Update December 20, 2022: You are a coward Mikey Adams for removing the much sought after video below. Please restore pronto por favor. Thanks.

Update July 4, 2022: The WE knows Mike Adams is both the man that fucks around on his wife and the CIA agent.

Update 22 July, 2020: You guessed it the Bono in the feed...

Update 17 April, 2020:

"I am willing to sacrifice everything to fight for the future of this country."

Mike Adams made that oath to God.

Hey Mikey. God wants mercy not sacrifice. See Matthew 9:13.

Aren't you a sinner Mikey? A good Christian?

Get with the program Mikey.

Try this.

We've decided not to fight for America's future.

We've decided to love for America instead of fighting.

Why not put down your guns and your foolish pride Mikey and join us for a morning beer or an afternoon cocktail instead?

We want joy, not a bloodshed.


He likes it! Hey Mikey!

Does Mike Adams possess the maturity of our nation's and Life cereal's beloved Mikey? Mikey is quite comical isn't he?

Mr. Adams says American patriots must respond with spontaneous overwhelming force.

We say hearts of fire creates love desire takes us high and higher to the world we belong.

Choose us well.

Mercy or sacrifice?

This will help.

Watch both videos at the same time. If you watch all of Mikey's video I recommend replaying Earth, Wind and Fire after the first round, makes it more palatable. The 2nd round is the best. Do it.

Which seed do you want to plant?*

It is our choice.

* If you plant a flower and grow a pearl that means the future is your oyster. Choose well.