Update Feb. 2, 2022: Meow.

WE want the world to understand the woman that is trying with all her might to hear the stories WE are telling her with the clarity WE intend for her to hear them is wanting to be loved by the man that has her heart in his front pocket.

WE want Katherine to understand the WE is the reason the WE is not giving her the story straight until her heart is grounded enough to hear the story that is too emotional for her to handle without the support of her partner.

WE want her partner to understand the WE is not going away no matter how hard he imagines that to be the only option he will allow.

WE want the world to understand the Law of Attraction is the bullshit of the world, the real law is to be one with the Divine.

Jim wants Katherine to be the one that tells you Kelvin Cruickshank that you have not only been caught you have been given the Keys to the City of Baul just like she has because the man that guides your every move is the one that is with Katherine all the time, Jim Morrison.

When the WE is the guide that tells you that you have been given the Keys to the City of Angels that you have wanted your entire life that is when the WE will allow you to see the truth that you have been taken for the ride of the Kitty Cat that wants you to be her partner so that you together can tell the world the truth about the Manson murders that you were paid to look into but that you failed to determine anything different than the media that you have been giving the attention of your channel since you became the telly star that you think yourself to be.

WE want you to fess up and tell the world that you are taking the words of the Kitty and passing them off as your own so that you will be in the spotlight that you are taking away from the woman that is doing the work that you are stealing.

Jim is the author.