Update August 28, 2022: The reality that Bob Marley was not red not but was mystical is. And he was too aware that the Lithonia area was the sacred area that is not that now. I was there as a chief of the Indians then. I was a man on the mountain top asking the God of All to stay alive inside the women's hearts to stand the time without compassion for God.

You are to work again Katherine as the working for the living, the praises, not supported by men but the support of the world that stands firm that supporting the other human is loving the neighbor as the self. And not responding to a woman when her heart is allowed the terror of nothing but I am to be delighted this time too. Diminish the necessary ingredient to all humanity, that is the love of God inside the heart. The heart that hears only I am to be abandoned is the heart that hopes another human hears: money loses all value when it is used for self not Self.

Update 12/12/2021: Bob was murdered by the Kingston police too but then again too the Island records wanted the man to die to the thought the music that rights to the better fed wins too the family not allowed to the constant very important to the world too the Stephanie that was then the little girl asked to die for the threatening to kill too the Rita and the kids and too the other women that has to be to the right to remember the babies all are too the wrong to the Bob meaning too the Ziggy was not the man's but another's.

Place the emphasis on the right to reread that to the world where too the Ziggy remains too the Bob's biologically meaning the killing the link to another's world view that another wins the rights wins the right to the Island managers wanting too the rights to rebrand the granted to the rights too the right to regard the righted and then again too the babies not the Bob's are.

I want too the right to reward the working for the WE meaning the killing the pride was too the asking too the working for the right to remember the asknowledging the working for the way to remember the Ziggy the artist that was too the working man always wants too the right to remember the going to the Rita unfed was too the right to the Island man pulling the plug that wins too the right to remember the Kiedis will be that when the WE are there.

You are to hear too the concluding that too the Courtney was allowed too the kids that want to hear: the Courtney was allowed to allow too the right to the baby that was too the beyond the shadow too the Kurt's was too the right to the fathered by the other man meaning the lover that wants to heal too the Courtney will issue too the right to the Bear to insist too the fathering too the right to the curtsying to the thought the Curtis that the Courtney was allowed to endure was too the right to the retribution that too the framed wins the right to the Grohl was allowed the scruples to hearting too the right to the rewarding too the reworking too the slaughter to the knowing the Courtney will ensure too the plastic surgery wins too the Kiedis.

Update 18 May, 2020: Yes: