Update 15 January, 2020: And by the way Christy the man called your babydaddy is the very man that fingers the little girl each time he is left alone with her so be aware the child abuser you have told the world Katherine Brannen that has never once wantonly touched a child or even had the thought of touching a child in a wanton manner is the very woman warning you to watch the girl that wants her pussy licked now that she is the ripe old age of 6. So grow up little Christy because the absolute worst thing anyone can do without evidence to back it up is to spread the rumor that the woman called Katherine Brannen fucked children that were hers to have them taken from her by the state which is the worst thing you could do considering you know damn well the woman never even conceived when the medical staff at CARS stole her virginity by telling her she is not pregnant when she was but they knew the pregnancy would not take because that is what the blood test said so that she would believe even that failed because the sperm was inadequate so go fuck yourselves "I fucked her hard" CARS because that is when the pregnancy dropped the moment she stopped believing in it so go to hell forever too Donna Brim who thought you should not have wasted your money on the dreams of the moron called Katherine my daughter I've made no effort to support for so many years it's not funny even when she was raped by the very men you wish to support instead of her. So here WE are in the life of the woman that told Kelvin Cruickshank more than once she had not the support of friends and family to cope with the reality of her life only to be shown the script his fucking little dog Gemma concocted to end the Katherine threat to her career that says bye bye Gemma Kelvin is on his way to America.

Update 13 January, 2019: WE want the man Richard Foulk, Jr. to realize both High Hat and Tom Tom were well enough to continue living their lives but he murdered them both in cold blood in order to hide his shame from the woman that until this day never knew how close she slept to the man that killed the women that were her friends from many generations. The manner in which you dismembered both corpses before they had been taken to the other side is the same manner in which the meat that you eat on the regular basis that you barbeque on the barbeque grill that says Richard Foulk, Jr. is the man of the hour because he cooks is the very man that for money sells his own semen supercharged by the alchemy that was the work of the woman called Katherine Brannen Foulk until his many illnesses that were kept secret from the wife that was scapegoated online as the source of the illness called HIV which is the illness that has infected the many women that love to prove their fidelity to the great drummer by sucking him dry have to deal with in the manner the wife that refused to suck dry because the idea of semen in the mouth made her gag to the point of vomiting is the very woman that was willing to allow him around her cats in order to give them the idea they are not being left when she must travel for her work, but she now knows he is not safe around the cat called WJ that was taken to the vet against the wishes of the woman that was in the hospital but was also vaccinated with the poison that now must be cleansed from her system in the similar manner the woman cleansed the work of the men of the MAHEC Women's Medical Center when they decided to leave her sterile after absorbing their cum in the ammonia they injected into the womb that had never once been pregnant but was punished none the less because the man that maintains to this day he has never fathered a child is the father of the child born to the woman called Christy that dispatched the burning alive in the fire pit High Hat with the same gun used to kill her horse when the little boy called her ex-husband dispensed it by being the moron that shot through the barn wall. The woman called Christy expected Richard Foulk, Jr. to fess up to Katherine that he fathered her now 6 year old daughter that is the pride and joy of her life but that is not all he fathered the baby that is Claire Desmelik's child that was never supposed to be born since her husband had the vasectomy that says I wanna fuck but I don't wanna be the daddy that Richard Foulk, Jr. forced me to be in order to repress the results of the vasectomy reversal he agreed to because the man called the buttfucker that did not survive that lived in Wise, Virginia that he should just impress the bitch with the effort and keep fucking whoever chooses to allow the pussy fuck with no condom/the pussy fuck that says hello bitch this is my way because I am so fucking mentally ill it is not funny but I must impress upon the man that is my father-in-law the importance of taking down the woman that has loved us considerably but has been unable to earn the living that says I have earned the money to be not of unsound mind.

Because the "men" and of this age are too intoxicated with their own dicks to give a damn about her.

And the women that suck the dick that says you matter more than the rising of the powerful energy through the Sushumna channel say I am the great yogini that mouths your cum all the way to my stomach so I too can be HIV+ because sucking to swallow dirty cum is the sure way to acquire the full fledged AIDS syndrome.

Have fun boys and girls of the "I treat Richard Foulk, Jr. how he deserves to be treated by sucking him dry" club.

The butthole is the bottom chamber of the digestive system which is meant to remove toxic waste from the body but when it is injected with semen the semen mixes with the toxins in the colon which are then absorbed into the bloodstream because the purpose of the digestive system is to digest the healthy parts of the foodstuffs and remove the toxic waste. But when the semen that mixes with the final product that is still being absorbed in the final chamber that says I will now absorb the nutrients that will attach themselves to the digestive system in such a way the bones are nourished with the larger elements absorbed before the elimination of the feces, the very bones that should be nourished by the good man's feces are made broken and brittle because the AIDS that was Richard's before the woman called his ex-wife, the source of the AIDS infection because she "brought it up from Georgia" according to the man that lies at every turn, is the very woman that was never infected one day of her life with either HIV or AIDS but is also the woman that cleared Richard Foulk, Jr. completely of the virus through the application of alchemy that has been largely ignored by the men and women of the club that say I love Richard the best and that is why I will knife his ex-wife and suck him dry while he gets buttfucked too only for Richard Foulk, Jr. to re-infect himself by the very activities described in this post.