Update 22 September, 2022: And the time to collapse the economic reality that all women that live to fund themselves personally will survive the shortest. And the way to hiring the guns to the showers is the way to hiring the men to the clinics to shower to the abortions that they are the DNA, not the Spirit!

WE want everyone to recognize the Master Therion has humbled himself to engage in the assumption that having The Master on the line means something different than it did to him during his incarnation but now he is in the Spirit domain where the notions of the ruling class that the dominant ones make the rules means the dominant ones that master the love for the one in the sky called the lover of the love to the bone meaning now is the time to recognize the channeling woman that wants only to be employed by the world in the work that is natural to her instead of the make your name for yourself bullshit that tells you that you have not the first clue Chili Peppers that you have to regard the Tetragrammaton not your area of expertise yet still you took it upon yourselves to implement your fucked up not spiritual adaptation of the sex magick notation that means the Rosa Mundi that you identify as the abode of your expertise is not that important to the woman typing but the heart chakra that is your expertise too Anthony of the Kiedis variety is.