Update 20 September, 2022: The reality that the men that think killing the children of the peasants is right while the kids that are the way to inherit to the water too the rights, the summer wants all top secret agents like the Sean Stone and the Anthony "I work for Mossad not the White Buffaloes" Gomez to think about karma.

Update 15 March, 2022: Attention my friend Daniele Ganser of the historians rock club: you are right to remember that reading again the blog will be right to the thought...read this Dr. Ganser: Jim Morrison wants the woman off the planet to begin with and then on the planet meaning the way to leave and return was to begin as a new healer that knows the sexual needs of the partner are to be better fed when another woman is there never.

I'm beginning to understand loads of people with top secret clearance know 9-11 was an inside job. Loads. From the beginning.

Part of being in the know in the top secret club is treating those in the know outside the club like they are morons for seeing through the lies about 9-11.

Meet Mr. Top Secret.

His balls are not big enough to allow him to experience intimacy with a woman.

But his balls are big enough to be an invited member of the super-special elite top secret "we think 9-11 was a brilliant chess move" club.... so other men can tell him how to think and what to do.

He's a big boy.