Update April 7, 2023: The WE thinks that the American Indian Movement might be reignited to show off the Provisional IRA too want to renew the way to hearing the crowns of Europe think that owning the world is their right. That isn't real to the world that thinks the monarchies are all just "figure heads" but the truth is that all women that work for the reality that the crown's best kept friends too work to Humpty Dumpty them to gone wins!

Update 24 August, 2022: Disappearing is leaving without the reappearing. And I am here. So be without the disappearing and remember that writing via the WE's need to flush out the assholes is righting the need to recover nothing but the water that wins I am too the psychotherapist to the thought I am. I was educated that way, but the words allowed to be written read that I am the illness not the weller as that wins that I need to have compassion too. But the need to reiterate to the body that all children asked to die aloner are those asked to remember that allowing another the mental illness description when they are not that is the way to become mentally ill yourself y'all of that way to hide behind the facades. So be mentally ill those that think killing animals for food is finding out that animals feel too and that is the All One is ALL ONE too so be without the praise to the pasties needed to consider to the Climax that I need to be supported now. Thanks.

Update 11/11/2020:

It was the pigs. It was the pigs.

The native peoples were not the victims of the diseases of the "gettin' a piece of ass at cock and tail hour" of the European manner of the fucking to not make the bastards the asshole instead of the love-making the women to the pretty young things want the right to hear the world is that:

The food supply cultivated carefully for the generations without the fencing required in the animal husbandried world of the pasteurized European landscape and the natural rhythms failed to account for the wild boars eating too the children accustomed to the freedom of the play outside to the thought too the crops the gone to the point the many took to the starvation because the pigs uprooted the food supply meaning the times have not changed much but the European settlers' ways have been to remove too the wild boar from the conversation and to replace the need to be immune to the buttfuckers' dis-ease that tells to them the many that think the buttfuck is that stimulating combined with the sucking the cunt or the dick wins the right to recall the offering that never as the advice of the women that made the fun of Katherine for caring about Richard when too the man fucked her again that evening means the insult is back to the throne of the disappearing American settlers that means they are the pig eaters too meaning the way to not count too the fact the pigs themselves are tired of the cages tells to the many children stranded by the parents needing too the vaccination passport to enter the worm whole that spells: the Irish were also the children told to be without the food supply by the visiting tyrants from across the Irish Sea meaning they are not the Northmen that took to the combining too the resources to defeat too the pigs but too the way to define to the many that the Aaron Russo was used to the point the man would not have perished had not the mansion been so equipped to spell: the cancer is the reason the whole world will cease to exist as if too the right to the lies wins too the right to ancestry.com not minding they are selling themselves out too by ignoring the call to the Easter 1916 reduction to the point...

WE want the world to hear the virus Coronavirus aka the covid-19 aka the SARS-CoV-2 is not the real deal. The world will never "defeat" the virus as the New Zealanders are being conditioned to believe they accomplished through compliance to the crown's understanding they are the subjects on the serfdom's feudal lawn not the individuals they believe themselves to be that is the way to giving to them the heads up the 100% compliance to the vaccine-is-optional now that is right: the winning the race to the best of the best tells them to be with the thought I will be robbed blind too meaning the crown wants your lawn for their own meaning the killing off the most of the important settlers there too tells to the crown they will be inoculated too with the thought too the pigs want to be exterminated meaning the killing too the sheep of the district tells to the leg of lamb that the better ingredient to fill the bellies of the coffers to the super-elite being told they are the disease not the invisible pathogen nor the ETs meaning the extra terrestrials allowed to be so sunk into the consciousness they will believe too the War of the Worlds this time to the tune the recycling the children's stories means the meat will be told to be the mass slaughter too to the tune to the many told to the rations instead of too the grocery will hear the way to entirely enjoy the vegetarian lifetime is to be with the nutrition that means too the RDAs on the back of the packages contrived to the point the bullshit too meaning the many will learn it is the 2 standard deviations from the norm to the low end to the point the never before eradicated need to be guided by the big important professional told to be paid to tell to you to take the vaccine to the world hears the way to understand the food is the recursive too the tune the children will fish again in the rivers resumed to the clean status but too the making the standard the Cleveland Ohio too the Canton North Carolina hearing the paper mill is wrong to the point the father of the bride wins the right to reconsider too the Cherokee the alive now they take too the driving to the mill to make the paycheck meaning the way that the white settlers tell to the Indians too that the way to give to the comfort of the many tribal members is the way to tell to the WLOS you too will be the resultants of the giving to the many children there the right to the wheel teaching to them they are loved by the land wanting to reclaim the many while too the wealth of the nation turns to the squashed within the paradigmatic thinking that I am never the alone in a world where too the water discoloration is not the wrong but the way to comparing the now too dirty to sustain the living to the point the water is too full of the shit of the Western paradigmatic manner of then blaming the other for the crisis will be the real deal: the extra testicle wins the race to the more important than the WE want that.

I'm told way more American Indians assimilated than died of European diseases. *

Look to your left.

Look to your right.

Look in the mirror.

We're still here.


* Europeans died of European diseases because Europeans and their lil' lord and lady American descendents live in their own shit.