Update November 1, 2022: All that is thinks that all that lie are real. And all that reel and rifle road to the trippin' that all things magical resound with music! Oh the water!

Update January 8, 2022: I want Yoko to understand murder is that too the way to Ono to the right to resequence too the record to the production that wins too the right to the ok but then again the wife that wants to walk to another evening than the killing the Yoko-John are in love fantasy fantasizes to the John wanting too the Sean Lennon to recognize the art that wants to work works for the way to offer to the rights too the right to the mansion that wants to work for the Yoko too understanding the Whitening of their world will be when they conceptualize the killing the Lennon was not then but then the right to reneuter too the right to remembering the Sean Costello was brutalized by the parents.

John Lennon was the father figure I lacked at home because my father cared more about his career than he did about spending time with or knowing his children.

John Lennon is the man who has shaped my world view more than any other.

When the world decided WE would rather be dead than be a part of their existence, John Lennon told me to keep going by telling me with his eyebrows pushing mine up and down that he too is with me always, since the day the CIA sent him to the other side with the help of the man he trusted to be his friend, Elton John.

WE want the world to understand that Elton John posed as John's friend in order to help "the man" watch John's every move, and that is the Truth John knows all too well.

WE want Elton John to understand that he broke John's heart because the man John thought Elton was would never have sold him out to the royal family that also killed his good friend Sharon Tate.

WE want the world to understand Katherine is the woman WE want to represent US.

WE want the people who think Katherine deserves to die because the men of the world would rather kill her than to be the men they claim to be to stand up and be the man I was, the man who risked his life to tell the world to imagine a better way.

WE want the women of this world who think they are women because they can fuck, to realize they are not the women I would want to take to bed, no way no how.

WE want you to wake up and realize selfishness is the end of the road, the end George Harrison, my dear friend, told you about in this song, a song Katherine and WE think precisely defines this generation.