Update April 28, 2021: The day the woman typing hears the WE wants her to realize too the way to having the little interest in the buying for warning too the way to the vaccines the big die off was too the American Indian walking to the Red Road wants the woman to have too the compassion to the waiting to the wanting too the ride to the store again Woody Wood to the news the woman was the alone then too to the thought too the wife there was too the able to the being too the friendly but too they are the more important too being the big stars of the janitorial arts telling the woman typing the need to hear they will ensure too the not the right to the vaccine the wrong to them indicating too the opposite the right to the Yoga Sutras being too the taught to the world being too the equanimity that wins too the Sankhya telling to the woman too the being the right about too the going after too the Rishi way insists too the woman will work without the muscle spasms that spasm to the fascia too the prana the right to the healing the many via too the resonance to the gemstones that will ensure too the allowing too the orgonite too the customary to the mentioning too the nutrition wins the right to the recovery to the news too the ormus of the soil will ensure too the growing too the salty ways to the need to the going to the nutrition enzymes to the mentioning too the minerals too the replenished to the tissues that are too the ama ridden by the being too the vaccines of the not to the right to the agni teaches to the woman typing that the sama agni was the right to the going to the degree that was too the better than too the Lad's meaning too the man of the Albuquerque where too the father of the Richard Foulk, Jr. was not that to the older brother called to the man himself Dave was too the way to the giving to the other son too the right title to the tune too the mixing the business of the marrying too the widow then was the way to hearing: I want the world to adopt the policy that the WE is the way the truth and the light to the Lighted way to the tomorrow will insist too the murdering the many without the right to recover telling to the insistence Mr. Marley is too the not there tells to the woman knowing the better now that he too wants her to realize the Jacob was the man that was too the harmed by the news too the Richard Foulk, Jr. was too t he waking to the fucking too the women in the bar without the hesitation to the collecting the wires for the final check tells her to recover too the brilliance of the second amendment winning the better allowance than the nuclear war that will be without the hesitation when the woman typing wins not the right to the continuing to the living winning too the right to the Dublin Heights wanting the better when you are the right to having the customary buttfuck to the cemetery to the thought too The Dead are the right to the recovering too the wifes not there when too the wanting too the customary return to the groveling to the overerected to the thought the giving to the Stones the right to remember the woman wants the right to resequence too the relationships of the fathers to the sons as too the writing to the tune the many estate has been purposely allowed to the new genetics via too the wives that want too the wifes to think the wanting the better feeling than the sold to the old man to the giving to the broodmare too the right to the recalling I was too the child then tells to the mentioning to the world too the woman typing expects nothing but too the wrong thought when too the telling to the thinking I am too the confused by the words Fleas that want too the Flintstones on the line but too the Stones that stone to the being too the stoned to the Sam Stone to the being too the man very much the alive but without the virus too told to the dying that way to the ventilator jacks to the Jaco too the Jacob Lawrence of the saved literally by the woman that was then the castigated to the gone by the time too the woman learned too the man reserves too the not too the right to her too to the caring but too the buying to the right to resequence too the many children of the Section 8 to the thought too the woman hears the way to the sectioning too the poor to the medicaid wins the renewing too the other insurance policies without too the covid being the right to the thought the injections win too the righting too the buying too the way to the westernization to the Westernization to the tune too the Yoga of the Baul too the right to the rishis of the land too telling to the gypsies that really are too the many around the corner to the woman thinking too the woman feels them but too the hiding is the way to the going to the news too the untouchables were too the euthanized telling to the class action lawsuits to the tune too the Austin Fitts wants the woman to cry to the winds that the Crying Out Loud wants the world to comprehend the Going Direct Reset wins the right to the reason too the women of the yoga is that way in the India now tells to the woman that the wise way is the waiting to the touching the self as the right to the touching the genitalia too the right to the registering to the news the Dr. Frawley will inherit the right to the vaccines that will be without the hesitation to the KMA to the thought...

Question the waking that the Yoga Alliance of the many yoga practitioners of the 200 hour yoga teacher training bullshit want the vaccines to be without the hesitation to the giving to the you are the right Kat the buying the being that maniac that went to the conclusion the credentials too the liability to the woman's way to the going to the honest living too teaches to the selling to the woman too the Martia ways was the reason the WE advised too the buying the boutique experience to the working off too the Jeff of the other side of the state of the North Carolina but too the buying welcome to the news too the fascia the being too the prana condensed tells to her too the pranaesque messages of the Alexander Lowen, MD telling to the way to the going after too the better doctorate than the telling to the credentialing too that the Dr. Rachman works for the now I am too the naturopath without that too the woman hears: you are the right to distance from the wanting their names on the resume telling to the teaching them too the Ayurveda of the Vasant Lad, MASc that wins the way to the giving to the now the right to the mentioning they are the being too the Ayurvedically specialized in the wanting the Rishis the right too telling to the 4+ years after too the certification by the American Institute of the Vedic not really studies tells to the David Frawley the woman was the better of the lot then but too the man was too the unprepared to the news: you are the stooge of the WE teaching to the news the woman selected the resume to the tune too the woman is the better prepared to the news too the subterfuge that is the covid so-called pandemic to the woman typing from the start was the planned a long time back plandemic to the reset of the financial systems to the compliant to the news too the Vedic world will succumb to the news the woman typing is the rishi teaching to the Rishis that help the woman: you are the wrong all the way David Frawley I am too the right to the way to the selling too the credentials but too the woman was too the Vasant Lad's patient of the Ayurveda too the right to the distancing tells to the mentioning too the man there is the not the yogi or the yogini that wins the right to the woman typing hearing: Question that feeling right off the bat the woman entitled too the financial investment advisor and the guru of the mainstream selling to the world too the plandemic as the pandemic is the better physician too than too the women of the working for the yoga teaches to the world I am too the selling the bullshit the David Frawley that was too the way to the getting to the WE separating too the wheat from the chaff telling to the selling to the kids of the yoga is the way to the widening too the collar to the bones that choke too the monkey that minds not the way to hearing the giving to the beautiful figured women too the right to the guru was there tells them to chaturanga to the better physiques when the many beautiful formed to the max without the yoga of the tradition either Dr. Frawley of the buying too the way to the giving to the higher ups the right to the regurgitation tells to the mentioning too the man was too the bought to the thought the buying too the resources of the world to the tune you are the right Kat they are the blinded by the being in the limelight too telling to the selling to the warzones too the right to recover is the renewing the warning that the lighted way to the going to the higher domain involves the giving to the Baul the right to recall the way to the Baal to the WE too tells to the withering ones that the going to the news the only holy shrine is the dollar bill tells them to holy to the moly that the giving to the world too the right to recall the only thing that allows the life is the Spirit that wins the right to resequence to the DNA too the right to the higher norm that too the American Institute of the Vedic Studies learns the prana tells herself too the Shakti teaches the Light that wins the right to the Sri Aurobindo too there telling her to remember the man was the better lover than the husband to the thought the better feeling too telling her to remember too the Aurobindo was too the gifted.

Update 28 November, 2020: You guessed it. The Ingles market now has overhead messages telling it's customers there is no evidence nutritional supplements help anybody meaning they are the liars to the max meaning the Nazification of the Ingles market spells one thing: bankruptcy is the next thing following the line to the wrong way Ingles: the supplementation of the vaccines that you will to provide too to the employees will end too the career of the Milkco Inc.'s reign as the hope for the next thing is that too the Hopey expands meaning they are the better all the way meaning give to the world too the Guinness Hopey and I will not need any longer the Ingles market meaning the way to tell to them too the supplements are told to be the inferior being's next idea: live with the thought the whole town will hear too: DO NOT TAKE THE MODERNA, ASTRAZENECA, PFIZER OR THE mRNA ALTERING ONES AT ALL! NOT AT ALL! You are at great risk if you do.

Further Further Update 18 July, 2020.

Further Update 18 July, 2020: Marley of the Bob distinction was not the victim of cancer but was in fact murdered by the injection of the sodium pentothal that was the end too of the Jim Morrison. And yes Wilhelm Reich too.

Update 18 July, 2020: The man Nicholas Gonzalez was murdered to the point the sodium pentothal injection the reason meaning the way to the other side's designation to the world the cancer diagnosis to the max not the death sentence but the using to the max the Gonzalez approach which minimizes the risk the cancer tells the woman typing the knowing only the feeling the others judge to the tune they know the giving to the world the message the man was murdered by the medical establishment to ensure the fewer tykes take the better remedy to the point the woman hears only the fear the whole shebang ends the moment the woman hears too the WE have Dr. Gonzalez on the line meaning the man helps.

Question the thought the woman asked to become to the many the throw away for both believing the WE when the WE superimposed the need to both end the careers of the making the woman the bad child too to the thought the becoming the woman that knows only the feeling the others reject her means they too think themselves the right to the tune the Swannanoa River Valley the being the used to heal too the Wally that wants to begin to heal without the use to the max of the coke too.

Question too the thought the woman knows the world that turns to the medical establishment too tells her that her credentials are the meaningless telling the woman the man that was the healed to the max of the buttfucker's diseases was then made the sick again without the healing that now defines the medical establishment the reason too the Ashe man took no interest to the thought the man to the thought wants to become the better but the medical establishment tells the man the using the woman to begin to the thought the woman to the max knew the b-complex the thing but the JP too was the woman's worst advocate being the man that makes the best of the becoming the healed too but the world hurts to the thought the beginning to hear too the way to becoming the better person begins the moment the woman reorganizes the world to the point the not having the human support beyond the cash thrown to her to keep her above the water only is the way the world treats the gifted.

Please comprehend the using the social network to think the other human the person the gossip defines tells the world the users of the gossip to the max use too the medical establishment to begin the see ya later Wally the medicine of the Manson will make the man too the not interested to the tune too the Anthony the only one that has the inside scoop but too that man the coward.


Please comprehend the way to the becoming the better human Katherine begins to the max forgiving the humans with the many friends family and loved ones that support them because they have them to tell them how to support themselves via the machine mechanisms of the sociopathic system that murdered Dr. Gonzalez literally to the tune the man threatened the profits of the Cancer Industry meaning the man is the potential lost revenuer to the thought...

Question the way the WE tells the woman to relax to the tune too the Cruickeds think they are the better humans than the many many women that line their pockets with the bread that spells hypocrisy in the first degree.

“The rich man is always sold to the institution which makes him rich.” - Henry David Thoreau, Civil Disobedience

Sure. Better therapies for cancer exist than radiation treatment.


But these kinder more effective treatments are put down.

A lot more $ in killing people with radiation.

Nuclear Armageddon won't be God's judgment upon us.

The Armageddon will be our judgement upon ourselves because we are stupid enough to do it.

The Earth will suffer.

But She will be cleansed of us.