Update the day before: Question the thought the Matthew Castro thinks the woman typing the wrong to the max being the man that knows just knows the war of the terror the wrong thing all the way to the thought the man too thinks the depleted uranium the wrong use but the US military thinks the right to the thought the being the man that uses the head to diagnose the wrong mention the woman wants to replace the video to keep the other from thinking that not "official" enough to warn to the others too the being the judge to the max of the hardship of the others in the Iraq means the being too the judges of the WE being the authors of the beings that know to the max the way to the other side means the giving to the world the wanting to NOT do this to any other children to the thought the Ormus too might just might negate the horror but the world tells the women too that the being the voting the better method to the thought the voting the thing that means the women too think the voting machines the not rigged but the to the max too much in the way of the WE to negate not the voting but to feel the futility of the cause tells herself the Chris Emmons the not the friend to the thought the woman thinks the woman typing the better human to the thought the woman to the max knows the being to the thought the "wrong" thing to the Ormus community means the woman to the max is the conditioned by the women to the thought the Chris too knows the way to the other side begins the moment the WE announces...

Please attend your brother's sermon when he speaks to his congregation about the suffering caused by depleted uranium, the horrible birth-defect causing ammunition you drop from your fighter jets.

You will be broadcasting it onto the Venezuelan people when you deploy with the US Navy to protect the dollar hegemony of the money changers.

I know you ain't no Okie from Muskogee. You are a Naval Aviator.

Therefore you gotta be smart enough to understand this song.