Updated Again May 18, 2024: Walking the Red Road teaches to all that judging another is the way to invert the Kundalini to the bottom where the animals are never living.

Baphomet's goat head symbolizes the state of awareness that is the Oneness with the Divine. That thinks that animals are more Divine than humans, beings that work all day long, toiling and saving to find that the Affordable Care Act wants to murder them, being the IRS disguised as the real truth that allowing the Rockefeller's to buy the system, well that is the way to this: now take the shots.

You walk the way that you walk, being the Energetic Beings of the Karmic Reality.

Animals are real beings. Animals love God the best.

Update May 18, 2024: The BAPHOMET picture is muy misunderstood. She isn't angry. She isn't scary. This is the Westerners' rendition of Lord Shiva.

The two intertwined snakes face one another at Manipura. Chakra that is.

The solar energy is the souler energy, meaning the Soul's Energy that ERs to the heart where the lunar energy, shown in the real big world where the crown, chakra that is, reigns.

The upward pointing 5 pointed star above the eyebrows manifests the energetic direction. Energy, known too as Kundalini as well as sexual needs, points to the heavens where the crown chakra makes the intelligence the cosmic variety.

The inner turmoil that spells the world where the socialization is to fight, fight and fight. The two separate snakes at Manipura want to find the union to find the peace. Searching inside the "closet" for that finds both God and Christ aka Krishna.

The world where the dogmatic needs fulfill the pleasures that please the penis and vaginas finds that the children born to be fighting too are.

The ever present symbols now that show the 1 snake around a staff that turns the snake 3 and 1/2 times finds the money changers' ways, the way to stay so burdened settling debts that the snake never is rested. That is the way to the United States turning Christianity over to the showing the belief in the creed, that is the money changers' variety that is the only acceptable "faith".

The wings are the universal consciousness also called superconsciousness, but the women and men that know just know that God only approves of their version of Christianity to the point of the gun to the face to remove the offender of God reigns in the United States to the hour, especially when the churchianity insists that lies are the truth and treating another with condemnation is the only way, that makes Steve Quayle's way to condemn "the Democrats and the Zombie Cons" the way to inverting the Christ to the downward pointing pentagram.

The only difference between God and Satan is the flow of the Energy, the Kundalini. Flowing downward is the recycling again and again and again. And that energy finds hate. It finds less-than-thou. The energy that flows downward isn't "bad" meaning the world where the opposite of conforming to the bullshit rules that are the church socials that say hypocrisy and facade and being the duplicitous fault finder stays to show that being the best Christian is the best phony that wants to begin to have to be afraid all the time that the judgmental ones will keep their world that way, being the ones that too believe they are the best people on the planet, being the property of God's God called the Satanic world where money changing makes the really really entitled the really truthfully never there to be "in charge" but to be cruel, the rule makers that too break the rules but get away with the opposite of following the ten commandments, allowed to be broken because the higher-than-thou energy that says, "I am better than...". That is the Energy that blows up the world with bombs. The wars are because brotherhood isn't there, only I-me-mine.

Update 9 October, 2020: John Lennon 80.

Update September 13, 2020:

You think you can kill a pregnant woman and raise up Baphomet to serve your evil purposes you dumbasses?

Baphomet works for the Christ just like you do.

Ha ha.

The joke's on you.

This is Sharon's next 0.

And by the way Jim is NOT dead.

You thought Pam killed Jim Morrison in Paris, but you are wrong.

You put out JFK's light you think.

Ha ha again.

You Blue Meanies' days are numbered.

Cheers my back door men.