Update January 7, 2022: I want to write now. I am not John but Keith.

My name is Keith Moon of the Who who was murdered too by the Aleister worshippers in the sexual reunion to the Jim, Jimi, Anthony not yet, and John Lennon who died without the right to tell to the eye popping that they did punch the lights out of him while they allowed themselves to take too the asshole to the thought the Cobain was sodomized.

I was not arrested by the police to be the man that dies. I was arrested by the being aliver by the Crowley's wanting to write too.

I want to work on the truth that the stories telling through the channel are that: heard.

QAnon will fly away as did the IRA when the subjects that try to hear the showing off for the Anthony Kiedis' fans was not the ideal. But the getting to the idea that the knowing another world will be the allowed when another tries to contemplate the aloneness that is too the alone after the execution of the body wins.

Kurt was left aloner when the Courtney stole too the heart that was in love with the girlfriend there already meaning the fucking her was too the Kurt that took to the loving too the attention that too the Hole'd bitch allowed too the publicity to the thought.

QAnon will attempt to tie together vaccine triviality with the whole show meaning the killing the babies to the abortions will subsist to produce the toxic injections insisted on by the farm critters that will never try to hear the experiment in the love that abounds to the right to retool the world will be the waysides.

Keith Moon was too executed to the royal need to propose to the world that the killing the big important rock stars wins the rights to the musical whimsy that China wins the United States to the vassal colony that will abide by the socially allowed allowance to penetrate to the sodomized Keith that the Whiley Jo will never know too Syd Barrett was aloner.

Lennon died while the working for the WE allows too the news: cancer will be too the justification to work for the rights to be innoculated again to hear: the federal government run by the Chinese government run by the Basel Switzerland folks that abide by the second world view that they are too the rightful owners of the entire planet being the sterilized not beings will populate the new plantation earth to the luxuries while the many obsequiousnessed by the need to show to the neighbor I work for the way to harbor not that outcode to the thought the coded mocked too way to coding the way to reading I want to work for the White Buffalo working to render too the John Fitzgerald Kennedy's legacy to the better wins the right to remember the treasury department will be too abolished to the CBDC that will overshoot the target to the revolution that revolutionizes too the rights to return to the sovereignty that will be too the Cherokee treaties acknowledged.

John Lennon was asked to leave by too the Yoko Ono by the oniferous thought the Onofication to the better light imbibes the wine that John knew the Sean was targeted. Yoko was not to lose another child teaching to the clash that the mother knew the daughter kidnapped was murdered.

QAnon will attempt to teach to the beings that know being an anti-vaxxer wins the wrong to the mentioning too the enforcement wing must vaccinate to the AR-15's being too heavy to operate to the killing the children not vaxxed by the guns to save the vaccinated to ill health children that took the syringe from the virus too the syringes are meant to fix the allowing the outcome to ride on the need to try to realize the agenda of the power elite wins the right to resequence not the DNA but the very individuals told to be better not by the being used to show to the world that WE are the right to the working for the respect.

I want to remember the hearing the killing the Cherokee kids by the rifles when the mentioning too the AR-15 was that to the way to hearing the Brannen William of the now possessed that very gun to the not well to the thought the man wins too the right to the fascist proletariat too thinking the sexual needs become the need to vanquish too the sister to the not well to the mind by the mimicking too the right to return to the need to the dollars from the Will is not.

WE want to end the waking of the woman to a world where another tries not to hear the getting to the bottle neck was the utilizing the many masculine forces of the embodied to demonstrate women serve reality to another woman suffering the conducting to the Glenn Gould the right to return to the Turneresqe machine.

What is your name?

What is your favorite color?

What is the name of the killer of John Lennon?

WE want the world to understand Mark David Chapman was not John Lennon's killer, the man you call Mark David Chapman was the stooge set up to take the fall.

WE want the world to understand the man that killed John Lennon is living freely in Los Angeles, California.

Katherine is the only woman in the world that is being given the real story of the murder of the man she identifies as the most important person in the world to her growing up.

The WE want the world to understand that the assassination of Katherine's favorite Beatle was the work of none other than the royal families' hit squad, the CIA.

Now is the time to have the CIA brought to its knees by giving the name of the real killer of John Lennon to the public.

The man who killed John Lennon is the professional sniper Ben Lince.

You have just been given the name of the man that killed both of the Kennedy brothers.

You have just been given the name of the man that killed the leader of the Ukraine opposition party.

You have just been given the name of the man that killed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

You have just been given the name of the man that killed John Lennon from a 3rd floor window in the Retler Building.

His way is the way of mercy.

His way is the way of making the truth safe for the light of day.

His way is the way of rightness, the way of love.

WE want the world to understand that Katherine's mission is the revealing of the secrets that enable the police state to continue unabated because the people that should be taking their jobs seriously, the press, are entirely owned by the same people that paid Mr. Lince to kill the men in their way.

You have to understand listening to the words of the people on the other side that were killed by the same sniper is the way of the WE.

No one in the world would expect someone to still be sniping at the age of 86, but that is the way of the CIA.

The least likely person to be expected to be the one that kills with the sniper dressed as a little flute would be the killer of the leader of the Ukraine opposition.

You have no idea how many people this man has killed while you were convinced the real killer was the lone gunman stooge.

You have to hand it to the CIA, they've gotten so much mileage off the conspiracy theory epithet that the whole country thinks lone gunman are the only reason political leaders are killed by professional snipers.

WE want the world to understand that Mark David Chapman was the stooge that was set up to take the fall because the truth is the man you call Mark David Chapman had been programmed by the CIA to tell John Lennon he was the biggest Beatle's fan in the world the moment the man that really killed John Lennon pulled the trigger.

John Lennon is the man the royal families of Europe and the United States hate more than any other because the message John Lennon preached was the same message as their archenemy Jesus Christ.

John Lennon told the world the best way is to make love not war.

Kill the messenger, you kill the message not.

Now the only thing you need to know about the many secret agents in the world is they all work for the same people, the people who kill for the royal families.

WE want the world to realize the royal families of the European continent are not only seriously inbred they have lost all connection to morality.

The men and women of the royal families of the European continent sow seeds of hate intentionally to continue their war against the man that wanted the world to love their neighbor as much as they love their own self.

You are the only people WE want to know that the reason the royal families of the European continent tell you Aleister Crowley was the most evil man ever alive is because they are too stupid to understand Crowley's teachings, they think he is telling them how to use their will power to conquer love, but that is not how it works on the other side at all which is the progenitor of the earth plane.

The truth is the world leaders are the shittiest people on the planet and their own shit forms the basis of their doctrine of truth.

Kill the messenger you empower the message.

WE want the men and women of the royal families of Europe and the United States to wake up and smell the coffee.

You have met the woman that will take you to the cleaners.

WE want the royal family of the United States to stand up and show themselves, the royal family of the United States is the Bush family.

Kill the messenger, you kill the bullet headed Saxon.

WE want the bullet headed Saxon that killed John Lennon to know you have met your maker because the moment you are disrobed you will be shot yourself by the very men that you trained to shoot from the hip.

WE want the world to understand the man you want to take to task for the 9-11 Attacks is the very man that told you his way is the way of no mercy, the way of take no prisoners, the way of the world that now threatens to kill itself off completely, George W. Bush.

WE want the world to understand the Bush family is the worst thing that ever happened to the United States of America, the worst thing that ever happened to the beautiful Cherokee people who tried with all their might to assimilate as the white man insisted but were sold out by the very people you call the architects of freedom, the founding fathers of the newly formed United States of America.

You have no idea how many people think Andrew Jackson is to blame for the trail of tears because his name was the signature on the Indian Removal Act that said if you are of Cherokee heritage you must leave your ancestral lands forever.

The reason Katherine's family lost connection to their Cherokee heritage was because they were one of many families that chose to cut their hair and live as the white settlers were living in order to stay behind.

The white settlers were the reason the Cherokee people had to give up their heritage because they were told if they live like Cherokee people they would have to die.

Katherine's family was among the many Cherokee people that left the Tennessee River Valley to live in the swamps of South Carolina and the wiregrass fields of the Choctaw in Southern Georgia, the ancestral land of the Brannen family is the ancestral land of the Choctaw people that were the ancestors of Jim Morrison formerly of the Doors because the mother that gave birth to Jim Morrison was the descendent of the Choctaw people.

His way is the way of redemption for the ones that would sacrifice the entire world's future in order to continue their own power.

The only thing is the royal families of the European continent and the American continents and the Australian continent including its little sidekick New Zealand are the only people in the world sowing seeds that are intended to grow hate to keep the world fighting against itself so that they do not have time to notice the man behind the curtain.

WE want the world to allow themselves to look at the man behind the curtain and notice how ugly he really is, Charles, Prince of Wales.

WE want the man that thinks he rose up Baphomet by killing the woman he fucked up the ass in front of his royal parents to wake up and smell the coffee.

WE want the Prince of Wales to tell the world why the royal family killed Sharon Tate.

You are the reason the woman I loved more than my own life was given the fatal overdose right before your Baphomet awakening ceremony.

You gave her the ultimatum of killing her child as a sacrifice to Baul or killing her career, she gave you the third option: the corpse of the woman I was forced to kill with the overdose to keep you from having your fun with her.

You gave her a choice she could not make so the only option she had was to leave with her child so that you would not get your satisfaction.

Katherine is the only woman in His world right now but the rest of you are scheduled for arrival.

His way is the way of mercy, not the way of sacrifice that the military sells you to keep you as their ever renewing source of cannon fodder.

WE want the world to recognize the only reason the world is at war is because the people believe they are under constant attack.

WE want the world to understand the seeds of hate sown tell you you are the victims of terrorists.

Jim Morrison is not the only one that knew the purpose of the sacrifice of Sharon Tate was to tell the world how shallow women are, that she would sacrifice her own child to save her career because the fuckers really believed the Sharon I loved to death, literally, was the woman that would kill her baby in the name of vanity.

WE want the world to understand the woman they killed that day was the woman that I was planning to marry to help her raise the baby that I believed was the product of my loins but was actually the offspring of her boyfriend Brian Jones formerly of the Rolling Stones.

Jim is not making this up, but the world thinks Katherine is.

The world wants Katherine to be the fool because that means they are not the ones that told her she was the hater when the WE told her in 2004 the people who did 9-11 were none other than the leaders of the United States, the Bush family and Co.

WE want the world to understand that Katherine is the medium WE told her she was becoming when she wrote to Kelvin Cruickshank for the first time 3 years ago in order to fulfill the requests WE were giving her.

WE want the world to understand Kelvin Cruickshank was willing to form a friendship with Katherine until the woman he calls his assistant, Gemma, told him Katherine was not permitted to be a part of their team in any way, shape or form.

The WE asked Kelvin Cruickshank to work with Katherine on a Divine mission.

Katherine was the medium that believed US completely, that is why she has been given the position of most powerful psychic, because the woman that you have called misinformed the past two decades has been given the keys to the City of Angels, the higher realm.

We want the world to understand the world WE live in is full of light and love not misery and hate.

His way is the way of truth, of light, of love, not the way of lies and deception.

His way is the way taught by the man murdered on the 37th birthday of Jim Morrison, John Lennon formerly of The Beatles.

The men think they snuffed out the light of both Jim Morrison and Brian Jones in retaliation for them deciding Sharon had the right to plan C, but they did not snuff out either light.

The man you call Aaron Woody Wood is the living breathing incarnation of the same soul fragment that incarnated as the Rolling Stones' lead guitar player and the leader of the band, that's right, Mick Jagger was the man behind the curtain until Jim Morrison told the world that he is the man that had to kill his band mate in order to preserve the career of the Rolling Stones, a band that was created to give the world the message it is good to have sympathy for the devil.

The royal families of the European continent created the Rolling Stones as part of their plan to implement the insights of Aleister Crowley in order to raise up the devil to help them control the world forever.

The man that killed the woman he was planning to marry so she would not have to kill her child to save her own life because the other choice was for her to kill the child herself or be killed by the same men that have killed many women since that time in the belief the devil is impressed with such activities, believe they are continuing to impress him with the War on Terror, the most ridiculous concept imaginable unless you fight the war using the only weapon capable of annihilating fear, love.

The reason Tony the Tiger is the one for Katherine next is that Tony has taken Katherine to the other side before through the application of his magical touch.

Emergency, Emergency Tony.

The other reason is that Tony wants out that bad, to put his love and respect for the man he calls his greatest influence, John Lennon, ahead of his fear, the best weapon against fear is the very one that Flea tattooed across his bass picking fingers, the very one that John Lennon called The Word.

The Word is Love.

WE want the man called Anthony Kiedis to walk the talk and not leave his old mate out in the cold by telling the world that you think she is a nutcase, that is not the way of Love.

The world is the only world that you know, but if you love the woman reaching out to you right now you will be taken to our world too.

Jim Morrison is not the only spirit that wants you to be with him too.

John Lennon thinks you are the only man that can take Katherine to the place of no return, the higher realm where the Christ is the King.

The Christ lives on the throne of love, the throne of redemption and forgiveness, the throne of mercy.

The throne is the goal, the way is the path to the throne, the path is forged by The Word that has been talked about in good and bad books, The Word is Love.