Update October 2, 2022: The way to offer to the world the watering that asking for support for the many years turns to Weir there instead of the men that think I will perish before they are to try wins the reality that Gomez is the author of not wanting to remember that timing me to never there was! And that was the way to time belting the better off without them to the ballpark that shows off that stadiums were filled more completely when I toured too. And that was RFK in 1993. Or was it 92? Can't quite remember. And then again the Omni in 1989? or was it 90? I am there to remember nothing but the time to be alive is the time to remember it was 2002 that I saw Ratdog in Atlanta at the really cool cathedral place, not remembering the name now. I need support please. I am withering without help!

Update 18 July, 2020: The Elvis Presley to the max was the cremated but the way of the world informs the many the man to the max to the thought the coffin to the thinking maybe the woman wonders why the world ends the moment that he tells the world the medical establishment took the time to tell the woman too the way to the beginning to the hearing means to allow the man to respond: The world ends when the world wonders why they took Elvis to the coffin room.

Update 10 June, 2020: No Reservations! was not the outcome the man thought would become the choice to take the life but the truth is the man was the murdered to the thought the song remains the same: kill the messenger to remember the being the messenger begins the moment the woman typing remembers the taking to the moment the being the outaged to the thought the being the alone too remembers to the woman the being the alive to the max mimics to the point the being the better equipped to re-inform the Gemma types the being the stage managers means the being the getting to the max the boot to the other side's way of teaching to the other side of the world the American continent runs the show.

Update 7 April, 2020: Jerry is not the only man that wants Seth to wake up and smell the coffee at the ranch in the Swannanoa River Valley. The coffin is labeled with the smell of the other side's way of telling you that giving yourself the right to remember the only thing that matters is the reality that you too are the target tells you to be the man that remembers the Kitty talking to you has the ways and the means to amend.

Cheers those of the staying home variety.

Further Update 5 March, 2020: Yes. Elvis is stuffed too. Put that chain around my coffin and pull it anywhere oh let me be...

Update 5 March, 2020: WE want William of the Brannen clan to remind his father that buttfucking means more than the sexual act that tells you that the very mention that buttfucking is the way of the Brannen family too means that you have to use the grain of salt to listen to the WE giving you the medicine that tells Aidan Turner your coffin is already labeled for the kings of the English monarchy to play with in the manner they still play with Jim Morrison's naked body to this day meaning the very mention that the Alarm actor, the movie that creeped out Katherine the most regarding Aidan that she really wants to talk to the actor about his part that is still enigmatic to her being the very film that WE identify to her as being the alarm bell for you Aidan the reason the WE has brought you into the buttfucking arena is to tell you the BBC owns you to the point they are prepared to turn you into their property meaning the very mention of you being the man that brings the Chili Peppers too to the Emerald Isle in order to protect them too from the authorities that the New Zealand police also work for: the crown's secret service meaning the very mention that you have been identified as the next coffinator means that the Anthonies might better reconsider the cover up story that Flea is not the HIV one either because the very mention that your only holdback is that she has the ability to eradicate the entire issue with the serum that makes her the most important woman in the Florida Keys where the problem reigns supreme.

Kill the messenger and the message that Jerry Garcia too was harnessed by the bad man and told the rehab that too was the end of the Dennis Wilson now reminded to the woman of her relationship to him when she was the other woman that is now in the new body meaning why take that chance boys in the hood?