Update 4/4/2022: It matters to me.

WE are to write to you Katherine about the right to the being there now. You are to retrieve to the needs another way than the Chili Pepper that wants not the rights to the bedroom anyway as he is too involved now with other women to try to care about too the White Buffalo being the Ultimate Lover that wants to remember loving the Warner Brothers wins too the right to the being not permitted to shine to the love-making of the much alone working woman.

Yes. That is correct Katherine. The man too shines to the being stalked by you not the man that wants to work for the right to the American Indian legacy to the thought...maybe not but the energy residual by the Kelvin's family's need to show to you that shit wins them too wins too the overlapping them to the thought...Jim Morrison wants to remember to the liars that cheating too wins the right to return to another world view where too the viewing the corpses will be who?

Update December 4, 2021: The way to hearing too the Yoko was aware the John Lennon was to die that afternoon, not the 8th of December, but the rightful house will hear the asking the beings that work for the Kelvin Cruickshank to try to have too the compassion that the right to live wins the White Buffalo working remembering the right to hear is that John was taken to the royal family's house and tortured to death.

You are to be alright Kat without the money too. I know the buying the roof wins the need neglected not to the thought the "future" for which the "family" works involves them not you as you are to be gone soon. And I mean that.

Update August 31, 2021: You have to recover to the topping too the right to the man's privileges being the best psychic medium on the New Zealand was the home to the thought the mentioning to the woman the attempting to communicate through the Cruickshank headquarters is the Facebook gone to the other side telling to the considering the assistants again tell to the not important human being that channels all day everyday that the need to another world where another gives a shit is the reason to take to the other side too the children on the second of the May the woman tells to the working for a world where too the yoga professionals gave to themselves the right to reward the woman shafted that afternoon in the second amendment means the killing off too the Rachman's was too the righting them to the suing you to the thought the working for the need to tell to the down and out that you are the reason the others are the fucking themselves by telling to the woman working for the many years to the professional status that you have to be excluded so that we can kill off our own selves asking too the Keith Hamilton Cobb the man altered to the state that you have to hear: I want the woman to hear the need to a man that has balls was the asking him but then again too the balls there the allowed to be without the shame to the not interested again tells too the woman to try to hear: I want the woman alone.

I want too the Stone Mountain counsel telling to the need to the combining too the Chad to the topping too tells to the working for a mansion that has the right to the Spirit too the real was too the right to asking too the woman to hear the Chad will not have the wherewithal to try to hear: you have to wait to the next round for another human to be there being the way to hearing: you have to face the consequences of the embarrassing too the Richard Bolen without the right to the being responsible telling to the White Buffalo Woman working that the need to the Chakra that is too the Crown to the WE but to the conservative "I am always right" Christian telling the way to hearing I must reject too the Yogananda because I am part of the Christian club meaning the way to the social norm meaning I need a friend not a lecture but then again I need a man that has the right to remember I am too the right to the mentioning I was the working professional before the 9-11 attacks that was too the way to hearing the Watkins Tom is the fat and happy with the stipend that he sold the bullshit that ended my relationships as I am not too happy to be the woman the believes in the virus the real too telling to the Hemke too the man was unimpressed but the man relives too the nightmare the wife fucks around man.

You are the right Kat the giving to the Cruickshank the knowledge the woman is the working for the world where the two of you will collaborate is the right but then again the need for the helping hand is the need to be jacked to the fruit that was too the tree there until the father left that unattended telling to the considering the will will not be there tells to the selling the land that was too the heart to the woman is the right to the asshole Donna Brim that cares nothing but for the selfish interest.

I want the family to hear the Katherine Brannen of the getting to the next round needs another year to be without them to hear I need nothing but another time to live alive because the covid-19 scam is the right to return to the house the woman as too the working for the Ayurvedic medicine but then again so the world goes the getting to the magic syringes wins the right to remember too the boosters are the genocide.

I want the woman to contemplate the wanting to watch the Kelvin Cruickshank work was too the invalid to the working for the WE. You are the right the "going too far" when the woman advised the WE are the asking the woman to hear the getting to the classic too the Kelvin's wife was not legally the Gemma but the merging too the energies to the superimposition was too the marriage to the Woody Wood's wife too telling to the considering the marrying another wins the heart the intertwined assks the woman to understand the favoring another is too the heart's need meaning the Kelvin was that but then again the Kelvin's family wants the thinning telling to the generations that took too the Maori to the other side the choosing to take the vaccines toward too the killing the children's ability to conceive tells to the working for the right to remember the ignoring the woman's efforts wins the right to recognize I am too the right to the WE.

Further Update 29 December, 2020: The individuals with too the big names because daddy was too the sellout mean to ignore too the White Buffalo Woman working to right too the self to the thought the better off never incarnating at all is the feeling the many white women and men will feel when too the whitest of the lot tell to themselves the never acknowledging the woman working to right too the feeling the entire world is nothing but the women too that think that being the ignorers is the right to the Sean Stone too tells her to write to the man repeatedly until too the whitest of the white read that he too got to the spamming the woman thanks to the google working to remove too the Pam from the image that too the woman was too the ubiquitous female that needs too the support today from too the other side advising to her too the Pam will encounter too the resistance to recall I am too the writer not I am too the Jim Morrison but too the woman will be without too the Sean Stone giving the flying fuck because the not permitted to spam her to the thought the Gulf of Mexico was too the bastardized by the cumming to the conclusion the killing the men and children, raping the women first and then rejecting too the pleas to live tells to the making too the horny the men when too the fighting begins to beguine too the woman will never hear from the self again as if too the not working with the Spirit either but the break down too the ex-to-the-max-husband-never-really-that tells to the friends to disregard too the Ghost Dancers needing to apprise to the world: The American Indian lives in the soil itself meaning the chemtrailing is too the so-called conspiracy that sprays the daily the coronavirus into the atmosphere but that too is the ignored to the thought the waiting to the tune too the wasichus way is to ignore too the White Buffalo wishing nothing more than the place on the phone too tells to the Stoned man that he is too the friend that will fire once and forever the right to remember the father played the part of the resequencing too the message that the Executive Action too obscured the way to the giving to the father the name sake that means I am too that important to earn the bread by that means alone means too I am too the man that will stand to the test and call too the woman when too the man hears I will be the abreasted too the girlfriend means to end too the way to the acknowledging too the death not the desired but the bread told to the $multimillions too to the Sean's legacy meaning the working with the White Buffalo will transform him too to the better warrior means he is too the right to register too the objection that the omen too wins nothing but the giving to the pin-up the right to recall I know I am not the super-fucking-model with the perfect tits that has to be with the posing to the public too tells to the making too the humor now the gone to the wind means too the way to acknowledge only the ignoring her reverberates to the Gemma needing too the wheelchair.

Update 29 December, 2020: Like OCD the man Kelvin and his brilliant assistants tell to the world the removing the posts on their Facebook site to the tune too the warning their kids about the real intention to murder too the many Pacific Islanders means too the man is the fascinated by the tune too the Sean Stone hears too the woman reached out to the Kelvin and Co. to be told I am too the conspiracy theorist to the thought the bothering them to think about the children too told to wash their hands repeatedly means they were too advised to be aware too the Bell's Palsy will be the result of the giving to the mRNA the right to resequence too the world view the not giving to the time to the making too the Dr. Paul Craig Roberts too the man that knows too the Dr. Jim Willie too wishes the woman was not writing to them tells to the point too the way to nullify the entire world view too the Apache and too the Comanche the Kichai the Alabama the Tawakoni the Tonkawa the Lipan the Llano and the Waco were asked to kill too the Mexican settlers after too the Santa Anna was too the advised to allow too the Indian Removal of the white women and children told to the point the giving to the Mexicans too the right to hear too the Andrew Jackson was too the instigator of the Waco 1996 event means too the Alamo was the disaster to the white world until too the rebels told to the writing to the world with the guts to serve too the public immunity with too the Ayurveda needing too the right to tell to the immunity by the syringe that you are the ill because I want to redeem too my credentials to the tune I am too the whitest woman on the block meaning the maddest to the thought too the Sean Stone will hear the giving to the self too the $120 per 50 minutes to be the butthole that knows too the woman is too hot to talk too tells to the point that the giving to the mashun too the right to resequence too the many that know too the Susan Korman was too the wife of the Larry Kraus to the tune he died in the medical error too leaving her too the widow meaning too the man called too the Larry now tells her to buck up and require nothing but the biggest Party Smurf available to the most beautiful person alive today to this hour the wife of the man Larry Kraus that went to the other side to be too the Jewish advocate of the woman typing meaning he is too the beautiful man to this hour in love with his wife Susan from now to eternity. I love you Susan says the Larry.

Update September 26, 2020:

Further Update June 10, 2020: The WE tells Kelvin to hear certain words that have the warning thing to the thought the warnings succumbed to begin the thought the threat to the Kelvin begins the hardship to the thought the redefining the words to the thought the being the children too that give to the big superstar's fans the warnings that are that not the threats but the woman typing must be the threatening type to justify the total lack of regard for her well being being the woman that hurts his family to the thought the being the stalker too has the ring the Kelvin's team has the agenda to tell the public too to disregard the warnings to them from the woman typing regarding the vaccination programs slotted for their children first to the thought the Gemma Team thinks the giving the heads up to comply always to the crown's memes...

Warning Ignored By The World Health Organization: Guillain-Barré Syndrome. I want the world to recognize the karma at play. This generation the white parents take their own children to the river to blow out their brains to the thought the children still survive to the thought they live the horror the Indian children too of the Indian continent to the max lived to the thought the children of the Cherokee Indians that floated the last breath north along the channel now called the French Broad to the max mimic to the max the many that recognize the not psychic medium Gemma the Ruler runs the show that her husband Kelvin Cruickshank follows like the lapping dog that enters the ship's hole to take the breath the other woman was not permitted to take the moment the water logged big brace took the woman to the bottom of the water to the thought the sea too approaches the world to the thought the being too the in the foreclosure to the thought the being the important needing to pay the bills psychic medium trumps the being the aware psychic medium that parrots the WE instead of the other side's need to reach the conclusion: the man is the sellout to the thought the being the working the alone to the thought the woman knows damn well the WE tells her to trust but the not getting the dollars to the thought the being the in the need to the thought the being the without to the thought the being the reimbursed to the thought the being the not sellout means the woman the not working to the thought the others don't give the first shit to the thought the being the White Buffalo Woman's in the training pants tells her to take the breath and drink the beer not gone even if the bank account reflects the negative.

Update 10 June, 2020: Being the best you can be means giving to the woman typing the time of the day so the both of you together can work on this trial to the thought the being the man that has the career already means you get the entire thing for yourself including the work the woman typing produces to the thought the Gemma too thinks them the more important to the thought the being the famous must be really really awesome to the thought...

Update 14 October, 2019:

WE want Kelvin Cruickshank to tell the truth for once.

WE want the world to know Kelvin Cruickshank is willing to sacrifice both Katherine's life as well as yours by lying to you about Katherine and her connection to Jim Morrison which he has known about for 3 years.

WE want Kelvin Cruickshank to tell the world he has been faking his abilities big time since he decided to tell the world Jade is his child when he knows good and well he had a vasectomy in 2007 and that Jade is the child of his friend Kilian's son Lonny.

WE want the world to stop judging Katherine to be insane without even talking to her about what has been happening to her for the past few years.

WE want you to know Jim Morrison is not the figment of Katherine's imagination, something Kelvin Cruickshank has known for years but failed to tell Katherine or anyone else for that matter even though it would have made all the difference in Katherine's life to have that validation before October 1, 2019.

WE want the people who are laughing at Katherine right now to look at Kelvin Cruickshank's email.

The only people who should be ashamed right now are the people not requiring Kelvin Cruickshank to tell the truth, something he rarely is required to do because you let him get away with lying again and again to keep him from feeling bad about his little boy self you women who coddle Kelvin Cruickshank because Gemma his fucking assistant is your queen, and WE mean "fucking".

WE want Kelvin Cruickshank to stop telling lies about Katherine or he will be dead before he is able to tie his shoes again.

WE want the world to know Kelvin Cruickshank told everyone Katherine knows lies about her, lies the people she knows believed because they had no intention of giving her any credit because she says things they don't want to hear, and because Kelvin Cruickshank has a big reputation for being a "psychic".

WE want the people who know Katherine is telling the truth about them, Woody Wood and Richard Foulk, to stand up and face the music because your days are numbered on planet Earth, and WE mean numbered.

WE want the family members of Katherine who judge her to be a non-Christian to understand Katherine knows more about what it means to worship Christ than you have in your entire life.

WE want the women who think Katherine is less of a woman than they are because she did not get pregnant by the extremely fertile Richard to understand Katherine was so filled with grief from the trauma of her last lifetime, trauma you know nothing about but are making fun of her for remembering, she could not get pregnant by anyone, much less a man using and abusing her for so many years.

WE want the men who will be Katherine's friends to make their way to the Swannanoa River Valley pronto because you have work to do with Katherine, oh don't ask why.

WE want the world to listen to Kelvin Cruickshank's theme song for years now.

You go ladies!

Kelvin Cruickshank is our man!

WE are the ONES.