Further update 21 July, 2020:

Update 21 July, 2020: If only the entire world ran on the script the way to the understanding the Gemmas too contacted the Aidan Turner News website to teach to them the posting the drawings by the woman that was the gifted psychic too turns to the them warning too the Aidan to harm not the woman typing to the thought the woman knows only the way to turn to the other cheek and post to the world the fact the "Class" article linked during this update too once held the Aidan to become the classy man that was in her mind that but the woman too tells the self the man diagnosed by herself the both gifted artist and the man focused solely on the workings of the script du jour means the woman to the max reminds the self the knowing only the way to the becoming the back stabbed teaches the tykes of the WE are the not ones to the thought the becoming the better WE worker too turns to the world that works to the thought the willingness to sell the soul to the highest bidder at this point to begin the career means the knowing only the foulest of the foul try to sabotage the woman working to the detriment too of the Foulk clan that tells themselves the woman the not psychic to the thought the woman to this hour remains the scape goated too to the woman that fires the flames to the entire clan to teach to them all they have all been disinherited by the Charlotte Foulk told to be the respected but they too told the woman the woman entitled the never cheated on the husband that fucked the many other women even on the marriage day means the woman that to the max judges the Katherine Brannen for the giving to the world the idea the Kelvin's Energy the way to describe to her the man that gives to her too the words from the Spirit domain too the reason the entire clan tells themselves the woman the mentally deranged teaches them to tell themselves THE BETSY THE LEFT IN THE COLD BY THE ENTIRE FAMILY THAT PERMITED THE FATHER CHARLIE HABERNAC TO FOLD INTO THE WORLDVIEW the woman leaves the rest to the dumpster mentality that too tells the sister of the big girl of the medical system kills me too to the thinking the Wideman was the woman too that was the fan of the woman typing until the Gemma Team told them all that Katherine masturbated on video for the Kelvin to the point: POST THE FUCKING VIDEO KIDS OF THE LIARS TO THE MAX DESIGNATION TO PROVE IT. Not gonna happen but the erect penis shot through the clothes to the thought...Live the thought the lies to the max justify the healer becoming the better human to the thought the knowing too the judgment of the world rests on the shoulders of the men with the courage to step out of the my way to the thought the going only to the feeling the entire country the worthless sacks of the shit the entire world appears to become the moment the masks and the cruel to the max social distancing become the norm to raise too the children without the touch that heals; TOUCH HEALS! to the thought the women too of the being the best Christians they can be stop touching too their friends to the thought the hug the yesterday's way of telling the Aidan too the fucking bitch that runs the show to the max runs too the moment's notice the letter undelivered to the point the woman knows only the way to begin to the beginning to the thought the way to the becoming the more important than the other is to begin to the thought the having the assistant to weed through the messages too the RHCP the not contacted by the Wally either who works for the world that the guided (Update Sept. 11, 2020: or gilded?) age ends the moment the stars too of the Hollywood Hills hear the woman knows only the world that rejects based on the not-classy status/Live to the max the woman knows only too the Claudia Griffiths the not letting her way to the giving to the world the news that woman the classiest of the bunch but to the max the woman minimizes the exposure to the WE's way too of the demonstrating the woman the uninterested in that time of her life to the point too the Chris Hatten the not hearing but the artist that works in the factory of the carpet world too hears that he is the man that identifies too the need to make the tomato's scream the funny thing again.

WE want the Cruickeds to hold their heads in the shame that teaches to the Wally Ingram too the woman directly asked him to intervene to the tune the man turned instead to the ex-husband to tell the self the woman the not alright to the tune the man the dying of the cancer this go around. See ya. Live the thought the woman hears the words without the judgement but the release of the not important to the world of the buttfuckers of the left coast tells her too to tell the Anthony that has not once been the abreasted the White Buffalo Woman too the wanting the Wally to wyse the fuck up to the tune that man the scum of the Earth to the woman now that she realizes the man told the ex-husband the words but not the Anthony to the thought the woman knows only the way to reduce the fanship of the people that think themselves the better humans because they fuck together the blond in the backroom and exchange together the cum that makes the Wally too the faggot of the century to the thought the blond woman not the wife too the woman that knows how to give to the Anthony the right idea: The world ends the moment the woman knows only the way of the feeling the rejected meaning the way to humiliate both the Wally and the Richard Foulk of the killed the woman and the children that went missing in the Spruce Pine area to the tune the man knows the woman knows to the tune the man hates the woman to the tune the world too tells her to take to the bank the Brooke Medicine Eagle too the thinking the judgmental thing the way to become the Celestine Prophet.

The humans that think the woman that was the used and abused the giving to them the hardship have to learn to recognize the karmic wheel teaching too the way the woman tells the self the Wally the not the friend to the either the blond woman, the woman typing, the other drummer that too abuses women or the medical establishment that either kills him or he dies of the embarrassment know the other woman of the better heroic actions establishes too the mention the way to recover the brass belt begins the moment the WE advises too the New Zealand police the skinning alive the thing the serial killer that tortured too the Kaye Stewart plans to make the dick hard next time meaning the need to punish the wife and mother of the woman that knows only the truth to the thought the woman typing hears only the Wally the bad seed now but the heart tells her the man the working too through the abuse to the thought the knowing only the humiliation the wife will feel when the blond of the fucked Anthony too variation tells her to take to the bank the Anthony the not hotra either to the thought the knowing only the world turns to the green color teaches to the woman that knows just knows death will be the step up from this plane of the existing with the liars that get the big jobs dollars and rights to recall the Frank Zappa too the man that was the right type to the tune the Frank too took the other women to the bedroom to teach to the women of this designation the giving to the man the whore of the hour means the giving to them too the resume booster meaning the way to comprehend the not interested in the Leonardo thing means the not giving to the woman the heads up too the Gemmas told the Aidan to steer clear of the hurtful woman that tells the world the secret that too the Gemma thought the kids the Kelvin's seeing as the vasectomy the not still in the mix meaning the woman told the world the giving to them the Jade the baby that had to be the rescued by the lying under oath means the woman typing the foulest of the foul seeing as the woman tried repeatedly to reach the Kelvin privately but was dismissed to the point the entire domain turned to the mentally ill thing that to this hour means the family the inaccessible to her to the tune: the woman thinks the death the better thing to be with than the hearing they think the woman the broken down to the point the woman hears I would rather end too the living of the entire species than the beginning to hear the Aidan too thought the drawings the immature thing to the thought the knowing only the not taking the world by the horns but the way to turn a fan into the woman not going to the shows anymore to the max./Live the thought too the woman knows only the WE to the tune the knowing only the death the better home to the thought the death completes the cycle but the focusing on the reality to the mentally disturbed generation that kills the other to begin to the thought the Gemma to the max faces the career move that was spelled to her via the private email but to the max was regarded the he thinks that the shot in the dark to the thought the giving too the taking the words of the woman typing to the press agent to tell them the Kelvin the author turns to the beginning to hear that too the Wally thinks the stealing from the women that support the men the more heroic.

Understand Katherine the words will be posted to the Facebook too to the thought the woman knows only the way to retaliate to the thought that to the max works to the thinking the giving to them too the corner pocket turns to the woman beginning to comprehend the ex-husband too the one that murdered the WE to the public awareness to the tune too the Ryder thinks the woman the not fit to the life to the thought the drill Sergeant too takes the vaccine to the graven imaged position.

WE are the authors of the woman posting to the world the fact the man entitled the Woody Wood to the max knows the Rachmans the authors too to the thinking the man fucks the Martia too to the thought the marriage the farce to the fact too the RL neither the father nor the son to the thought the lies amount to the not hearing that he too has the AIDS to the thought the Ormus material gifted to him was the discarded to the thought the knowing only the judgement too teaches to that man the way to turn the self from the gifted musician who joys the woman's soul into the purveyor of the demon's chasing me feeling that permeated the vision that was the vision to the max redefined by the white women too the breakdown to the point the Kelvin of the I want the Maori to respect me too thinks the knowing only the way to cheat teaches to him the fucking the young women might just order into the bedroom the daughter or granddaughter as the Red Hot Chili Peppers have each partaken in as they are the Crowley thinks them the morons to the tune the Anthony the working to the max in the shadows this lifetime meaning the man the immature too to the thought the woman that was the working artist never but the working to the max in the corporate regard to the thought the killing the messenger too tells her to take to the bank the Aidan too the not informed to the thought the woman to the max understands the nothing matters to her bur the drawings were for the personal reference to not get to know the man but to create the character that was to begin to the reference too the Psychic Genealogy teaches to the Kelvin Cruickshank the knowing the first thing the woman told him was the child that begets the hardship knows too the Cherokee the author of the Medicine Wheel that teaches to him too the using to the advancement of the checkbook the Maori holocaust too indicates to her the spell check the not interesting this hour so fuck off anyone that distinguishes the words not by the hearing but to the max as the way to disengage too the friendship permanently Erica Wyse Watkins the worst friend to the woman seeing as the realization the way to the lying to the kids to the mind fuck minds her the Chris too the lied about to the thought the woman knows only the feeling the other side the author to the detriment of the well being to the tune too the Kathy Wyse the not too hotra to the woman to the thought the way to comprehend the needing to begin to hear the way to the not needing the friends to the thought the woman knows better the Jim Morrison to the thought the knowing the way to the ending too the lifetime means the asking too the Kelvin that knows too the woman chants to the moron status that he is the retarded man being used by the women that understand the big dick needs to fuck.

You think the social order tells the world to teach to them the Peter name the best to approach to the thought to the Orthmann the being that thought the woman the not interested in the man in the slightest as the man of the bedroom surmised the being the on the edge meant the woman turns to the gross toothless old gray haired goober to tell him the woman told to become the late 50s to teach to him the man to the max the late 50s but the woman the property to the thought the giving to the world the name change in the works teaches too the world that the Dr. Gist told her to be the giving to him the liar thing too to the tune the uterus took her to the being the dirty soul too to the thought the Jim too teaches to the Wally Ingram of the making the big name to the thought the going to the going to the masheekweshun too the way to tell him the work the woman's to the think that makes to the max the man the not hot to the woman typing to the thought to the thought too the Zinger to the thought the man to the max knows the way to the becoming the better human: tell the Anthony.

Success as an artist is a gift.

Why not give back?

I've supported so many artists.

Will someone please support me?

What do I have to do to matter?

Look at my art. Yeah I know there are people who are better.

Should I throw in the towel?

I have a constant connection to Spirit.

Am I nuts?

EVERYTHING I wrote to you New Zealand medium Kelvin Cruickshank about what I was getting from Spirit is true.

If you would try and actually talk to me, listen to me, you'd understand things better.

Somethings I've neither written about nor talked to any other human about!

Your success, too, Kelvin is a gift from Spirit, no matter how entitled you feel, oh special one.

But you've been on TV. You matter. I don't.

Oh yeah. That's right. I don't have a dick or a little dog to sell my image to the public.

Why don't you get off your high horse Kelvin Cruickshank?

I understand wet pussy is abundant in your world, a constant offering, so you've no need for me.

But I need to talk to you about Spirit.

How does it feel, Kelvin? How does it feel?

There is a seat on the Magical Mystery Tour reserved for you.

Maybe you will humble yourself and join us one day.