Update November 16, 2021: The women and children were Christians.

You are wrong to hesitate to point out that too the Christianed churches that allow the world to have too the easy access to the medication that ruins too the republic will adhere to the being too the right to the karma that the getting to the summary that the praying for the Iraq warzone to flourish was the way to admiring the right to the reaping the sowed seeds that the enjoying the personality that wants to work for the better feeling admires too the right to register to the being prayed for when the many Iraqis were being decimated by the 1 in 10 of them dead now teaches to the schedule of reinforcement to the jab being too the Pinocchio that wants to grow to the bigger before the WE allows the rebuttal that the children better off dead to the "Christians" that run too the First Baptist in Asheville will be annihilated when too the children asked to the jab fail to materialize as too the right to the dollar that wins the right to the "normal returned" never happens because the point of the economic reset thinks the Christians are that not but the imposters that think the killing the other the right.

Update May 15, 2021: The woman knows only the update is the wrong not being the way to hearing the giving to the artistically minded children too the orders to the not artistic to the working wins the right to the WE's way to the classless world where too the children are too the artists never again when too the world inherits too the dance-aholic then is too the not allowed to the dancing now being too the spirit the broken now that too the classy woman that wants nothing but too the being too the allowed to the news too the wanting to live again will ensure too the working for the imaging that too the working with the Ayurvedic model wins too the doshas and too the gunas the consideration to the need to the medicine but the one size fits all solution to the inoculating too the kids to the school is the not safe when the kids the healthy tells to the shit on the shingle diet fed to the kids by the parents too telling to the Burger King type of the eating is that the McDonalds will cease too when too the women hear the giving to the children the right to the slaughter alive is too the Planned Parenthood telling to the mixing too the medicine to the mentioning too the Hemke is that too the kid that made the baby too soon to the thought the laying the ax to the root is too the working without too the woman's expertise because too the dollars are the not there to the thought the woman is the insufficient to the continuing to guide too the men of the reading too the WE when too they are the insufficient to caring for whether or not her world is the covered by the jewels that too the Andrew will jewel to the news too the Captain of the Mayflower was too the man enjoying too the men's blow jobs the best being the ones that understand the penis and too the peculiarities that win too the breasts the right to the removing via too the knife but too the testicular taking to the max cancer that will be yours early in your career wins too the right to remove your testicles telling to the standard of the killing the offspring of the animals to the breeding not that you will enjoy too the right to the wife that fucks too the other soldiers telling to the tune ahem that is the way now.

Update the day before: Question the thought the Matthew Castro thinks the woman typing the wrong to the max being the man that knows just knows the war of the terror the wrong thing all the way to the thought the man too thinks the depleted uranium the wrong use but the US military thinks the right to the thought the being the man that uses the head to diagnose the wrong mention the woman wants to replace the video to keep the other from thinking that not "official" enough to warn to the others too the being the judge to the max of the hardship of the others in the Iraq means the being too the judges of the WE being the authors of the beings that know to the max the way to the other side means the giving to the world the wanting to NOT do this to any other children to the thought the Ormus too might just might negate the horror but the world tells the women too that the being the voting the better method to the thought the voting the thing that means the women too think the voting machines the not rigged but the to the max too much in the way of the WE to negate not the voting but to feel the futility of the cause tells herself the Chris Emmons the not the friend to the thought the woman thinks the woman typing the better human to the thought the woman to the max knows the being to the thought the "wrong" thing to the Ormus community means the woman to the max is the conditioned by the women to the thought the Chris too knows the way to the other side begins the moment the WE announces...

Please attend your brother's sermon when he speaks to his congregation about the suffering caused by depleted uranium, the horrible birth-defect causing ammunition you drop from your fighter jets.

You will be broadcasting it onto the Venezuelan people when you deploy with the US Navy to protect the dollar hegemony of the money changers.

I know you ain't no Okie from Muskogee. You are a Naval Aviator.

Therefore you gotta be smart enough to understand this song.