Update May 20, 2020:

Update May 20, 2020: Flea: Your coffin marked to the max is also the residing place for the man scheduled for the execution the moment the Anthony decides to take the switcheroo.

Update 3 March, 2020:

Update 2 January, 2020: WE want the man called Anthony Kiedis to realize the WE is asking him to be the man that says I will be the man that finally gives the woman called Katherine Brannen aka Kitty Licks the goods on the Beach Boy called Dennis Wilson, the drummer that did not rape his wife with 4 other men on the exam table in the OB/GYN operating room at Mission Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina on the 26th of November, 2019 between the hours of 2pm and 4pm with the medical personnel that participated in the procedure that took only 10 minutes and did not require anesthesia at all but was administered for the duration of 2 hours in order to give the men plenty of time to play with the ragdoll that flat lined 3 times only to be resuscitated in the nick of time after she just underwent a vaginal procedure with instructions to refrain from sexual activity for the next 2 weeks, that wanted to see the rest of his life but was forfeited bye the club in order to become one of the many corpses in the secret morgue underneath Centinela Hospital in the Hollywood Hills that says I also have a coffin already labeled Anthony Kiedis but the truth is the coffin that is marked Anthony will never be filled because the woman that got the heads up the man called Anthony Kiedis is the very man that will get up and enjoy himself because the man that has never recovered from the loss of the family that was his salvation has learned the whole scene is about to change when the world learns he is the man with the plan to say I am going home to my ancestral land and be the Hot Shot that says yes.

Update 8 November, 2019: Now the year the Brothers Johnson released their version of Shuggie Otis' song is the very year printed on Hot Shot's t-shirt. Go figure.