Update October 15, 2022: Iron Eyes Cody knows Officer Cody is the comraderant.

Update 7/11/2022:

Update 1 January, 2020: The world is not ready to hear yet but the Red Road is the only show in town because the woman that is writing is telling you the woman that was almost killed by the medical establishment is the very woman that tells you the world that you take for granted thanks to the Obamacare fiasco that you call National Health have the right to fuck anyone without compliance fascist legislation the Kitty knew from the beginning was a scam was the very reason the woman on the fuck you table was permitted to retain the being that is herself by not being lobotomized by the men-that-hate-women club called the pharmaceutical-hysterectomy-mastectomy mutilate women for profit club.

Fuck yourselves MAHEC I have the right to say I own the woman on the table because the Obamacare legislation told me the woman that checked in without the proper papers is the unsafe invalid that lies on the table unconscious while I fuck the daylights out of her, almost literally, only to be diagnosed as the man that answered the question "blue".

Still the woman that has no idea how the words will unfold was told she must be nuts if the Spirit world is the world from which she maintains her satisfaction.

Still the woman that types says the world is the place where the men have given themselves the right to say you turn me on so I am going to fuck you so hard you wish we had given ourselves the right to say your wish to keep your uterus is what we will ignore so we can turn you into the training patient Dr. Gist decided you needed to be to justify the cost of treating the uninsured patient.