Update 16 September, 2020: WE want too the Sloan worried too the woman possesses too the right to the nothing matters when too the Woody and the Kelvin collectively decide too the baby too the sacrificers to the thought too the men. July 3, 1969; July 3, 1971. Today.

Question too the way to the sacrifice too to the Baal to the thought too the Baphomet to the thought too the WE is the author of the needing to the giving to the world too the Benjamin Fulford too the good man caught between the White Dragon Society to the thought to the thought too the American wanting too the White Buffalo Woman to the thought.

Update 18 March, 2020: Baal is the asura Baul. That is the way of the West to borrow the literature of the East and redefine it from their fucked up fucked in the ass perspective.

Ukraine is not going to be as easy to conquer as you thought NATO warriors.

Ukraine is the home of many of my ancestors.

Ukraine is not going to allow you oligarchs to allow the NATO warriors to use her as a launching ground for their war against the world.

WE are going to allow Jim's death to make you into laughing stocks because WE want you to be laughed at for thinking you could kill your o and have him assist you in torturing the world for Satan.

You may have killed the person you forced to kill Sharon, but you have not stolen his soul.

You might think that you can force a man to do something that breaks his heart because he is afraid of death, but you cannot kill him too and steal his soul for your evil purposes.

Jim is the killer of Sharon because he was told to take a suitcase of cash to the Motel 800 where he met Liam Neeson.

He was the liaison between his Pam and your killer, Charles Manson.

Charles Manson killed Sharon because he agreed to have his little girls take the rap for the killing of Sharon Tate and the other people who died as a sacrifice to Baul.

WE want everyone to know that Jim had no idea the club was planning to kill Sharon Tate as a sacrifice to Baul.

My name is Baul.

I am the being you people think is assisting you in your effort to rule the world.

Keep my name out of your plans because they have nothing to do with my way.

My way is not cruel.

My way is the way of love for your neighbor.

My way is the way of the Christ.

My way is the way of Moola.

My way is the way of the Moola Kol.

My way is the path to enlightenment.

My way is the path of making the energy of the heart the guiding force in one's life.

My way is the way of keeping on the path of no return toward the Moola Kol.

Moola Kol is moola bandha in action.

Moola bandha is not the same thing as fucking up the asshole.

Moola bandha is locking the bottom opening of the Sushumna channel in order to prevent energy leakage.

Moola bandha is not opening the lower chakra to allow bad spirits access in.

The Sushumna channel is the channel of the life energy called the Kundalini.

Moola bandha is meant to allow the energy an opening to flow upward to the heart chakra where the real source of magic resides.

Moola Kol is so misunderstood by the world leaders who think they are worshipping Baul it's not funny.

WE want the world to know that ass fucking does not please us anymore than not fucking at all.

WE are pleased when you love each other.

Mojo is what WE want you to raise up.

Mojo is the feeling of love in your heart when you are in love.

Mojo is not something you have to call from outside yourself.

Mojo is the energy of Eros in action.

Mojo is your birthright, everyone.

Mr. Mojo is rising for sure.