And the update today, one day before Thanksgiving 2023, is this: Allow the WE to penetrate to the world the truth that the Red man is too the White man and the Black man and women and the way to saying that the women too want to love for the future, well that recommends too the other type of firearms, big bear hugs!

Update 4 July, 2019: Our national anthem.

The "white" man told the "red" man, I will kill you if you do not go to a concentration camp.

The "red" man did go to the concentration camp but also stayed right where he was because he was born there and did not want to leave.

The "white" man thought he managed the Indian problem but he did not because WE are here now to teach you that the American Indian is showing you the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Being American Indian means raising yourself to the standard of behavior that was the norm before the invaders showed up.

Uh oh.

Now the "red" man's blood flows through your descendents "white" man.

What about the "black" man?

Do you mean the "Red and Black" man?

Or is that the "Red, White and Black" man?

See ya Red, White and Blue and the lies, secrets and war-machine you represent.

We are Red, White and Black, all mixed up together, leavened by love.

The Red, White and Black represents truth.

All truth can stand the light of day.

The vibration rises.