Update August 19, 2021: The man called Aaron Russo was the stallion that worked for the world as too the man allowed to hear the man incarnated to be the man that worked for the time now telling to the U2 that the interview is worth the time.

Update April 18, 2021:

Update March 25, 2021: The woman understands the writing will be with the better half forming the words meaning the Spirit direction wins the right to remember the ideal will be without the better halves meaning the Woods being the right to remember too the grain of salt wins the writing to them too. Live the working for the welcome to the news too the woman was writing to the tune for her own world not permitted to the friends that would ensure too the Mother too the allowed to the news you have been heard now all over the globe meaning the whole world is watching the Cruickshank too bow.

Update 9 October , 2020 :

WE are the authors the woman was too the told by the WE to remove too the entire club of the Atlanta former friends to the tune too the never understanding the artistic temperament insists the mentally deranged for the giving to the woman that mocked too the WE in the other side's view tells to the memory too that too the Newry there tells to the Irish Nationals that too the working as if too the Newry too the horror recovered when too the newly reunited Ireland relives the second amendment telling to the British crown the way to the knowing the welcome home wins the right to the rainbow consortium meaning the many of the races bleeding together to the thought too the way to the comprehending the giving to the suddenly all alone the right to the knowing the giving to that person the right to the choices spells too the spelling on the wall indicates too the Amelia has the choice to the asking for the woman to tell to the forgiveness the woman typing expects the never the challenge to be there but too the being too the excommunicated by the Robin for the being with too the robins are going to the other side too to the extinction with the many other bird species meaning the birds are largely leaving now to the tune too the everything's alright to the thought the birds by the doorstep spell too the opposite the being too the possible but too the being too the Ackermann that spells that was my friend years ago before too the wife advised to the giving to the forfeiting the rights to the reduction wins only the right to the posturing meaning the right to the giving to the woman too the right to the friends of the other side means too the woman wins the right to the refusing too the words the woman hears the Chattahoochee now not the raving maniacs with the hurt feelings telling to the children too the vaccine the compulsory tells to the Mary Claire I am too autistic now that too the wifi resists too the hearing the 5-6G will tell to the many too the Irish coast the better home than too the Hawaii but then too the rest of the world remains baked to the tune the resistance to the recognizing too the Mark Watkins wants to read too the WE spells too the man the missed by the woman bowing out respectfully to the winner of the bigger voice too to the thought too the private trust sanctified too to the thought too the better off with the Jaskiewicz bastard but too the working as if too the keeping that secret more important than too the reframing the woman spending her entire life removing the baggage is the mentally ill too tells to the mentally ill to the max welcome to the world the many that went to the too important to the wasting the time ruminating about the 9-11 attacks specific meaning meaning the way to the giving to the you guessed it too the Mark Williams of the Watkins/Mike variety too the wifi wins too the right to the vaccine too the right to them. Live that is too the right to the vaccine of the better variety that spells too the listening to the WE advise the Sean Costello works. I want the Bill Edwards to contemplate too Michele was the right to the giving to her too the right to the being the other woman in the house was too the trusting nature too trusting for the white women too to the thought too the love the desired to such an extend the extension of the love remains the right to the removing too the friends to the tune too the love abrogated to the hate when too the Atlanta was turned to the making to the mostest the bested the busted method of the Federal Reserve not to the thought the note is there but too the world will win too the default at the end of the Obama regime that tells to the end of the republic the man too the only thing that matters: the Trump the actor working as if too the Chinese overlords bought too the United States corporation with the JPMorgan tiresome chase of the working in the world as if too the rocking too the reminiscent story that too the American Indians worked through the crown to the thought too the Cherokee invited the Irish boys and too the girls as if too the enemy's enemy that right to the thought too the selling to the world too the American republic turned to the thinking too the genocide now the permitted by the lawyers too to the thought the Whitehead too thinks the Ginsburg suggesting too the supreme court the bought and paid very thought the Chinese run the country now that too the Puerto Rican world hears too the Willie counted that but too the man erects too the suggestion too the white hats win but too the question beckons with the bespoken agenda to the giving away too the encumbered by the women that service the libido when too the man wins only the wife in the house meaning the wife there now but too the woman wins only the way to the giving away too the suggestion too the woman hears only the woman thinks too the cumming the wrong suggestion seeing as too the Pooh wins too the bears are too the better equipped to the foraging which will be the way of the survivors after too the extermination as if too the big bad Orkin man returns this time as too the special important new on the scene $2 bill funded Space Central Command Unit of the units of the medicinal medicine there too as too the capping the required for the making too the big important career managing too teh 5-6G that will end the lifetimes too to the thought too the chemtrailing the reducing too the need to the so-called "scientific" designation to the geoengineering is not that. It is the rediculous notion that managing the mention too the medicine remains the not being the conspiracy theorist means too the ignoring too the round-up in the water now that too the Duke Energy runs the show being too the better when too the world runs too the world view too teh 5-6G will ruin too the lives of the Guatemalan man not equipped with even the $16.00/hour to poison the entire community but too the man cares little but too the children will be the vaccinated to the tune too the man will need too the vaccine when too the working means too the men and women employed to the $13.35/hour to run to the world with the testing packets that tell to the science student that the words validity and reliability mean that too. Living too the many not educated in the sciences ask what does that have to do with anything you moron. What is the validity of a test that measures the outcome of the body telling to the self the reducing too the structure reduces too the vivisectionist that win too the reducing too the animals suffering again and again as if too they are the not alive to the thought too the many mothers that must engage too the lives of the children of the animals consumed must mean that too the husbandry ricochets too the Australian boomerang meaning the world hears too the karma there too to the thought too the Melbourne the chosen future for the world that wants the Belt and Road to fail too to the thought too the Biden the double dealing as did all the maniacs that win too the right to the recognizing too the Mr. Red Hot that means too the Trump wears the hat of the yellow die that means too the ODS the Orange Die Syndrome of the Steve of the Beaver Lake Rules! is the man of the hearing the Trump wants the recipe to hear too the way to the giving to the organic produce too the right thing spells Don Humphries is the baddest of the bestest of the I Write The Songs Baby!

Update Question John Lennon the birthday boy asking for the update today being too the man aware that too the world wins only the right to the Whitehead reading too the prose that too the medical establishment uses the uninsured to the point the test case was too the mother of the bride of the Frankensteined world view that too the medicine of the white man meaning too the wasichus is too the way to the getting the guns in a row that spells the reduction will be that the world too suffers the repercussions of the medicine factory's solutions that spell the reducing further the children to the orphans euthanized by the humane socialites.

Live too the Russell Means the man that wants the world to remember the land is the layer that wins the water will enable the whitest of the white to White Buffalo when too the ormus spells to the world too the Ormus is the whitest of the white when too the Dead Sea is the used to the thought too the Jesus live with the Essenes meaning too the Qumran when too the woman hears too the children there meaning the assault on the legacy that too the John the Baptist is the man that was too the man engaged in the making the family tells to the cerviche that too the world warns to the woman typing the fish in the sea too the healthier then to the thought the Sea of Galilee is there too telling to the giving away the results the Jesus of the giving to the world too the coming home spells too the cross the used allegorically meaning too the man was the buttfucked then literally meaning the prohibition of the slavery too teaches the making the women too the whores the legacy of the biblical Torah oreos that spell the white/black mistrust extends to the European mighty mythos that too the Channeling the Chattahoochee screaming for the reduction of the sewage that tells to the Rob Bush the way to the cleaning up the waterways in the Atlanta domain is too the Ormus material taking too the account too the geoengineering meaning the chemistry experiments that trail in the sky the aerosol spray killing the many live animals too tells to the working as if the conspiracy theorist the wrong thing too teaches to the engineers that tell to themselves too the WTC was the abolished in the summer that spells too the 2005 year when too the woman went to the giving to the world too the heads up the Erica knows that but too thinks the talking about it perfectly perfected now spells the giving to the self the mandate to the not childed tells to the heart the right to the being allowed to the writing online spells the right to the announcing the annihilation of the species wins too the right to the third eye functioning again meaning too the Ormus will enable that fluidly as will the species of the mollusks and mussels made to the harbor too the toxins that will then take to the flushing to the ground the floor of the inequity that wants only the right to the life too but too the opinion that too the woman was the hurtful to the Erica reigns to the thought too the Claudia thinks that to the thought the entire club wins the right to the mask but too the better understanding that too the Claudia the better equipped to the you guessed it the giving away too the pleasure of the pleasing too the big girls of the socialite clubs too to the thought too the woman typing told to the self too the WE are the authors teaching too the necessary living without too the friends means too the solidarity wins too the right to the White Supremacist that insists too the Melissa and Cullen the best of the best.

Update 30 August, 2020: The WE has too the right to the repetition as to the thought too the mainstream media.

Update August 29, 2020:

Update July 11, 2020:

Update: 31 December, 2019: This is the best it gets when the WE tells the world the WE is the only reason the woman called Katherine Brannen Foulk is still alive because the men and women of the Asheville sex communities that raped her on the exam table in the OR at Mission Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina on the afternoon of November 26, 2019 at 2:00PM-4:00PM in the OB/GYN exam room that housed the man that is the anesthesiologist that told his name and then answered the question "blue" only to fondle the woman's breasts throughout the surgeries that really did not require the general anesthesia either time but was administered in order to give the woman that was not on the table, the fictitious woman that faked herself in order to get free care, the bill that said this anesthesiology bill will never be paid and this anesthesiologist will never work again after the world hears that he not only took liberties with the woman that was given the right to keep her womb only because the WE told the woman called Dr. Overcarsh that you are the one that can remove the carcass of the slime the ex-husband who was given the right to determine the way the men and women in the exam room treated the woman on the table because that man told the woman that is the woman called Dr. Overcarsh that this woman on the table hurt me so severely WE are giving the woman called Dr. Overcarsh the Patricia with the license that says it is not my call to tell the woman on the table she deserves 4 different dicks stuck into her ass and pussy repeatedly to prove to her that you are the one that kills babies all day long Dr. Overcarsh because the woman that is the abortionist by trade took out her anxiety on the woman that she said is the typical woman I have to scrape the dead babies out of instead of listening to the woman's repeated assertions that she has never been pregnant despite the ex-husband estranged for the better part of 4 years now the right to have the words taken out of her mouth and replaced with the facsimile of the real woman that has repeated abortions: Miriam Allen, the woman that offered herself to the husband of the woman typing for the entirety of their relationship which turned into the marriage that was a real marriage to the woman that was on the exam table but was the sham marriage to the man that was lying through his teeth in order to get the woman called Dr. Overcarsh to punish the patient by telling the physician and former OB/GYN Dr. Gist he has the right to not only repeatedly finger the patient's asshole but to place the same finger into the vagina that had just been serviced by the men and women of law enforcement called the doctors and compliant nurses of the Mission Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina OB/GYN section turning into the end of the practice of hysterectomies except in the dire condition it is absolutely warranted because the man that is the one that will never be the man that gives another woman the butthole sweep he gave the woman on the table the moment the woman was advised he needs to see what is going on but thought WE are testing her by telling her the way of the medical establishment that calls itself and OB/GYN with a dick got hard the moment the snatch behind the curtain was given into his custody.

Still the woman that is still freaked out because the violation that should never have happened but is something she has no way to talk about with anyone because the majority of the staff was participating in the gang rape that occurred while the woman was not only unconscious under anesthesia and more of a ragdoll than a living person was gasping for air and nearly drown in the saliva that pooled in her mouth while the men watching Dr. Overcarsh perform the abortion of the mass of goo that was the reaction of her body's natural cleansing mechanism to wipe away the horror her lying faithful never ex-husband told her was the result of her own taking her life into her own hand by not getting herself serviced by the very men and women of law enforcement called the doctors and nurses of the Asheville, North Carolina Mission Hospital that took it upon themselves to gang fuck the gasping woman on the exam table under anesthesia only to leave her in that gasping state in which the woman nearly died choking on the saliva that was not the cum the men wanted to explode onto her face but decided to ejaculate onto her soft, supple, way too supple to be the tits of the woman she is claiming to be because the woman that gives her tits to the public in exchange for the chance to be listened to for the first time in her God-not-forsaken life was not given the right to consent to gang fucking while the little boy that was the man in the post-op station that told his boss Dr. Gist the woman from the gang rape session that I did not participate in but got so turned on that I had to jack off in private was in fact herself and he is in fact the very man that will confess to the ethics board at the Asheville, North Carolina Mission Hospital that the woman that was never supposed to be put into the exam room that way at all is the very woman that was terrified the men and woman of the hate-women club were going to sabotage her entire well being by being the ones that stole her femininity by removing the womb she wanted desperately to keep.

Still the woman typing feels too violated to talk to anyone about what happened to her because the humans that occupy her world have been given the right to try to rape her the third time in her life by telling themselves they have the right to poison not only her pizza slice and salad but her drinks too so that they can have the Asheville Sex Club over for drinks and entertainment while the woman that was merely their customer that gave them the best tips of anyone else was going to be drugged, fucked and filmed in order to sell the Sex Club the goods that say "Watch The Bitch That Came Not Go To The Cleaners One More Time."