Update 6 December 2019: WE want you to know the man called Kurt Cobain is not the only one that was put to sleep by the club.

WE want you to allow the woman that is typing to tell you that Kurt Cobain was murdered by the woman that told the world she was the Lover.

WE want you to realize the Chili Peppers are the reason the WE is telling you to stop, drop and roll Anthony Kiedis because the WE is telling you that you are the one that will tell the world that you are going to give it the all that you give every Chili Pepper performance.

WE want Anthony Kiedis to be the man that gives the Kitty the time of her life.

WE want your only thing in heaven to be the Kitty that gives you the time of day, the Kitty that tells you that you have been chosen by the WE to be the man that gives the Kitty the boost to the other side.

WE want you to fess up and tell the world that Kurt Cobain was the friend that you thought WE had killed to give you the boost that you need to be the Kitty's best friend.

Fess up Anthony.

Lenny wears my outfit to sell his new song, for the club boys' amusement.

Anthony wears my outfit to sell his new Chili Pepper song, but Anthony's outfit, golden in color, flirts with disaster.