Update 14 September, 2023: The WE wants all women that thought I was used to loving with the opener heart to think too that the genre of wanting to resort myself to never again stifling the art of the women of the world of the indigenous to wanting the world to hear that I am unfit to associate to their standards are I am judged to be wrong about the messages too.

The WE wants the world to reconsider the wars for the realities to show off that the channel is not affiliated anymore with the Ancestors. I will find that and replace that word too with another lest I am shunned repeatedly by the individuals allowed the ancestors to be theirs. My ancestors did not go on the trail of tears not but that isn't the way to me being allowed to be safe in the shunning department. So onward to another world where I am not baaaaaaaad.

Update 4 July, 2019: Thank you very much Maurice White for all you gave us. Your footprint was big. Much bigger than Dick Cheney's. RIP Maurice.

The way of our world.

We are the Red, White and Black.

Vive La Révolution!