Update 21 October, 2020: I want the woman to hear that her world view that too the Irish ancestry.com team think that giving to the "white" girl the right to redefine the self the colored individual because the WE of the ancestors themselves tell the woman the many African ancestors are the real deal when too the skin flushed out to the pasty white during the winter months the man the Jim Willie the Irish immigrant's kid is the whitest of the white in the color of the flesh but the most refreshing to the woman that knows he has the heart to hear too that the world wants the Henry Louis Gates Jr. to be the friend too to the thought you think the giving to the DNA the racial biases of the whitest of the white men in the black man's brothered suit tells to the woman the man too the Native American to the max but too the ancestry.com considers the American Indian the whitest of the white now that too the British invasion of the white settlers tells to teh Dances with the Wolves star that he wants too the consultation to the giving to the heads up the television audience too wants the real story instead of the commando version that too the Comanche will notify the man that the woman typing knows the Catherine Austin Fitts the simpatico but too the woman writes not to her because the writing to the assistants that spell the moron must be the spammed now spells to the giving to the not alive the right to understand the white world sells the black world the flag that you are the abused minority but the woman that refreshes to the American History professional that he has too the Tuscarora as the ancestors tells to the man he too is the Lee descendent in the hills of the Western Virginia and too the Kentucky regions but that means the white oppression takes the woman typing to the now the hurting the African American community means too the way to the giving to the sister that runs the website email the right to the repositioning too the race riots as the black vs white now that is the case the white is the color of the generation that was the refusing to live as if too the Western motif that the Comanche is the used and abused too tells to the now I am the Comanche typing to tell to the Fitts too the Cherokee tell to the Memphis river that the Chattahoochee and the Mississippi will be the renewed by the ormus making that means too the water systems want the solution.

When the WE wants the world to contemplate WE are the way the truth and the life meaning the ancestors want the world to hear that you are our puppets it tells to the woman enraged to the nines that the needing the rage to abate is the reason the kept out of the world of the working for the many years because the need to the giving away the self in the agreement the stubborn children of the making the status quo the driver to the inequity that spells now the American Indian forced to lose everything during the renewal to the better world for the women and children too of the Asian lands spells too the QAnon was the appropriate to the telling to the children of the children that tell yourselves the whitest way to the whitest world is the whitening the self into the black power structure obeying the command to kill too the WE as if too the ancestors the too whited to be the white woman that tells to the Irish too the way to the giving to the self the many Scandinavian ancestors too tells to the making the world the brighter when too the Sweden tells to the Julian Assange that he is the making the wrong decision to want to be the taken to the home where too the women work for the world in which the making the man the responsible for the need to the whore offers when too the women were the offered the chump change to be there that afternoon tells to the making the offer to the offensive that means the lying is the sightly thing to the women of the whitest of the whitest to the thought too the Henry Louis Gates Jr. wants the woman to know the tidy solution to any problem is the race question meaning the right to the racial inequality telling to the white woman typing the world wins nothing by telling to her the impossibility that her world was ever that of the woman that wins the race to the eye popping question you are the convinced only the quack works at the ancestry.com when too the woman typing wants the right to revisit too the local group wondering why the Gates too the uninterested when too the man was never once informed the woman asked the while ago for the audience but too the famous of the big coming to the terms with the thought you have to work hard in this day and age to remove the stigma that too the whitest buffalo was born when too the Sharon Tate was told to be the given to the bad baby to the slaughter now that her world will be the never alive again until too the White Buffalo wins the audience meaning too the author wants the woman to hear to the White Buffalo Woman wants the body to be there to the thought the killing the spirit of the woman typing by repeatedly refusing her voice to the production too of the erroneous conclusion the Keith Hamilton Cobb the not the more American Indian than African spells to the removing too the black man's right to the thinking too the American Indian has the heritage tied berry closely to the women of the welcome to the white world that slayed the men and told the younger women to fuck the slaves to the tune too the children all the bastards to the thought the women all the whores to the thought the men the working as if too the better than the prison yard back in the Africa as if they are the oppressed but the women that is too the spawn of that horror is the flushed to the white color in the complexion because the many Irish ancestors too blended into the generation wins the right to the removing too the right to the African, Indian and Irish heritage to the British involvement of the involving too the using too the coming to your in error 100% conclusion the difference between the Irish and the American is the British DNA is the way to telling to the many American Indians perishing too in the ethereal way that they are the unqualified to be there but the men sold to the alliance of the African lords and the European noblessely obliged that you must be that if the American Indian ancestors were told to be there in the first place places the blame on the many that insist the education of the men and women by the indoctrination of the past that the entire world will reframe the entire Typhoid Mary schematic too when too the woman hears the ancestry.com of the Irish world too the unaffected by the stories that too the generation will not be the breeding there either seeing as the continent has the obligation to remove the scum and then refresh the water to the healthy stage again making the stage of the life the joker's paradise meaning the giving away the right to the psychic genealogy the man hears too the Mr. Connick Jr. will not be told to be the advised the man is both the American Indian of the North and South Americas and the African of the Western variety but too the staged in the mud root cellar of the ways of the Hilton of the High and Mighty Harvard is the home of the white shoe boys to the thought too the sistered assistant thinks the woman posing as the sister wants too the right to the reducing too the renouncing the ancestors to the stereotypes of the hour spelling the Hollywood masters that eat the shit of the world that sells too the babies to the selective service wins too the right to the refreshing to the sister that loves the being the black woman that being too the MLK supporter means asking the self if the selecting the self as the African at the expense of the other children too the Africanized but in the blonder companionship means the right to the going alone into the modern world is the right to the feathering too the women that think you are right Katherine they become the very women that reverse the racial inequality by telling to themselves the right to the white kids too having the colored hoop of the sacred designation spells the many women forced to the ownership of the clowns that killed their husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles and too the older not fuckable still sisters are the very ones that bought too the land that spells too the Harvard University was the welcoming to the news the stolen by the very mechanism described by the giving to the men and the older than babies boys the right to the bullets to the body while the women were forced to the servitude including the raping regularly and to the whoremanship of the others telling them to take too the buttfuck meaning the babies are the Africanized exclusively but the white owners get the fucking pleasure of the choice young girls of the 12-13 year olds means too the woman writes to the Anthony Kiedis wanting too the being in the life with the woman that was the right age to the thought the 1970s was the time when the woman typing was the girl that was the interesting to the man in the he is the normal age to the wanting to the giving to the children the right to the sexuality during the youth to the tune the raping the girls in the clubcar spells too the raping them with the message the coca cola is the raping the entire world with the bastardized corn syrup that spells too the androgenous thing the reason too the obesity to the thought the thinking too the white woman working as if too the pretty enough to think the pictures on the Kitty Licks are more than a mockery understands the many rock stars are the privileged to the most beautiful women the many modeling centers roll onto the pages of the advertisements selling too the products to reduce too the potency of the women to the tune too the Maybelline but too that means the conspiracy that only the blind dumb and deaf tell to themselves don't happen.

What spells to the world the right thing is the conditioning of the status quo considered the right by the repeating the same redundant messages again and again and again in the popular media including the TV shows and movies that tell to the historical world they were the animal and human sacrificers but the truth is the ego is that to the thought the eating the children of the slaughtered alive meats is the way to the giving to the Planned Parenthood the right to the slaughtering the babies to the term of the pregnancy is the finished to the thought the murdering the children that want to the giving to the gestation the time to think in the self too the why would I ever want to incarnate into the thinking that the lies of the establishment supersede the even talking to the woman typing about the many historical corrections to revolutionize too the race is the worst definition of the reality to tell to the world the human character masks too the masking meaning the outward expression of the inner reality imposed now by the authority telling to the new normal is the now WE are the making ourselves sick by the breathing out loud tells the Facebook facade is that the facade that tells to the world too the way out of the masking is the truth to the thought the revealing to the self the right to the understanding the human being is the pursuit of the happiness as if too the prana the life force too the life that er's the woman to the reducing too the self to the nothing but the vayus expressing the need to the voiced individuals of the Udana Vayu that spells to the many trained in the yogic sciences that is the stuck in the middle thing too meaning the necessary arrangement to be alive wins the now I must supersede too the smoking the pot with the cashless need to the cleansing the world of the riffraff by the telling the tips that the way to the knowing nothing matters to the thought the being the accoladed by the crown means the promotion to the top spot in the African American Studies project of the big white shoe boys telling to the making too the Black Lives Matter the acronym of the hated to the max the Bureau of Land Management means the superficial wins the right to the retaining the title to the whitest of the whitest ways to the making too the money the right to the way to the disguising too the way to the reducing too the Fedicaided meaning too the welfare will be the pulled to the point the wellness of the many depends on the stipend to reduce too the Guillain-Barré syndrome and the Muscular Dystrophy the rename of the Polio not caused by the virus but by the parasitic manner of the pledging allegiance to the big monsters of the writing for the monstrous reality the white shoe boys poison too the Henry Louis Gates Jr.'s assistant with the good looking way to the good looking world that spells the good looking manner of the restauranteers too telling to the food made available by the slaughter while too the alive the babies of the animals spells to the restaurants the way to the going to the better suppliers wins the way to the giving to the many small farmers the right to the chemtrailing removing the toxicity of the soil to the many hours too the Spanish inquisition turned to the torture tortures too the land that means too the Aztecs want the righting that they were the ruthless when the Spanish and Portuguese to the thought the Italians too tell to the world I am too the British the Dutch and the Belgian that spell I kill with the impunity of the Catholic Church telling too the Crusades the playing out in the drama renewing as the cycles of the wheel teach too the astrology the sidereal and the renewing the need to flush to the currency that the woman is the writing too to inform the many children the spacing in the self awareness category the way to the giving to the world the status quo as the judge is the way to the maximizing the self immolation that means I made the world the worse to the thought the being the alone in the world without too the voice is the way you think the voice that spells I am the heard means too the mother tells to the daughter I am the unaware that you have the talent at all seeing as I am the judged by the very materialistic manner of the Royal clan that the being the Christian means the giving to the self the identity because the many years of telling to the church I am here.

WE are the authors of the woman typing wanting to tell to the United States good bye to the thought I want to leave the world that defines me the wrong to the thought too the identifying too the Paramahansa Yogananda the better equipped to identify to me at least the passages of the New Testament Gospels and meaning the raising the vibration within the beings alive to the thought the knowing only the being alone means the life of the separation from the fun times with the telling to the self too the nicest of all the cousins is too the Trisha but too the woman has the duty to the flying to the paperback rider that means the rite thing is the write thing meaning the man the engaged the ghost writer to tell to the woman that her world is the not there tells to the woman of the superficial thinking he is the man that was the provocateur of the giving to the woman the right to the finally leaving the need to a man in the life meaning the need to the man turns to the Christ in the center instead meaning too the wanting the comfort persists to the thought the giving to the older gentleman too the right to the recognizing they have the dignity too but too the all encumbering duty to be the fathers to the children told to be told to the young gorgeous of the physical shell variety to be the perfect reduction to the woman typing to the thought the woman felt the loving the kids was the right variety until too the infant expert told her to take to the bank the opposite instilled into her with the help too of the generous proportions of the giving to the self the out of that world this go around again to the thought the last time acknowledged now by the self to the thought the giving to the world the right to the life even though the mother too acknowledges nothing but the staying away from the others as the young at the world at the world that the woman was too the never again the woman alive meaning the dead inside spells the right to the other dead ones speaking as if they are the alive again but too the friend that spells to her that her words think them too the valuable instead of the giving to her the not right the minute too the living alive means the giving away too the body to the men without the men recognizing the need to the being in the space that the woman occupies at least by the attending to the words of the sentences uttered as if they are the valuable instead of the ramblings of the mysteriousness of the not alive now because the giving to the self the Kelvin Cruickshank that wanted the relationship the right to the giving to the self the effort to the thought the effort replaced the thoughtful woman typing with the horrid bitch hurting too the ex-husband now on the fence about the WE being the man identified as too the murderous type meaning the rage is there but the key to unlocking it is the relationship with the other man that means the Kelvin's Energy was there then too but the woman took to the dead man's love more than to the man of the hour to the thought the Richard Foulk Jr. was replaced by the making too the woman the more important to the Spiritual entity than to the man using her too to justify why the need to the extra-marital affairs was there meaning the need to the mothering of the very maternal being to the thought too the wife that was there but too the being the encumbering the wrong way to the being the in the world that spells I have the right to the life but her world says I am the woman working for the White Buffalo now even though that was not there consciously but too the Mr. Atkins of the week of the 9-11-01 was the giver to the gift that is the most important gift of the lifetime that her world was changed permanently when he told her to recognize the White Buffalo Woman herself in the room with him that afternoon meaning the man without hesitation offered to her the right gift: Black Elk's Account of the Seven Rites meaning the Sacred Pipe spelling to the woman why too the woman wants the Lakota Sioux to be the man spelling to the reason the woman feels he is the working to tell to the Anthony Kiedis too the man has the plan to be the perfected human working with too the public domain that is his forte to the tune the man is the wanted by the Russell Means and the White Buffalo Woman and the Irish WE too to the thought the man too the Bono Vox's cousin the 17 times over meaning too the 10000000000 times the cousin to the American Indian that is his very important ally in the game of the Hollywood masterful world of the illusion that means Jim Morrison wants the woman to hear that the being dead is the reason the mother has not the first clue that you are too the alive because the need to the motherly love is now the other side working to tell to the Wyse family the wanting the children to be there is the wanting to the giving to the powerful feeling too the making the enemy is the reason the woman felt the going away the better than the giving to the self too the right to the realizing too the Mark wanted the children to be there in the house as if they are the working for the WE meaning you wanted the woman to hear the not ok now to be the drunk and the pot head but too the drinking the brew means too the cleansing the karmic alarmed world that means the woman is the identified by the Asheville skyline as the mentally deranged by too the Kelvin Cruickshank too telling to the world the woman thought I loved her through the identifying him with the very being that loves the entire world regardless of the creed that is too the Jesus Christ asking the many to identify themselves with him to the thought the loving too the woman means the loving her as it is the appropriate to tell to the drunks of the reformed variety the need to the necessary judgment of the others that follows is the need to the identifying why the drink was sought by you by the way and by the way too why the world that is the not in the blues wants the drink to the enjoyment means too the spirits the spiritual but too the Western world the not.

Question the woman removes the entire post now to the thought the being the given to the knowing only the ancestry.com thinks nothing but too the wrong to the giving to the being the covid denier the right to the audience wins too the right to the removing nothing but too the opposite the possibility but the stubborn nature of the Cruickshank to prove to the self too the woman the wrong all the way to the thought the man will attempt too the nuptials with too the Katherine of the another being but too the way to the giving to the graces that too the woman will be the Whited by the thought the funny thing wins the right to the recovery too of the cash to the tune too the Rubles to the thought...Dmitry Orlov is the author of the woman recognizing the karma of the Ukraine world wins too the right to the American demise meaning too the Biden the architect of the need to maiden revolution too the USA but too the man is the sellout to the democratic manner of the making too the women too the used means too the mother of the woman typing thinks too the Pelosi the better simply because the dick not there but too the sellout is that the sellout ahum Dmitry er the self to the thought too the woman wants the man Party Smurfed but too the man hears only that too the man was the author of the engineering the woman to the thought the bic lighter the stored in the propundent want to tell to the spell check the later will be engaged to the thought the being the feeded to the rss wins nothing but the writing in the real time wins nothing but the ha ha ha the feeds stored are the arranging the right to the words remaining post bye bye to the woman typing meaning the left alone in the USA during the revolution spells the wiping the slate clean meaning the revolution of the values spells too the Cruickshank arranges to the tune too the mother included in the mixing the mix.

WE want Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. to grow up and realize the Psychic Genealogy our messenger Katherine Brannen is doing is not the work of a little girl playing games with her Spirit friends but the work of the WE, the ancestors, who want the world to live as the family WE see from the Spirit world.

The truth is, Dr. Gates, the American public is much more racially mixed than you lead yourself to believe based on the historical record, a record that was recorded by the white invaders.

WE want the doctor of philosophy to wake up and smell the coffee that the kitty that will take the children of the African continent back home is the same kitty that will break the apparatus of control that keeps historical genetics in the dark ages of the historical record.

The very kitty working to end the holocaust of Western civilization is the same kitty you called the stupidest woman in the world if she believes in the Spirit world that is the domain of the ancestors that you call the Great Civilization, because admit it Louis, the woman that sent you her Psychic Genealogy told you she no longer identifies as white because the ancestors that are communicating with her from the other side told her to say that.

The man who calls himself the greatest owner of the term genealogy told his assistant, who is the only one who actually looked at the Psychic Genealogy, that Katherine must be in need of mental health care because no white girl would have ancestors that were from the continent of the Greatest Civilizations.

Katherine is not the only one that is sick of all types of racism and preconceived judgments made without even looking yourself.

Welcome to your European ancestors being the ones guiding your stuck up way of being Dr. Gates.

WE want Dr. Gates to understand the woman called White Buffalo Woman wants you to be the man you want to be and tell the world that you love the concept of being a Neapolitan Domestic Long Hair instead of the derogatory term called "white", the term you propagate hate with by allowing your own prejudice to guide your actions.

Thanks for your time, your majesty, or is it cuz?

The Red, White and Black is the way of OUR World.