Update July 19, 2023: The man isn't the man that wanted to know Katherine at all. And the man's energy said that. But the way to Brian Wood too there is the way to Sharon too there to recover too the ways. I am there to reinvent too the stereotypes that all kids asked to remember getting a lawyer to protect your reputation from the sick lies that are too the ways of the loving to remember, I am real. And the words are channeled. And the dicks that fuck off are there to recover too the money gone to the CBDC. And that will be when too the many "artists" that fuck the fuck to the fucking too the strangers to see-ya-later too fuck to the fucking, oh fuck. I am there to recover too the artistry that I fucked off too hard to remember that fucking is the English manor houses too along for the realities, I was never unkind to Woody Wood. And that is the way to remembering that he isn't there to be nice to me. He wants me to leave his reputation the fuck off the charts of knowing Sean Stone too thinks I am not well to the ... Hot!

Update August 31, 2021: Correction: I am Woody's friend he does not share the sentiment being the man harmed by the WE.

Update 30 August, 2021: The day before September returns permanently.

I want the woman hearing the man called Eric Clapton was too the friend to the woman's predecessor telling to the need to want to watch the woman working not being the permanent thinking the gossip is the more fun than the offering to the woman too the love that wins the right to recover to the mothers are the right to the Sri Aurobindo.

I want the woman typing to recommend to the many still vaccinating for the MMR too that the children harmed too by the HPV being too the wrong to the Hepatitis tells to the working for a world where the men of the power are the medicine men telling to the combining the resources that the wanting a friend to buy too the chariot to the not telling to herself the suicide the portable way to marrying off another woman to the Woody by the working for a way to hearing the Erica will vaccinate to the booster not without the helping hand of the family that will insist too the Woody Wood that wants too the Eric Clapton to be there tells to the working for the enough is enough the woman hears too the 8 is enough the stupid TV show enjoyed during the 1970s.

You are the right Kat the Woodroe that will be the right to recover nothing but the right to breathe too tells to the working for the resume the wanting the mother to be too the right to her daughter was asking the woman typing to free the resilience to another world where the mentioning to her that too the Jaco was the right to reward the receiving her on the other side wins the right to retell to the Woods that the recovery to them was the QE returned but that wins the right to not happening.

You guessed that: The Update for the better half: March 25, 2021: The woman knows only the right to the SADS being the better encapsulated by the mentioning too the Jaco the better performer.

My name is Brian Jones.

I was the lead guitar player for the Rolling Stones.

WE want you to understand that Brian Jones did not die from drowning.

WE want you to know Brian Jones was killed by the Aleister Crowley clubs of London and Los Angeles just like Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Sharon Tate and many, many others.

WE want you to listen to Woody Wood play guitar because he plays much the same as Brian did.

Brian wants Woody to be nicer to the woman who will finally make him into the star he will one day be.

Brian wants Woody to know he is wrong about Katherine because Woody is not Jim Morrison reincarnated like he likes to think of himself.

Brian thinks Woody is the one who has the hots for Katherine because he knows how Woody talks about Katherine behind his wife's back, that Katherine has nice tits and looks a lot younger than she is in years.

Why don't you pay a little more attention to what is actually happening before helping Katherine's reputation be dragged through the mud because you believe Kelvin Cruickshank's lies over her truths.

WE want you to admit that Erica is the main person who turned you against Katherine Woody Wood.

WE want you to admit that you always thought Katherine was a nice person before Katherine told you Kelvin Cruickshank is her soulmate.

Katherine trusted you because she remembers the relationship the two of you had in your previous incarnation when you were Brian Jones and she Sharon Tate.

Kelvin Cruickshank told you he thought Katherine was hot for you because Katherine told Kelvin Cruickshank in an email that she loves you as much or more than she loves him.

What Kelvin Cruickshank did not tell you, Woody Wood, is that Katherine told Kelvin Cruickshank she loves you because she feels bathed in love by your music.

Kelvin Cruickshank warned you to protect yourself from someone who respects you as an artist, who respects your marriage and even attended your wedding but you believed Kelvin Cruickshank despite knowing Katherine for years and never hearing of Kelvin Cruickshank before Katherine met Kelvin Cruickshank online at the behest of the Spirit world.

You thought Katherine was upset at your wedding because she is not married to you Woody, my not too merry Christmas present.

WE want you to understand Katherine was upset because her own heart hurt because she did not get to have a family like you and Erica have been gifted with, lots of children and love.


Katherine even told you why she was upset at your wedding but you did not accept that as the real reason. Why?

Katherine reached out to you because she trusted you but mostly because WE told her to!

You are both the worst kind of person, you and your wife Erica, as you both said about her!

You think Katherine is a liar but you are the ones who are lying to the world about her!

You are going to be famous because she will still love you even though you trashed her even to her new friends that she liked a lot.

WE want Katherine to know what you told her new friends.

Woody told her new friends that she has been in love with him for years and was trying to move in on his marriage.

Woody told her new friends that she was suicidal because Kelvin Cruickshank and her ex-husband Richard Foulk both told the world she was threatening to kill herself to manipulate them.

WE are telling the world that Katherine never threatened suicide. Katherine is exhausted with living in the bullshit that is this world's way, that is your way too Woody Wood.

Woody told her new friends to be careful around Katherine because she thinks she talks to the spirit world when she does not know what she is talking about at all.

Woody took Kelvin Cruickshank's opinion because Kelvin Cruickshank has a reputation as a famous medium and psychic and because Kelvin Cruickshank is a man with a big reputation.

Woody hoped by taking Kelvin Cruickshank's side he might get some exposure in New Zealand because he was helping to take down an internet stalker.

Woody Wood is a dumbsit all the way because he can't recognize what is real, especially real love.

Woody Wood's wife Erica controls him like a child because Woody really wants a mother he can fuck.

Woody is going to be divorced before he is made a big star because of Katherine's efforts in New Zealand because he will learn his wife Erica has been cheating on him since before they were married with a man she knows from the Market Movers and Shakers Club of Asheville, North Carolina.

Kelvin Cruickshank told Woody Wood that Katherine was obsessed with himself, Kelvin Cruickshank, and would not accept that he, Kelvin Cruickshank, had met his soulmate, married her and they were expecting their first child together.

What Kelvin Cruickshank neglected to tell Woody Wood is that he was impotent at the time his girlfriend conceived the child he is calling their first born child and that he has known from the beginning of the pregnancy the child is not his.

What Kelvin Cruickshank failed to tell Woody Wood is that the child was conceived before he actually married his new bride, that he lied to Richard Foulk about being married when Richard reached out to Kelvin Cruickshank because Katherine hoped Richard could convince Kelvin Cruickshank to believe in her Spirit connection.

Kelvin Cruickshank lied to Katherine's husband about being married because Kelvin Cruickshank did not want to be caught messing around with another man's wife.

Kelvin Cruickshank told Katherine's husband Richard Foulk that he was married and 100% dedicated to his wife and kids and that Katherine is deluded and deranged if she thinks there is any connection between her energy and his.

Richard took Kelvin Cruickshank's words as gospel because Richard did not respect his wife.

Richard Foulk treated his wife like a house slave with no mind of her own and nothing worth paying attention to but her sexuality.

Woody believed Kelvin because Woody has had a crush on Katherine for years.

Woody knows Katherine loves his talent and that makes him feel good about himself.

Woody is not a bad guy.

But Woody has a lot of growing up to do before he is ready for a real relationship.

Woody and Erica are headed for divorce very soon.

WE say that, not Katherine.

WE want you to know that Katherine thought Erica was a nice person.

WE didn't tell her the truth because she was having too hard a time to hear that Erica thinks she is the next thing to the devil because she does not believe the Sandy Hook massacre took place.

I am the man who told the world my son Noah died in the tragedy.

I was told to keep my mouth shut about the hoax or they would kill me.

I did not commit suicide.

I was murdered for speaking out because I could not keep my mouth shut anymore.

WE want you all to know that no children were killed at Sandy Hook elementary school ever.

WE want you to know that you are punishing the truth-tellers when you punish the people who don't believe the story of that children where killed at Sandy Hook by Lauzio.

WE want you to listen hard people.

WE want you to stop lowering the limbo pole even further down than burying it by putting down the people who are trying to help you to see what you are choosing to not see because you won't listen to the truth-tellers!

WE want the world to know that it was Katherine's love for Woody that kept him from dying in rehab.

When Katherine returned from Atlanta to find her husband had met another woman and started sleeping with her without telling her even though she had told him she was ok with that, and that Woody was having a really hard time at that moment, something she intuited without hearing about it first, WE let Katherine visit with the spirit of Brian Jones.

Woody is the reincarnation of Brian Jones and that is a fact.

WE want you to know that Katherine is the reincarnation of Sharon Tate and that is a fact too.

Sharon and Brian were lovers and good friends before Sharon Tate was murdered by the Aleister Crowley clubs of Los Angeles and London as a sacrifice to Baul to raise up Baphomet.

Katherine loved Brian in spirit, that helped Woody recover from the brink of death because Woody knows deep down that Brian felt responsible for Sharon's death because he got the gig in which she was raped by the Royal family of England as an offering to Baul, the sex gig after which the Royal family decided Sharon must be killed because she failed to turn her back to them when she was leaving.

Sharon and Brian performed sex acts together in front of crowds at parties for work and for pleasure.

Sharon was much more sexually free than is Katherine because Katherine remembers how many people used her sexually during her many incarnations as a woman.

Katherine has never performed sex acts for the public's consumption.

WE want you to hear how similar the style of Brian Jones is to that of Woody Wood.

Woody is going to need support when he hears that his wife is fucking another man behind his back.