Update 16 July, 2020: Question the WE using too the way to the other side to begin too the hearing the woman that considers the Christian Church the right method to the becoming the better human too considers the WE the right method to begin the judgement too to the thought the woman to the max the channeling from the Christ Light but the family believes themselves the wounded by the words to the tune they reject the WE to the thought the Christ Himself begins to become the most important instead of the posing for the other church members to the tune the Bob Purcell totally was the murdered for the insurance money and to the max would be here today had the body of the Christ been the important factor rather than the rich kids' money.

Question the becoming too the listener to the thinking the Bob himself the man channeling too to the thought the woman tells the Bob to begin too to teach to the world the joy the marriage to the woman called Katie brought to his entire existence to the tune too the children the Rob the best friend too.

Bob wants the family to recognize the way to the Christ to the fulfillment to the thinking too the way to the becoming the best friend too to the other mother the younger Katie has in the Spirit domain means the listening without the yelling to the thought the woman to the max knows the moving on told to the woman the not giving to them the heads up the Bob himself told the woman to type the words: snake in the grass, beginning again the career meaning the woman to the max has but scanty memory of the early years being the long time ago and the words the heard to the max to the thought the judging the woman the foul instrument to the thought the hearing too the woman to the max knows only the feeling the family forbids the heart to feel because they too are the posers first and foremost for the public acknowledgement the monied the more respected.

Question too the thinking the woman to the max knows the Coco the hearted but the woman thinks only the heart the killed to the thought the becoming the better medium meant the using the hearted man called the Cruicked to begin the thought that he too told the self the being the better human the reason the woman was to the max told to begin the hearing the hate the woman tells the world the WE has for the other side means the WE authors the dialogue that releases the pent up emotion to the tune the woman to the max has the brunt of the bearing to the thought you think the woman the wrong sort seeing as the New Zealand archipelago to the max mimics the British manner of the becoming the Demelza is the kitchen maid ha ha ha ha.

Social etiquette to the max means the way to the other side begins the moment the woman to the point begets the right to begin again as the healer too instead of the having to hate the self because the judgement of the social thing means the woman to the max has the been to public school thing too.

Live to the max the subtle energies that run the world meaning the invisible pull of the Christ Consciousness on the middle to the thought the way to the becoming too the better healer means the using too the subtle realm to redraw the borders that mean the heart hurts to the thought the hearing too the message: the healing to the max means the hurting too means the imposition of the Department of Defense in the "healing" process tells the many wittle kids that know just know they are the smarter seeing as their Facebook profile indicates that many friends tells the woman the becoming the less encumbered means the leaving too the world that maintains to the max the virus the issue not the economy.

I want the world to comprehend the way to the healthy being begins the moment the being recognizes the world the different place than the home of the free and the brave meaning the way to the begriming to the thought the way to the begetting too the horror the world turns to the becoming the friendly to the woman typing to the thinking then the many that pony back on the other side's way of the teaching too the other woman to the max fucked the husband behind the scenes meaning the woman to the max understands the getting to the point the greater humiliation was the being the giving to the other side the right to reinform the Cruickshanks they too think themselves the victims to the point you guessed the maximum sentence to the thought the woman too was identified to the world as the person trying to rape to the thought the thinking to the thought they too told themselves the WE's version of the Mission Hospital becoming to the max the thing that went to the cleaners too meaning the Gist too hears nothing but the way to the being the better humans disguises too the Christian family members that told themselves the woman the nuts instead of the taken advantage of...even by the husband they tell themselves was the bad thing from the beginning even though they knew only they are the better humans all the way to the bank of the international settlements meaning the way to remind the many the social standing is not the same to the Christ to the point the being the very important to the club of the Christian Church goers to the max mimics the Caesar to the thought.

Question the thought the woman knows the way to the other side becoming the right way to the thought the way to the way of the Christ begins the moment the world reneges on the need to beget the horror the Venezuelans too want to avoid: WW111 of the going to the cleaners meaning the end of the human race beginning the end times meaning the way to comprehend the Christ returns to the point the beginning to hear to the words the Trisha knows just knows the Katherine the ill informed to the point too the 911 Attacks too the being the issue they thought was the bad taste to warn the children spent to the max in the manure to the thought the becoming the being that recognizes the mother to the thought Margaret too wants them to comprehend the Andrew will not make the assertion to the world but the way to begin to the max the needing to remind them too the Christ wishes the others to win the war by beginning to heal the soul instead of the depleted uranium munitions meant to begin too the thought the Ormus material has the resonance to begin to the thought the healing the truth instead of the hate the woman has because the others ONLY judge instead of hearing.

Question too the you that keeps the hearing the others tell the others to help not the woman to the tune of the not permitting her to become too the hearer meaning the world refuses the helping the woman to the thought they too think the woman deserves to begin again as the healer to the tune the WJ the better to the thought the woman hears only the world view they have the message but the world needs to comprehend to themselves the way to begin again as the healing generation instead of the having to end the human race begetting too the Atlanta vision used by the entire family to dismiss the entire affair meaning the Donna to the max misses her daughter but the being the better acquainted to the max means the woman needs others to tell her the being the giving to the gifted and accomplished daughter the mentally ill racket turns to the becoming the better parent too to the thought the woman's aversion to the being the gifted psychic told to mentally ill it instead means the world turns to the being the shocked too Paul Royal the not my psychic genealogy turns to the being the interviewed instead for the documentary but the world then ends to the thought the world needs to comprehend the mulatto residents in the Spirit domain think the being that the gift too but the Paul to the max finds that the offensive thing to the tune the man hears only the gifted psychic to the mention means too the Italian thing means the man the 25% Southern European to the point.

WE want the entire domicile world to comprehend the man entitled Robert Warner Purcell NEVER cheated on the love of his life whom the man watches with the fine toothed comb that combines too the need to comprehend the Tony too.

WE want the world to know George Michael, the greatest lover of Elton's, was the man who wanted Elton to stop being the man who recruits little boys into the boys' club, the clubs of the world leaders who think they understand Aleister Crowley's work better than he does.

WE want the Aleister Crowley clubs to know Aleister is not amused by their actions at all, but he is laughing at them being unrobed and dethroned by a little girl, the completion of the Tetragrammaton.

WE want the world to know George Michael is the man he wanted to be, because it was George Michael who told Elton John he would no longer be the man who tells little boys the club is the greatest thing that ever happened to him.

WE want the world to know Elton John recruited George Michael into the world of pop music when George was but a boy in the Falkland Islands, the home to which he always returned when he wanted to be alone with the love of his life, Elton John, that is the truth, I loved Elton more than life itself.

WE want the world to know Elton John has a heart even if he has forgotten it.

WE want the world to know Jim Morrison is the writer of this, because the things Katherine is hearing right now, she is hearing for the first time in her life.

WE want you to know Anthony Kiedis was the one George Michael recruited into the club to be Elton's next o.

WE want the world to know Anthony Kiedis is the man WE want him to be because he is willing to risk his life to save the lives of countless others who are and will suffer at the hands of the club.

WE want the world to know the club is the reason WE wanted Katherine to know Anthony Kiedis, because WE wanted her to know the man who George Michael took into the fold to have his life ruined by the club as George Michael's life was commandeered by the man he loved more than life itself, and who felt he would be the perfect candidate to see the club to the next level, to be the ones who teach the world women are the reason the world is in the state it is, because the women of the world think they have a right to replace the men as the leaders of the world.

WE want the world to understand the love, compassion, empathy and nurturing of the Divine Feminine is the answer to the world's problems but the women of this age are largely too stuck on themselves to recognize that truth.

WE want you to understand this is the first time Katherine is hearing this, so do not punish her for telling the world what I, George Michael, want the world to hear, because she is volunteering herself as my spokesperson, the one who will give me a voice beyond the grave, that is right, I may have lost my life, but I am still alive, make no mistake.

When the club wanted me to be the o I was not interested because the only reason the club was interested in me was because the 0 and Elton John had decided I was the little boy who was the man for the job, Jim is speaking but the words are the words of George being dictated to Jim right now, that is what WE want you to understand that Katherine is listening to George telling Jim his story, and that is the fucking truth!

WE want the world to know Katherine is so mad right now she can hardly focus because she realizes the men of the club have been hired to put hate for women into their songs, right Anthony Kiedis, the man who fucks women from Venice to Cairo and back again because they can't keep their stupid hands off of his godly body.

WE want the world to know the reason Katherine ever wanted Anthony is because WE gave her the desire but she knows now Anthony is a pawn in the game she hates more than anything else in this fucking bullshit world.

WE want the people who think Katherine is making things up to hurt people on purpose, Donna Royal Brannen Brim, to fuck off permanently, even though Katherine still loves her mother, with all her heart.

The only reason WE are inserting that into George's story is because it is killing Katherine to know her mother cares more about the opinions of the family that turned their back on Katherine when she was only 3 because her Uncle Paul allowed her to play with his snake in the grass.

WE want the world to know the man Katherine's Uncle Paul Royal thinks he is not the man he is because he is too much of a coward to admit he punished Katherine for thinking the right thing to do for the grown men is to play with their snake in the Grass because that is what her father taught her to do for him.

WE want the awful people who are part of Katherine's family and think they are the pinnacle of Christian faith to sit down, shut up and listen to the only woman in the world giving you and your many gifts form the lord, your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, the right to continue living on this planet, because they are doing nothing to help themselves by talking about her in the manner they are doing right now.

WE want to get back to George's story now, so the world will understand the 0 is the most dangerous person in the world because she has never been held accountable for the murder of her husband, Jim Morrison formerly of The Doors, the same woman who gave the world the bullshit story that the Manson family killed Sharon Tate and the others found on the property Sharon Tate was placed on during the time she was with the club boys, the place the club boys made her think was her safe spot, while they planned from the beginning to whack her for their pleasure and amusement and to raise up their god Baphomet whom they have no understanding of at all, in no way, shape or form, especially since Baphomet is neither male nor a demon, but is in fact an amalgamation of images depicting the raising of the kundalini energy into the Christ Light.

WE want the women who think Katherine is trying to take Sharon's identity to eat your own shit permanently!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE want the world to know the man George Michael was and the man you think he was are not the same man, because the club sold you a load of goods about him.

WE want the world to understand the 0 is none other than Pam, the woman who called Jim Morrison her man even though Jim was her man only because the club assigned her to him.

WE want you to know the other men in the club had their way with Pamela more than Jim ever did because the woman Jim really loved was Sharon Tate, and that is a fact.

WE want the people telling Katherine to shut up to step outside yourselves for a second and recognize she has nothing to gain from lying about these things, but much to gain by helping the young people who continue to be the victims of the club's shenanigans.

Jim thinks Katherine is the only woman in the world because she is the only woman telling the world the truth about what happened to him when he was murdered by the club for giving Sharon Tate the morphine that made her nearly unconscious during the execution because he and Brian decided that was the kinder method to take her to the slaughter they knew she was being taken to by the men she trusted more than any others, the men who ripped her out of her bed that night and placed her in the backseat of a car to attend her own death dance in Norman Mailer's backyard.

WE want the world to know Jim Morrison was the man they thought he was, but his is not the person Katherine knows him to be.

WE want the world to know Jim is the only person in the world to tell Katherine she is the reincarnation of Sharon Tate, but you are too full of yourselves to see anything but someone trying to make a name for herself by telling the world stories from her imagination, that is the most fucked up thing a mother could ever do to her child, to tell the world you know for a fact she is making this shit up.

WE want Katherine to never talk to you again Donna Royal Brannen Brim.

WE want the world to understand the work Katherine is doing is for the WE, the beings you are calling the figment of Katherine's imagination because you are too small of people to allow her to live, because WE are her only hope for staying alive, but Katherine's mother thinks she should be in an institution.

WE are the reason your daughter did not kill herself after visiting you, Donna Royal Brannen Brim, and had to split in the middle of the night to avoid your attempt to have her locked up in a mental hospital.

WE want the world to know the only reason WE are the only ones Katherine trusts is because the totality of her friends and family have turned their backs on her.

WE want the Royal family out of Katherine's life permanently, even though she still wishes her cousin Trisha would rise up and be the Christian she thinks she is, but that is unlikely because Trisha Royal Castro thinks she is better than other people because of her "faith".

WE want the stuck up family members of Katherine who think they are superchristians to realize they have no idea who Christ is if they reject the WE without even talking to Katherine once about the WE and who WE are.

WE want the world to realize the WE is the Christ they claim to worship but have no idea how to do it right.

WE want Trisha Castro to understand being a Christian means being someone who loves without judgment, not someone who thinks she has all the answers because she loves to be the one in front of the women's group.

When the Christian people of Katherine's family judge her, she is hurt more deeply than when the boys across the street from her when she as a little girl, the Hayes boys, raped her in their basement along with her best friend ever Cindy Stafford when she and Cindy were just 6 and 7 years old.

WE want George to continue.

WE want George to tell the world what Elton John did to him because he decided not to be the man who guides the club into the next phase, the hate of women in society phase.

WE want the world to know the reason Anthony was not killed by the club was because he killed George for them as a way of keeping himself alive.

WE want the world to know Anthony Kiedis is not George Michael's murderer but he set George up to be where he needed to be so the club could kill him by lethal injection, the same way Pam killed Jim Morrison.

WE want Anthony to man up and tell the world he was forced to give his lover George Michael the knife so he could continue to be the Chili Pepper they love so much.

WE want Anthony to know he is never going to fuck the daylights out of Katherine because she knows now he would only connect with Katherine to hurt her and set her up for the fall he does not want to take himself because he wants her to shut up that much.

WE want Anthony Kiedis to understand Katherine only wanted to know the man with the heart she could feel, because he was the man she loved in prior existences way before Jim or Sharon ever walked the earth, when the both of them lived together among the native peoples of this land before the invaders took it over to turn it into the cesspool it is today.

WE want the world to know Katherine is not the mentally ill person her soulmate Kelvin Cruickshank is trying to tell you she is in an attempt to cover up his own crimes against humanity, in particular women, again and again.

WE want the world to know Kelvin Cruickshank is being the only man in the world who would rather try to kill Katherine than to tell the truth that he knows for a fact because Jim Morrison told him, that she is trying to save the world from the purification.

WE want the world to know WE are not the figment of Katherine's imagination Kelvin Cruickshank and his girlfriend/concubine Gemma want you to believe so Gemma can continue the gravy train called Team KC and Co.

WE want the world to understand Kelvin Cruickshank has known from the beginning Katherine is in touch with the Spirit world but his assistant/fuck partner Gemma told him not to care about Katherine's well being because she does not like Katherine at all.

The reason you think Katherine is mentally ill is because you are all mentally ill yourselves and are unable to recognize sanity when you see it in action.

WE want the world to know George Michael was murdered by the club because he would not take it up the ass for Elton anymore.

WE want the world to understand George Michael loved Elton John, the father figure he never had as a child, with his entire being, because that is the man Elton asked him to be.

The only thing WE want the world to know right now about George Michael is that he died with a broken heart Katherine feels in her own body, that she offered George the chance to tell his story to lighten his burden, the burden he carried into his incarnation and out of it too.

How can a mother take so much from her daughter and not recognize it? That is the question WE have for Donna Royal Brannen Brim, because to this day Katherine wants to leave the planet because she has let her mother down so hard by not being her mother's carbon copy as her mother thinks to this day Katherine has become even though WE know without a shadow of a doubt Katherine is nothing like her mother who never loved her a day in her life but used her as a scapegoat to cover up the fact that she never wanted to have kids but the women of her family expected her to have them.

WE want the other women in Katherine's family to stay away from her for good.

WE want Katie Royal Purcell to know you are not the Christian you think you are because you let your husband Bob Purcell take advantage of Katherine's 3-5 year old offers to play with his snake in the grass because she was taught by the adult men that is what a little girl is supposed to do for them.

WE want the women in Katherine's family who consider themselves great Christians to wake up and smell the coffee that you are nothing but wolves in sheep's clothing because you condemn her even though you have not spoken to her in many years.

Jim thinks women who condemn Katherine while telling the world they are great Christians to recognize they are not Christian at all, they are the posers Katherine has seen them to be for most of her adult life.

WE want Anthony Kiedis to wake up and smell the coffee that he has blown any chance to be sexual with Katherine because he chose to make fun of her with his fishing buddies instead of being the friend she hoped he'd be since she knows in her heart he is so tired of the game and he is ready to follow George home.

WE want the women who think Katherine is selfish for not adopting a baby to understand she knew she did not have the support to be able to do that because the adoption agencies judge the women wanting to adopt a child from the same stuck up perspective you have judged her, my-husband-makes-Big$$$-Amy-Beth-Purcell-Skinner, the girl who never had to do anything her whole life but be coddled by her loved ones, the woman who has never worked a day in her life but thinks she is the greatest authority on what it means to be a mother in the world.

WE want Amy Beth Purcell Skinner to understand she got the baby from China so she could have her china doll for the others to think she is so magnanimous for adopting someone from a lower caste into her fold.

WE want Amy Beth Purcell Skinner to remember how much time she spent being taken care of by her cousin Katherine when she was a girl, because she is the most stuck up of the crew because the things she says about who Katherine was back then have no bearing in reality at all, you stuck up cunt bitch who has no appreciation of the love her cousin gave to her freely when she was growing up.

WE want the Purcell's out of Katherine's life for good because you don't even recognize it was Katherine's love for your son and brother Rob who brought him back into this world by telling him he is not the mentally ill person you labeled him to be but the boy with the biggest heart in the world, the thing you superchristians who traded the country club for the Christian club but retained the country club as your core value, to recognize your son and brother Rob Purcell is the nicest person of your entire clan by a long shot, and WE mean a long shot.

WE want the world to know Katherine wanted to leave the world because the people who are supposed to love her think they are too good to be bothered with her because they judge her to be responsible for her own suffering because she chose to be true to herself instead of being a carbon copy of the people you think matter in this world, the stuck up rich people of Atlanta's nouveau riche gentry.

WE want George Michael to tell the world he wants the little boys Elton is recruiting to know Elton will use and abuse them and then throw them away because that is exactly what he did to George despite the fact George did everything Elton asked except kill his own spirit completely.

WE want Amy Beth Purcell Skinner to apologize to the woman who saved her from her father's lust by being the one he took it out on before she was born because it was Uncle Bob Purcell who liked having his snake in the grass played with the most, but was stopped in the process when his wife Katie Royal Purcell walked in on it and blamed the 5 year old girl being taken advantage of by her husband and Katherine's Uncle, the very man she told the world was the greatest man who ever walked the face of the earth because he loved children so much.

WE want Katie Royal Purcell to tell the world she always hated Katherine because she thought Katherine was trying to move in on her man when she was only a 5 year old girl.

Now is the time to shine your Christian Light and tell the truth Katie Royal Purcell because WE are not done but you have a chance to tell Katherine the truth, that you made it clear to Bob that he is never to touch her daughter in the way Katherine wanted him to touch her because Katherine was perceived by you as mentally ill because the men in her life told her that was what they want from her, to play with their snakes in the grass, but you were too stuck up to see that and blamed the child for the crimes of the father of your children, the man you tell the world was spotless.

WE want Katie Royal Purcell to admit she blamed 5 year old Katherine instead of holding her husband responsible for sexually abusing a 3-5 year old girl.

WE want Katie Royal Purcell to know she will not be going to heaven if she tells the world Katherine is making this up because she knows damn well Katherine is not.

WE want the world to know Katie Royal Purcell is the woman she thinks she is because she is going to be the Christian she wants to be and tell Amy Beth Purcell Skinner the truth about her father for a change, that her father touched her like that too, many times, but Amy Beth Purcell Skinner blocked it out just like she blocked out how much she used to love being cared for by her cousin Katherine Brannen, the woman she says she would not want around her children because her way of being is not Christian.

WE want Amy Beth Purcell Skinner to understand she has no idea who Katherine is or what it means to be a Christian because Katherine is so much more a Christian than she is it is not funny at all.

WE want the people who think Katherine is too weird to be around their children to take a flying leap into the end times because you are the ones WE want to purify the most because sanctimonious hypocrisy against the Christ is the worst sin of all.

WE want the world to know Katherine has been serving the Christ most of her life but you are too stuck up to notice that she is closer to Him than you have been one day in your lives, the lives you think are the models for the lesser folk.

WE are the Christ and WE have chosen Katherine as our messenger but she knows she has to give up her family because they will not allow that to be the case in their eyes, no matter how hard she tries to share the WE with them, because to do so would mean they have to face the fact they judged their own flesh and blood family member to be a sorry excuse for a human being.

WE want Katherine Brannen to know those are the very words her mother used to describe her yesterday to her brother Paul Royal, the man who asked Katherine to play with his snake in the grass when she was but 3 years old, but that is not all, he also told her she is a good girl for doing that for him so he could feel good, not exactly the words he used but that will do for now.

His words were "so he could feel special", that Katherine just remembered for the first time since it happened to her 47 years ago.

WE want the women of the Royal family to smell the coffee that you are in no way, shape or form Christians, but instead the very body of the anti-Christ WE are trying to cleanse off the earth, that's right, go ahead and be offended.

WE want George to tell Elton that he loved him completely but that he could not be the man who takes the life away from men or women by being the pawn in their game to turn humanity into a play thing for their club's bullshit ways.

Katherine wants to insert a message for her Aunt Katie and cousin Amy Beth, that she knows without a shadow of a doubt they will try to sell her down the river as a liar before they WILL EVER give her the benefit of the doubt that she was touched sexually by their hero Bob Purcell when she was 3-5 years old, and that is a fact.

WE want Katherine to understand she is not the only one who was touched that way by Bob Purcell but Amy Beth Skinner will take that secret to her grave before she will be the mother she claims to be and love the cousin who the Christ gave her as a caregiver when she was a child, both before and after her parents upgraded from the country club to the combined Christian/country clubs so they could feel spiritually superior to others as well as socially superior, that is exactly right, the Christianity they practice is the churchianity that has turned this world upside down.

Katherine is tired now, so WE will stop here but make no mistake more information about their precious Bob Purcell is forthcoming, information Katherine does not remember but is blocking in her body as WE speak, information that you don't want her to remember Katie Purcell, that you punished Katherine for playing with your husband's snake in the grass because she was Donna's fucked up child not your own.

NOW that is the truth superchristian Katie Royal Purcell.

George Michael wants the world to know he was murdered by the club because the club would not allow him to leave.

WE want Anthony Kiedis to understand he has a way out if he would trust US but he is too scared.

WE are through.