Update June 7, 2024: The WE is the author that the nuclear war that haunts the many is never, ever to happen. The nuclear war hypothesis is the thesis that the water to regarding the water really important regards all those that preach "nuclear war next" will be there to relearn to hear: The WE is the Elohim. The WE is the world where the individuals that want to harm another will find themselves learning a lot when they are dead.

What are the sacred mysteries?

What are the sacred mysteries kept secret and still practiced by the elusive mystery cults?

Lucifer is the bringer of light.

How's that?

Bob Marley explains: the darkness it must amount to light.

Numbers are mysterious.

Add 9 to any number it resolves to itself, numerologically that is.

"Cabala", the Spirits told me, first thing when this channel opened.

Back in Jesus' day ritual animal sacrifice was part of regular worship.

Jesus taught mercy not sacrifice.

There are those who believe dark gods and demons are made powerful by ritual sacrifice.

There are those who believe blood sacrifice pleases these dark gods who in turn bestow favors on those performing the sacrifice.

Ritual sacrifice is part of their regular worship.

Really there is no death, only cycles of death and rebirth, until one becomes so intertwined with the Christ Light to become One with it, as did Jesus.

Jesus who was living in the Christ Light all the time taught mercy not sacrifice.

The power of the sacred mystery is the Christ Light.

Ritual sacrifice creates suffering.

You reap what you sow.

What is it about August 9?

What if the Nagasaki bombing was ritual sacrifice to some people?

Why drop the second bomb? Wasn't Hiroshima enough?