Image: Vasant Lad, M.A.Sc.; Textbook of Ayurveda: Fundamental Principles; © 2002.

Update 15 July, 2021: The WE suggests the many that believe the emotional world is too the limbic world that results when the touching the nerves happens to re-read too the word of this chapter telling to the considering too the very astute to the nines Cliff High was too the right to the rewording too the world of the WE to the not that tells to the considering too the man will read that the knowing too the WE is too the right to reward the woman typing as too the Ayurvedic world of the Nazification of all learned beings to another time when too the many that took to the Orgone too the right were asked to reframe too their ideals to the mentioning too the medicine of the world tells to the many that you are the right to remember the WE is too the right to the recalling the right to the night time will be when the many think too the Vayus the right to the learned too telling to the conditions that too arise to the body when too the limbic system works tells to the conditioning that the waking to the many will be when too the Allied Forces feel too the right to reworking their minds wins too the right to the Dhatus too telling to the conditioning too the Srotas will be there and of course too the Kundalini of the Prana too telling to the Orgone too the life energy was too the scientifically allowed to the man's work but too the industry that sells to the public television was too the right to reward the world of the stolen to the max to the thought the knowing only the way to having nothing but too the words allowed to the woman is too the right to the mentioning too the woman was too the highly educated but too the working for a world where too the men read too the column but never allow the woman too the credit wins nothing knew.

Update 21 August, 2020:

Update 3 August, 2020: The WE thinks the world needs to recall too the Spirit the Life to the thought too the ARE the right thing to recall is the Edgar Cayce health readings meaning the microbiology that means the world ends the moment the Spirit resumes to the maximum the rightful heir the heart the health organ that tunes to the natural resonance of the healing energy to the tune too the Earth the bastardized by the presence too of the harmonics the HAARP the entire edifice of the entire memory hole teaches to the world the way to the recalling the way to the Christ being the REAL to the max thing means the love the right mention meaning the meaning the knowing nothing but the flow shows to the welcoming committee too the WE the reason the WE questions too the world to the point too the world heals to the thought too the world that worms to the max the way into the heart too hears the wayside means the way home.

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WE want the Bass-Williams emulation to tell themselves the waving to the thought the needing to hear too the Lyndsey the working to the thought too the Lyndsey the tobacco artistic field that means the way to the working makes too the Tata the way to the being the woman that knows only the way to the channeling the man the staying to the max away to the thought the WE the rewarding the nothing but the way to the giving to the world the heads up the man the taking too to the thought the Marijuana the right thing to the Justin Bass too to the thought the man hides to the thought the being the wife the means the way to the giving to the world the right thing the way to the giving to the other the admonition that the forbidden fruit the forbidden means the fruit the visited by the WE's working meaning the way to the giving to the other the amalgamation to the thought too the Justin the best of the best to the WE.

WE want the world to recognize the amalgamating too the Kelvin Cruickshank with the Oversoul too to the thought the making too the point the ALL ONE thing means that. The world hears only the woman the wrong when the KC Team told the many the woman the working to the point too the woman knows the way to the knowing the not hearing the entire affair too the way to the flush to the surface too the OverLord that rules too their roost the man that was the making too the most of the buttfucking too to the thought the opening the first chakra means the reducing too the entire mention the way to the Western misconception too that the Baul the not the Baal they think the evil doer when the world hears only the way to the giving to themselves the right to recall too the woman the working to the tune to the thought the alchemy that was the work the under appreciated by the timestool.

Update 24 June, 2019: Learn to feel the movement of the prana within your own body and you will feel for yourself how dangerous this new technology is. Look out. We shoud not allow this. Public health crises on the horizon.

In Vedic science the "physical body" is only the densest part of an energetic body that extends 3.5 feet around the "physical body", eventually merging with the Universal Mind present ubiquitously. Life and all the material world is an expression of Divine Consciousness.

Prana is the etheric life force that animates and moves through our bodies.

Emotion is energy in motion. It is the feeling of the prana moving.

One's breath moves the prana.

In Vedic science Truth is directly accessible by tuning one's energy to the Universal Mind that exists in all creation.

In Western science one's body is a physical machine with a central processor in the brain. All consciousness is a product of brain activity.

In the West each physical body is existentially separate from others. Knowledge is only available through sensory experience and truth can only be grasped at.

In Vedic science one feels the movement of the prana, sees and hears the information present in the movement of that prana, the emotion, and through refinement learns to differentiate the Truth of the Universal Mind from the grasping of the individual mind.

In Western science there is only the individual mind, locked away in its own cage from others, capable only of gathering information through the 5 sense organs.

In Western science emotion is the feeling of endocrine hormones pulsing through the blood.

To the average Westerner emotions are scary and are to be kept in check by one's will power.

"Compose yourself child!"

By adulthood the average Westerner's prana is blocked up due to the holding of the breath, holding done in order to stop the feeling of unpleasant emotion.

When the breath is held, the prana cannot flow freely. The body becomes partitioned by the blocks, loosing it's natural holistic fluidity and natural attunement to the Universal Mind.

Like sexuality, Western understanding of emotion is immature.

Western medical science would take a quantum leap forward if it would acknowledge prana.

Feeling the movement of prana requires surrender to the feeling of the movement of the life force which sometimes feels vulnerizing.

The Westerner tries to control everything .

So the Westerner stays a prisoner of his own willpower, his attempt to block the prana so as not to feel what he doesn't want to feel, and ends up feeling like a machine separate from others, denying himself his natural birthright of unity with the Universal Mind and with all creation.

If you and I are just machines, separate from one another, then some machines must be superior to others. It's basic logic right?

WWIII anyone?