(The Rose Apple. This was a stump with one branch growing when I started fertilizing it with Sea Solids and Ormus in 2012. It's probably one of the few Rose Apples left in South Florida. Most were devastated by termites.)

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My parents have no idea who I am despite my many efforts to share myself with them.

Nor will they listen to this plea. If they don't ignore it they will get mad at me for pleading.

You see. They don't see.

What they see when they look at me is a mentally ill teenager, the same one they saw all those years ago when I moved out of their house.

My father hears no more value in my words than the chattering of a toddler. Yet I'm financially dependent on him, at this age. Though I should be grateful, I feel so shitty about myself.

For 3 years I did workshops with Chris Emmons and for that same duration I used tons of sea solids and gallons of ormus on our small grove in Florida City, Florida, my Uncle Earl's property.

The trees are thriving. One Lychee tree that was almost dead when I arrived in 2011 for my 4 year stint is now huge, green and productive.

My father doesn't give me or the Ormus/Sea solids any credit for the success of the trees that were laboring to live under his care.

He simply ignores my efforts.

Ignores my efforts.

Ignores my efforts.

Ignores my efforts.

Is there an echo?

The use of sea solids and Ormus in agriculture promises to revolutionize organic growing and human health!

I did the research and I am stunned by the outstanding results!!!

I want to be in South Florida. Having to give up my work there broke my heart.

Eventually I'm gonna give up on this life, convinced a merciful universe is bullshit just like everything else.

What's wrong with you Katherine? Oh it's 8:45 AM and I ain't had the first beer yet. Time to pop one and start feeling better for a little while.

What's that? You are gonna judge me for drinking in the am? Why not have a beer with me and listen without judgement?

You just might be surprised what you learn.