes one member of the human race the different from the other is the color of the money in their wallet.

Update 10 July, 2019: I'm given the word that Sister Sledge too is part of the Cherokee Irish clan.

Psychic Genealogy has taught me the Cherokee and Irish have affinity for one another.

Many, many Irish joined the Cherokee nation. *

We know for a fact the English "cleaned house" and transported millions of Irish.

Tens of millions of Americans are descended from this union, a people of great fortitude. A terrible beauty is born.

I wonder what would have happened if the English had transported Downton Abbey's Tom Branson.

Something tells me he would not have made the arduous and dangerous journey of splitting servitude to live freely with the Cherokee.

Give him the chance to lick the ass of a pretty rich Englishwoman or lil' lady, some Irishmen will flush their Irishness down ton toilet.

Cherokee women think truth is sexier than lies.

* It seems the Irish flocked to groups of Cherokee already hosting people from their "hood" back home. My Donegal ancestors show up in Tanasi/Chota; Dublin in Central and Western Kentucky.