Update August 11, 2022: This is the time for Dr. Ganser to realize that I am there to walk to a newer normal where the outdated way to serve the big whigs ends.

Update September 2, 2021: The Tom Watkins mentioned in this article was allowed to be the friend to the thought the 10 minute phone conversation not that important to the Tom being the man that has so many beings there that the understanding the killing the conversation was too the WE suggesting that the detachment to the results wins the remembering the wanting to work for a time when another human being engages the woman about the WE without the not interested will include the reaching again to the Cherokee.

Update 26 October, 2019:? ?

Update 19 October, 2019: Kitty Licks wants the little big boys who think she is an idiot pussy with tits who doesn't realize she is not the sexy woman she thinks she is to realize Kitty Licks is in fact not only the sexy woman you know she is, she is also the woman who will take your blood filled cocks and shove them back into your own mouths.

WE want the world to understand Dr. Daniele Ganser is the sellout Katherine thinks he is for keeping the official narrative of the attacks of 9-11-01 in the dark so he can stand up in front of crowds and say look at me, I'm a lowly historian, never had to work, only read and regurgitate.

WE want Dr. Daniele Ganser to realize Katherine saw him as a little boy from the beginning, a boy she might have thought was cute when she was in school, but would have thought he was too young for her, that is right Daniele, Katherine is not the little girl pretending to know things she doesn't understand, but the woman who is going to end your career, that's right, you are the younger in this case, believe it or not, little Danny boy.

You are the one who needs to grow up and put a shirt on, because you offend the world with your comments about a woman who has respected you, but you chose to talk about like she thinks you are the hottie she cast you as in her attempt to make you more important than you are, that is right, Katherine sees you as the little boy she would have thought was too young for her while you were both students, many years ago, because she is 4 years your senior you prick, and your elder without a doubt.

The world is not the world you think you can make it by putting solar panels onto your roof.

You are giving your family radiation sickness without realizing it something Katherine has known about your family's health for a long time and hoped she'd have the chance to warn you about, but you are too stuck on yourself to realize she knows more about installing solar systems than you because the solar system Katherine installed on her property was done by herself, designed from scratch by the little girl you think is an idiot.

You are the idiot Dr. Daniele Ganser for not reading Katherine's follow-up email to you that you deleted as unimportant even though she told you ahead of time her plans to use you as a guinea pig, that's right, Danny, you are the guinea pig, not her.

Here is the text of the email sent on July 5, 2018 that you decided was not worth your time, but that is ok, you are not worth her time either, you fucking fool who can't recogize theater when it smacks you off your high horse, you sell out liar part of the problem not the solution piece of shit.

Text of email Katherine Brannen sent to Daniele Ganser July 5, 2018 just before the debut of Kitty Licks on the scene, the Kitty who makes your dick hard Danny, the Kitty you've jacked off to on more than one occasion:

Dear Dr. Ganser,

I’ve now spent a number of hours with your work now. You are an asset to the global peace movement, like me, a warrior for peace with words for weapons. But unlike me, you are a gifted public speaker. My work is like leaven, subtly penetrating the spell of the black magicians that has rendered me a stranger in my own country. At least that is what I tell myself.

I understand you are a busy man who receives many emails. Feel no obligation to reply.

You speak of the need to change our minds. That’s much easier said than done. Self-awareness, also one of your points, is the key to disabling the black magic. There is no observation without observer. Clarity in how one sees himself leads to clarity in perception of observation. As above, so below.

Once again, this clarity is easier to speak about than to find and feel. It’s the armoring in the physique itself, a holding of the breath, a distorting of the sexual energy, that clouds and impairs the mind.

Edward Bernays, Freud’s nephew, knew the power in subtle sexual suggestions. Paul Craig Roberts linked to this guy’s editorial on Russia Today. It was funny so I checked out his show. While I commend the attention given to the problem of plastic bottles, the program is filled with sexual references: crude, immature, ridiculous sexual references. Yes. It is comedy. But, unfortunately a large portion of the American public gets its "news" from comedy shows such as this.

The power elite use insights from great minds such as Wilhelm Reich’s against the people. He worked with the pentagon for a while, until he realized they were interested in his work to destroy life, the opposite of his objective. He survived Hitler only to perish in an American federal prison. Mature sexual function is associated with clearer mind. So the media is filled with subtle images of distorted and immature sexuality.

Thank you for your time. One last anecdote before I bid you adieu.

My friend Tom was a writer/editor for CNN for over 20 years. He called me to walk his dog when he split for NY to cover the unfolding events following the 9-11 attacks. I wrote to him in April 2005 alerting him C-Span was broadcasting David Ray Griffin’s speaking about The New Pearl Harbor suggesting he watch it. Nope. He even wrote back and asked how it was. I strongly encouraged him to seek out the information. Nope. In 2013 I informed him both CNN and BBC had reported building 7s collapse before it happened. He was unaware of it.

I can lead a horse to water. But it doesn’t even perceive the drink. What it can see, often enough if it is a male horse that is, is tits. My bet is my dear friend Tom has greater recall of my tits than he does of my words regarding 9-11 Truth.

How shall I use my tits to unmask the drinking pond filled with crystal clear clean water? How to use my tits to change minds before there is no longer any clean clear drinking water left on our dear Mother Earth? I'm exhausted using my mind and words.



Excerpts from: The Mass Psychology of Fascism. 1970. Pgs. 341-342. (A translation from the revised German manuscript, Die Massenpsychologie des Faschismus, 1969.)

The question of the fascist plague has led us deeply into man’s biologic organization. It relates to a development that goes back thousands of years, and not, as those who view society in purely economic terms believed, to the imperialistic interests of the past two hundred years or even past twenty years. On no account, therefore, can the present war [WWII] be confined to the imperialistic interests in the oil wells of the Baku or the rubber plantations in the Pacific. The Treaty of Versailles plays the same role in World War II as the wheel of a machine in the transmission of the energy of coal to the steam piston. The purely economic view of life, as much as it may have been of service, is totally unsuited to cope with the convulsive processes of our life.

There can be no doubt that man went astray when he interpreted his own nature in terms of the machine civilization. Now that we recognize this error, it will be easy to correct it. Civilization has to be mechanical, but man’s mechanistic attitude toward life can easily be converted into an attitude based on functional living processes. An astute minister of education could issue appropriate edicts for the purpose of reshaping education. The error would be corrected in one or two generations. That’s the way some clever men spoke at the time of the Russian Revolution 1917-23.

This argument would indeed be correct if the mechanical view of life were merely an “idea” or “attitude.” However, the character analysis of the average man in all social situations brought a fact to light which we cannot afford to underestimate. It turned out that the mechanical view of life was not merely a “reflection” of the social processes in man’s psychic life, as Marx had assumed, but much more than that:

Over the course of thousands of years of mechanical development, the mechanistic view of life has become more and more ingrained in man’s biological system, continuously from generation to generation. In the process of this development, man’s functioning was actually changed in a mechanical way. Man became plasmatically rigid in the process of killing his genital function. He armored himself against the natural and spontaneous in himself and lost contact with the function of biological self-regulation. Now he is filled with mortal fear of the living and the free.

This biologic rigidity is essentially manifested in a general stiffening of the organism and in a demonstratable reduction of plasmatic mobility: Intelligence is impaired; the natural social sense is blocked; psychosis is rampant. I gave a thorough exposition of the facts that support this assertion in The Function of the Orgasm. So called civilized man actually did become angular and mechanical, and he lost his spontaneity, i.e., he developed into an automaton and “brain machine.” Thus, he not only believes that he functions as a machine, but he actually does function automatically, mechanistically, and mechanically. He lives, loves, hates, and thinks more and more mechanically. With his biological stiffening and the loss of his native function of self-regulation, he acquired all the characterological attitudes, which culminated in the outbreak of the dictatorship plague: a hierarchical view of the state, a mechanical administration of society, fear of responsibility, an intense longing for a führer and craving for authority, insistence upon commands, mechanistic thinking in natural science *, mechanical killing in war. It is no coincidence that the Platonic idea of the state was born in the Greek slave society. Nor is it a coincidence that it has continued to exist into the present day: serfdom was replaced by inner slavery.

* The Empty Brain

PS: If you made it this far, you get extra credit. My research over the past couple of weeks taught me women have only been permitted to vote in Switzerland since 1971, thought to be too emotional to be trusted. Contrast that with the Great Law of Peace of the Iroquois Confederacy, the prototype for much of the American Articles of Confederation and later US Constitution. The highest authority in the Iroquois Confederacy was the Council of Grandmothers, a check and balance the European descended "Founding Fathers" left out of their plan. There was peace. There really was peace.

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