Update 10 June, 2023: The animals are done with this. And the Q that thinks that allowing the lies allows the big payments to buy too the animal flesh finds out that the big payments to the body are the signs and symbols of the knowing that the gouted individuals that intend to think again about removing the spamming too think that the big whigs that too think that love is Satan's way, oops I mean Love, meaning Courtney never loved Kelvin's Energy that is too the Christ Consciousness that wins the reality that all children born to the ways and means of the loving another too the land here in Swannanoa is the Aztec's never!

The way to end too them was the way to ending too the renewal that isn't there but there is too the ghostly ways. And the Ghosts of the Cherokee that animate too the writing too think that allowing the kids that pepper to renew too themselves as helpers instead of the murderers that Hillel too thinks that they became when they devour the Love's world to never being alive again as herself, as the working woman knows that too Sean Stone animates the Satanists-are-me lifestyle to pretend to be the guru that too thinks the working women that fly to the opposite are there.

The way to Jesus Christ there is real. And the women and men that judge that wrong are wrong.

The mortgages will default for the time being. The CBDC will be there to reconsider too the prostitution to central banks at all. All central banks are to be defunct soon.

Update July 27, 2022: The heart that hears the very women "blessed" by the pregnancies too eat the CAFO animals thinks that the heart that hears they too think I am to be left without touch too thinks that the women that know that animals are real too win.

Update today July 27, 2022: The ending of the animals less than the humans is now.

You are right that energy wins the energy to end the CAFO practices is the energy to end all women that fail out another based on gossip.

Update September 14, 2021: You are too the right to remember the family that wants to eat the CAFO meaning the locked up children separated by the way to "husband" the animals shows the women that want to work for the berry important way to hearing the considering the way to care not that the animals consumed to the snacks suffer is the way to care not that the mother of the pigs too has to take to the lunch counter the way to enforce the being locked up after the boosters too tells to the obsequiousness that the sequencing to the being the permitted the lost generation that was too the enamored with the spreading the legs to produce the he he he I am the mommy now that I get to fuck into existence a child that must wrap around the subject the HPV vaccine already started the mass die off.

Update April 28, 2021: The world will understand the going to the world for the handouts too tells to the special needs women that the getting to the supportive will be without the he he he he that he is too the right to the going after too the He is that telling to the waking to the Janet Yellen wanting the kids abroad too the gone to the news too the Chinese leadership of the United States Corporation owned by them by the time too the Puerto Rico was too the accosted to the tune too the bankruptcy then tells to the Obamacare mandate to the full term abortions was the way to telling to the kids that think they are the women being the Lyndsey Boggs I buttfuck too the woman kind enough to tell me I am too the respected was the way to disrespect to the ending too the friendship of the one way street that wins the right to the registering to the kissing bye bye too the being the hotter than the woman typing too the 10+ years older than the 40ish Lyndsey of the "I always knew I had a nice ass that your husband I mean the man that rapes you daily wants to make the place you get the dirt from meaning I love to fuck him while you are there too to teach to myself I am that much of the low life."

You are the right to register to the world the way to the going forward is to treat the animals as too the not the test subjects meaning the allowing the animals to the slaughter alive too wins the right to register to the drafting the children not bastardized by the being the safe too with the cancer causing chemicals cleaning the so-called pandemically allowed to the being the right to the growing too the tissues that end too the right to the egg and nature tells to the mentioning to the world too the kids are the better alive when too the cloned tells to the woman typing the Billy of the Hills is too the woman that was too the right to register to the world my husband was too the forthright to the blaming the woman typing but too the way to having not the urge to the dicked humans again tells to the lesbian there not that too the women are the less attractive being the not sexually stimulating nor the nice humans when too the mentioning to them the woman was too the faithful while they work for the tune they have the right to tell themselves they are the better fed the better feeding too when too the money they buy without the vaccination credentials will be with too the waking to the news the giving to the kids the right to return to the masked too telling to the acrylic bubbles and shields they too think that the right to protect too the children when too the way to the getting off too the protecting the erasure of the woman typing as the woman not permitted too the world view is the way to the giving to her too the "husbands" that love to make too the Kathryn Rogers the feasting material when too the woman was the not the advised too the woman typing is that raging too telling to the news the 20+ years ago was too the now to her then tells them to "mother" to the better alliance to the yogic method of the fishing to the truth that the yoga alliance is too the way to ending too the bought and paid for musicians that buy too the yogi's being the yogini's the way to the giving to the going to the better off without the framing too the woman as too the gone already when too the supporting her the inconvenience to the women that think too the bread on the being the vaccinated the right tells them to think twice about the thinking that too the American Indian was the gone to them along time ago when too they are the way to the better humans laughs to the vaccine clinic too the children when too the mothers and fathers are the corpses in the bedroom with the kids there knowing only the 911 was the telephone number you get to call but now the 911 is only the antidote to the Hillel too telling to her the giving to the Germans the sole exclusive allotment to the being the source of the cancer then too IG Farbens to the need to have the minds erased too by the need to the corpses of the kids too the appearing on the horizon when too the mothers and fathers insist too the so-called conspiracy to the being too the 911 truth too the not allowed to the conversation to the news too the Scott Turney of the Georgia Tech bought too the education that tells him he is the scoundrel to the max being too the independently wealthy that wins the right to require not the first adherence to the moral code that wins too the karmic allotment returned to the Turney without the without the working for the news they are the uninterested in the WE Kat because they are the too proud to hear: the woman that was the working for them as too the working as too the whipping them to the posted tells to the world the way to ignore not the Mark Fisher was the way to hearing the man was too the Fischer then telling to the holocaust the right to the whipping up too the support to attack too the Iraqis but to them the way to warning them too the Israel wants to holocaust the holocaust survivors taught to be without the hesitation to the sanctimony was the way to have too the Georg Mueller too the not the allowed to the being there.

Update 10 January, 2021:

Question why too the IRS exists at all. The need is the not there but too the people obsequence to the point the obsequiousness of the woman typing was the point to the raising too the mother's family will member too the woman was too the impressive artist before too the woman typing was told too to the thought the making the living the precluded with the Fine Arts degree but too the woman was too the happiest the telling to the Governor's Honors Program the woman wanted to live as the artist but too the mother too wanted the woman to be without too the life's work when too the mother told to the making too the fun of the woman's work with the Becky tells to the mother listening to the heart tells to the making too the woman work too as too the working artist will be without too the Becky hearing too the need to the vaccine will be too the Moderna telling to the women the working for the Uber will too tell to the Rod Brim the death too too early that means too the Sunny Bunny was murdered by the man that too told to the poor mother then to take to the dental correction to the thought the man that told to the killing off the cat was too the compensated to the thought.

Question the need to remove the woman that was the record collector too that means the way to give to the records the home tells to the Woody Wood too the residence will be the vacated when too the mother winning too the career away from the South will insist too the turning to the clouded vision that wins too the residual effects of the electromagnetic fields from the power lines that will be too the conduit of the orgonite ormused with the right telling to the higher ph lye bath and too the metals in the mixture including too the copper that wins too the right to the sunlight telling to the ground that the shattered the glass table to the thought the power of the lines mixed with the resonance of the orgonite pieces and too the large project that will invite too the Chad Stogner to the point too the mention the man statues to the Zeke Berry too the understood to the kids that knew the kid while in the Birmingham school system that the boyfriend then that the way to give to the Dylan and Melissa the bye bye was the medical intervention that murdered too the dog not restrained but then again too the angina that was too the man's on the other side was too the caused to the bankruptcy to the thought too the man fell to the coma not asleep and too the wrecking too the lives of the family there solved not the right to recover too the kids that perished because too the same reason too the Deepak Chopra, MD. will be there willingly with too the right to reregister for the drafting too the proposal talk to the Vamadeva Shastri and ask to the results to the woman then called Katherine Brannen Foulk and then to the document that will tell to the woman I am the employee of the Chopra Center to the thought the better out west to the thought N O W.

You want to murder too the kids with too the results that spell to the needing too the career will be with too the Erica Wyse Watkins risking too the vaccine to the 401k reimbursement tells to the making too the Chinese Medicine too the TCM too the not the right to the wasting too the funds but too the return to the making too the Dr. Witt too that was the way to improve too the man carried with the misdiagnosis to the covering up the mistake when too the simple phone call told to the woman typing too tells to the making too the follow-up the 6 months of the medicine that would have made too the man extra fertile tells to the stinginess of the woman too the welcome to the death way too telling too the early because the need to the redness to return tells to the making too the mother the American Indian too tells to the making too the Presbyterian the better race than the Methodist means the need to the giving away too the heart will be with the result the woman hears without the keyboard meaning the on the way but too the need to the feet too there tells to the making too the Dr. Lowen Alexander to the max known to the Rachmans and too the Dr. Whiteblood meaning too the Brooke Medicine CME Eagle that lifting the veil will ensure too the Deepak Chopra, MD. will be with the thought the better aligned as too the man wanting too the son and daughter too the right to the fathered by the other man meaning too the way to insist too the mother knew too the busy doctor was the not aware too the working with too the cigarettes and the not nutrition minded was too the way to insist too the woman typing works with the Ormus materials working too the max now with the Akasha telling to the consciousness that the Akashic expression will enhance too the way to the diagnosis of the many vaccine injured by the heavy metals removed by the using too the Akashic residence of the metals with too the orgonite of the making too the quartz there telling to the precious gem stones too the minerals in conjunction with too the Prakriti teaches too the local chefs they are the better Freshed when too the mother hears the nicest owners too that the Black Mountain restaurant business has meaning too the pizza the good to the WE.

Helicopter money will last not the long time being the concept of the monthly stipend to the Obamacare number meaning the IRS will manage too the welfare programs means the insistence too the woman was unwilling to tell to the making too the money to the payment too the food wasted by the Charlie tells to the man too the Betsy will perish too the early when too the mother inherits the right to register to the draft too the kids told to the Charlotte Foulk wants the money paid back Richard Foulk who insisted to the divorce judge too the wife was the irresponsible to ask the man to sign to the deed the right name telling to the woman typing the money will surface to the recollecting too the woman was respected by the Charlotte to the thought the instrumental investment will tell to the family the giving to the covid fiasco the right to the reality tells to the monthly stipend that will be the "god send" to the many that think too the monthly thing wins too the Biden too the not the surfacing to the point the man wins the right to recover the presidency after the war of the roses tells to the Sean Stone the giving to the man the right to the recovering too the Jaco documentary will be with the thought the man will insure nothing but too the tight ass too tells to the making the mistake to mimic the Rogers of the Kathryn type the makes too the men the horny with the insistence too the Rich Bolen fucked her more than his "wife" tells to the animals the better without too the women that want too the right to remember the Jackie will tell to the wives of the many Stones that the woman was asked by the in the know man to remove to the back hood to miss the shot fired to murder too the mother of the children raised to the thought the John F. Kennedy, Jr. too the murdered by the bombing the plane with too the fighter jet tells to the making the jet pilot the hero of the family that was too the indoctrinated by the grandfather to the thought the man was too the used to the thought the mother took too the package to the bedroom and reread too the mention too the Fascist Dictatorship was then too the installed but too the welcome home to the thought the killing off too the kids was too the right to the family that wanted too the accolades that the son was the hero to the war effort told to the woman that was too the identified to the selfish selfish woman told to make the kids because they are the not there not because the using too the marijuana tells to the making too the marijuana too the reason too the woman removes to the other side of the world too tells to the woman typing the way to give to the trapping a man to the point too the Donna selected Jim Brannen from the list of the 7 possible fathers to the making too the marriage the rushed to the thought the miscarriage was too the wrong because the working with the radiation was the reason the cancer carrier was too the told to eat too the radiation tells to the making the mother too the locked in the Arbor Terrace too the way to give to the mother typing too the right to the resequencing too the right to the thought too the woman offered too the home to the man then to the thought the rent too the less than too the nursing would have cost and too the nice comfortable home with the extra bedroom and too the backyard and too the cousins in the county and too the nursing the membership too that the Hendersonville too the home of the home nursing care that means too the man and the Wideman took to the locking to the thought too the woman not ever the Alzheimer's to the thought too that too the diagnosis to the making too the bread not to the making the healthy human meaning the robbing too the woman of the home too tells to the making the news the Dr. Michael Witt that fucked hard too the Wyse-Watkins team with the wrong test results was too the man that opened up the Richard and took too the look at the wound and saw too the vasectomy never really performed but too the scar was the initial side the other side not done tells to the making too the bastards means too the Michael Witt, MD of the Northside Hospital of the Atlanta area was the in error to engage too the message that too the man insisted the bread to the calling allowance to the billing to the people for the test results was too the wrong to tell to the man too the not the vasectomied the right way to begin with telling to the catsup the man fathered the many kids to the denial.

When the man called too the man that lied to the Watkins that too the mention the being the sterile was the devastation to them but to him the potential to the misdiagnosis was the regarded too the max too risky to the malpractice tells to the world too the woman typing worked for the largest Georgia malpractice insurance company telling to the mention too the celebration to them was the beating too the court cases when the patients were the litigants.

When the Mother wins the right to regard the right to the woman typing's body to the using to the tune too the working for the men and women of the Spirit plane wanting to tell to the platform the woman will need too the body guard to the thought too the woman will want too the better human being that means too the Cruickshanks will want to inherit too the right to the regarding too the woman too the not the wrong to the money now meaning too the working for the woman's well being too was regarded too the insult but too the woman wants to work to the thought now that too the body will ensure too the woman will never feel too the slighted again when too the mother hears too the Medicine Eagle will hear too the mother needs too the help to the thought the better without too the Medicine the English way that means the vasectomy too the wrong to the giving to the Jade too the right to the miracle baby when too the man hears too the other man fathered the woman the father will inherit too the genetic discrepencies when too the mother hears the medicine will found the recover to the thought the enormous amount of humans told to the vaccine injured but too the found to the interesting to the vivisectionists in their real time way to make too the medicine the so-called scientific research as well as the major cha ching events tells to the family studies too the way to engineer too the better obsequious species will be with the making instead the medicine the eradicated as too the Deepak Chopra MD was too the woman's father's favorite writer to the thought the many tapes purchased tells to the SyncroDestiny the man will inherit too the friend meaning the woman typing wants too the west coast to the thought the tired of the mountains with the vibration I must be alone or alone or alone or alone.

The WE will tell to the many that think too the dog will not be too the meat told to be without too the Japanese scraping the sewers for the meat that was too the feces will be with the choice to the many that will cat too the children telling to the making the need too to the "fast food" that will be neither fasted nor the foodstuffs that sell to the public the fastest telling to the world that the worst to come has to the max not occurred yet WE want too the woman typing to hear the wanting too the Marci-Richard mean mean mean together to think twice about the Moderna vaccines that will be the supplied by the FEMA mama that will insist too the working for the man means the giving to the dialectic the woman will fuck too the Richard when the mother tells to the Tiffany Dover was too murdered not that means too the way to insist the visitation to the Iraq war and too the Libya tells to the ambassador too the sold to the out of the equation insists the asking too the Wood to refrain from the vaccine but that will insist too the mother of the hour the wife now the Erica Wood will insist too the working with the children will need too the seasonal flu shot telling to the way to end too the marriage will be with the funeral that means the hard up bitch that wanted only the first human being willing to listen to the WE too will insist too the die off too the wanted by the souls of the individuals including too the Brooke the not going to be there at the Stone Mountain Council of Elders assembled to renew too the world following too the false flag not really but the using too the American sky writers to tell to the drones specially packaged to the UFO shebang tells to the shebanging too the military industrial complex to the Patriot Act the permitted tells to the woman the men of the power plan to fly too the Mexican flag on the White House lawn telling to the Alamo was not the victory nor the house of the holy but the false flag too tells to the making the point the giving to the "Space Command" the right to the full spectrum dominance turns to the Iraqi beings the right to reciprocate to the depleted-uranium unpopular to the Christian mythos that too the Christ wants the terrorist to cease telling to the consumption that too the not the kaphic disorder but the malnutrition that wins the right to resequence too the "potato famine" to the British being too the overlords that permitted too the not the field to the thought the giving to the British Crown too the Crown Chakra working tells too the woman that the better without the voice when too the Sean Stone knows too the CIA helps too the father meaning the Oliver "Let's Confound To The DNA Of The Serfs" Stone the knowing too the woman thought too the friend too the father perhaps tells to the making too the friends that tell to her too the FEMA manager the Debbie Ryder will be without too the body the moment too the 2nd dose administered tells to the club members that know too the writing to them means not the right to the sharing the bread but too the right to remembering too the woman knows too the Oliver Stone wants too the DNA that knows OOPS! Sean is not my biological spawn meaning my wife lied too that means too the Sean hears the way to give to the back of the bus to the thought too the back-of-the-bus spells the woman will understand the man thinks himself too the Oliver Stone Jr when the man tells to the thought I am too the Oliver Stone wanna be to the sellout that means too the Islamorada wins the right to resequence too the veterinary medicine to the "cunt wife" meaning the woman typing to the man that exhibited the very different perception to the woman tied to the too tired now to give to the world too the making too the point the Stacy of the Nick and Stacy the Veterinarians that ended too the other side's version of the making too the woman too the knowledgeable by the going to the Miami Schools Medical Fair tells to the little kids without the slightest idea that too the milk with the unhappy kids that means too the separating too the kittens wins too the wrong to the family affair telling to the woman typing the psycho of the century too tells to the Jascowitz the man fathered too the babies of the other women told to the abortionist meaning too the Mita took to the bedroom with the man that was not the nice to the woman typing either meaning too the way to nominate too the Stacy Nicked with the never ending association that too the side effect of the knowing too the man that was too the ugly then to the thought the baking the bread in the scum of the island wins the way to note the lie wins too the way to end too the practice that will be the same thing with the kids that want too the mothers to hold too the babies: nursing mothers want to ween themselves meaning too the Katherine of the yesteryear told to the High Hat and Tom Tom way too soon meaning the standard that 6 weeks wins the separation wins too the wrong to the world of the animals that want to use too the voice to tell to the veterinarian too the woman not only wasted the money with the gynecologist the kids at the Miami Medical Scare Food Not There Medicine Is Pharma Fair were too under represented in the nutrition means the woman worked around the clock to tell to the making the harvest there not the sitting around the house tells to the judgement too the not caring her body was fucked hard when the man beget the horror too the big ass was the major turn-on but the ass fucking made her womb berry tired of the giving to the kids too the vaccines that means the giving to the Ayurvedically certified too the counselor to the many will be with the suggestion: honesty wins the better results suggesting she fails to service properly Nick to the man as too the suggestion too that the woman told to the hospital not permitted asks the woman to ask too the self why the man was not the driving the self there? Live you are the in error about too the woman not compassionate but too the limitation to the fucking hard a woman was too the denying to the woman that he too told to the many the woman was not the responsible to the thought the borrowing too the bread from the father was the humiliating to the woman that wanted too the other side to remember too the Micah was ready to finger too the woman typing for the HIV+ that too was his designation but that means to the woman too the love-making means nothing but too the way to give to the meat eating too the way to suggest to the big kids of the medical schools the making the medicine too the vaccines will ensure too the perishing to the other side too the Nick and Stacy too meaning the entire world will hear the better off without that type of the veterinary science meaning too the Sunny Bunny was murdered 2 years too early meaning the wrong idea the kid would perish that night was the murder in the cold blood to the brother too telling to the putting down too the animals made to the fucked inherently through too the so-called clinical trials means too the so-called guinea pigs too want to leave too the Earth permanently meaning too the way to the Nick and too the Stacy lying to the woman not the right to them for the "not working" tells them to take to the Geoff that too the Liza will hear the better without the rich kids alive will be the enjoyment of the space that means too the way to comment that too the Richard lied to them that too the nutrition was the reason too the woman took to the fish then when too the way to nominate too the tuna fish the better without too the fish there tells to the making too the nachos the wrong to the wrong medicine tells to the Richard I am the liar of the century Foulk that giving to the woman too honest to enter to the man's world the reason was exclusively the well being of the dog that was too the under nourished when the man took to the worst quality meat means too the woman learned a lot about too the friend never really called Erica Wyse of too the man called I lived in the Wise Virginia and looked like the Frank Wyse weans too the woman from the thought the vasectomy was not reversed but too the man that took to the making the very important to the max vasectomy the not performed to the right level meaning the Richard was infecting too the pregnancies when the man insisted the vasectomy there when too the reversal performed to the positive for the sperm making too the diagram too the man told to the many that too the being the not reversed to the Rob of the Wise Virginia was the reason too the man lied to the wife to be to ask too to the thought the woman wanted nothing but too the changing to the other type of the living but too the man wanted too the bread to the thought the brother then was willing to assist too the mother to the thought the Connie will hear that too the Richard Foulk will Dick to the other side when too the human being will be made the gone meaning too the Marci will perish tells to the time is the now to connect to the daughter that was not the actually raped by the women that means too the Jeff Robbins that sells too the drugs tells to the woman that too the making too the Ingrid too the Jaco's wife too the man was on drugs thinks too the woman the word too the liquid meaning the woman that was too the liquid dragon woman piercing the ears of the woman raped meaning the bankrupted by the CARS of the reproductive medicine of the Asheville skyline was too the tested not the carrier of the HIV but too the man insists the being too the man that has too the having to end too the career will leave to the drums fairy the right to rebut the man will end too the living in the body because the man lied to the woman about the sperm working then and that was too the right to recover too the unborn babies told to the sacrificers by too the Woody will insist too the RL too the made the night too the man was too the cared for by the wife that will never return to the world with the so-called living because the light at the end of the shadow boxing is the WE telling to the many the giving to the need to the factory farmed smelled of the shit tells to the Mission Hospital that too the bankrupting too the woman again will mean too the meeting them at the court where too the administering to the woman too the Ciprofloxacin to the thought too the Fluoroquinolones will be with the thought the woman tells to the making too the meat of the worst quality too the standard fare means the woman typing wants nothing but the better world starting with the slaughter of the many animals that will be that anyway to the thought the mass slaughter of the European Minks will be with the thought the minks but too the administering too the highest necessary dose of the administration too the John of the "Why I don't Date" was too the hospital administrator watching too the rape to the thought the better without too the right to rebut but too the woman was unaware too the man was married but that means nothing but too the living aware the man was prepared to whore the woman but too the listening too the encumbrance tells to the leaving abruptly the man inherits too the right to reapprove to the man the woman will never want too the date but too the will power of the father of the Richard tells to the Connie was the fucked by the Wideman too telling to the brother that was the willing to house not the woman entitled to their designation too the atheist tells to the family the kids of the brother Dave Foulk were installed in the body of the Cathy Foulk by the brother told to be too the infertile to the woman wrecked by the misgivings of the Dr. of the Atlanta Piedmont hospital exteriorly killed to the prospect of the offspring for too the Lee family meaning the Will Brannen will be put down too by the CDC telling to the house there too the making the installment tells to the being too the dog there the bye bye tells to the making too the meat too the worst possible to the pets tells to the shit head in the Swannanoa Hills that the shit foot the man sold was shit too the diagnoses totally were that too to the thought the man inherited too the meter told never to be replaced to the other patient but the held by them to the thought the never used again tells to the charity of the hearted woman typing the insistence too the helping to tell to the Stacy I am too the friend was not the well received to the spotted awareness the Lakota Sioux will tell to the Medicine English too the Eagle the giving to the making the motley crude there tells to the need too to the Deepak Chopra hearing too the WE thinks the man the better white man than too the Ayurvedic medicine practitioner means too the Frawley the woman was well received by the man that read too the answers but too the working in the world where color photos and superficial sound bytes tells to the needing too the helping hand would be too the Rishis told to the Return of The Rishis too the woman read the book to the point too the offered too the helping hand to a man too slated to the gone gone gone to the being too the never reading the book nor the giving the book to the other tells to the waste too the removing too the scum of the medical diagnosis the man the neurotic not the infected ever.

Update 23 October, 2019: And by the way the children that became the bodies to justify the Sandy Hook hoax were actually children stolen from theme parks while their parents were not supervising them. They were killed in the back of a bus to provide the hoax the bodies needed. But you will call me the worst person who ever lived for telling you what the children killed that day told me themselves from their Spirit homes because that is who you are, the people who hate me for being the sensitive and aware person I am. Kids are stolen from these theme parks everyday but you are too busy telling me I am insensitive for seeing it to realize that is the fucking truth.

I think those who have no compassion for the animals that are held prisoner and then slaughtered so you can have inexpensive meat suck the big one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so tired of hearing about the cooking of meat.


I want the fuck off this hell hole so bad I can hardly stand to be here. That is why I get drunk everyday.

YOU don't care who you hurt. YOU don't care about the animals that suffer their whole lives so you can buy cheap meat at the grocery store.

I hate this world because YOU are so insensitive and cruel but you tell me I am the problem.

The day I get to die and leave you forever will be the greatest day of my life.

Don't worry about being self-righteous and telling me what an asshole I am, I have already detached from you.

How dare you! And how do YOU sleep at night?

The day I am liberated from this cold hearted cruel hell hole will be the greatest day of my life, but then again someone has to care for the animals, so I will return again and again to be their much needed spokesperson because an evolved humanity will NOT keep animals in this manner and will NOT eat meat!