Update 13 March, 2020: Interesting that Dr. Patricia Overcarsh the board certified OB/GYN felt it necessary to follow up the removal of the toxic cum ball that was not reduced to the other thing that she insisted it must be the fucked up cum soaked baby ball that was the baby not permitted to be born but was not given the right to remove the removed not for a reason cum not filled womb of the woman that wants to be given the right to become pregnant for the first time in the life that is not over and that was never going to be insisted to be given to the medical community in order to offer the Mission hospital ethics board the mission to ask Dr. Patricia Overcarsh the board certified OB/GYN what gives her first the qualifications and second the right to question the woman that was in the hospital to have the woman that is the board certified OB/GYN remove the toxic cum ball from the womb without removing the womb that she really wanted to take but thankfully her right to remove the womb that was not going to be needed to be "taken" as the Dr. called the Bill Gist former OB/GYN of the MAHEC hell on wheels meaning the very mention that the patient is loads more qualified to warn Dr. Overcarsh that keeping her cellphone in the pocket that resides over the breast tissue is not the smartest move board certified woman that thought it her right to question the woman in the hospital specifically to get the nutrition too that was denied her as the family of medical students felt the right method to release the woman to her own world view is to permit her only to be fed thanks to the generosity of the nurse Naomi that took it upon herself to buy the woman the only hot vegetarian meal served her to the point the shit spaghetti dinner lacking completely in nutrition carried also the character of the meat that was not given to her by the WE but by the men and women that disregarded the need to feed the woman that lost the fluids and food through the vomiting that was the reason the hot headed little physician wanna be was unwilling to kiss her while the others were watching him play but was not given the right to even brush her teeth and hair until the woman called the same nurse Naomi took it upon herself to offer the woman the tooth brush tooth paste and comb that was charged to the bill for $200 because the head nurse insisted the bill was to be run up since the woman typing was identified by the lying scheming to the max ex husband to not only not be his wife but to be the lying girlfriend of the other man not there to the point the man that is to this day the man listened to was not given that right to be the overlord because he was the legal authority but because they took his word over hers to give themselves to give the write off that much more oomph.

WE want Mission to understand feeding the patient asked to fast 2 days in the row following the total purge from both the mouth and the anus of all the food in her system was the correct method to care for the patient willing to fast if that was the necessary manner in which to finish up with the tenure under their "care".

The woman thought the cum in her hair was the left over from the vomiting but then again the old familiar feeling from the college days when her friends permitted the men of the neighborhood to take her to the back room passed out drunk to repeatedly soak her asshole with their cum in order to prevent the pregnancy that might have happened Dr. John Michael Thomassen the plastic surgeon of the Fort Lauderdale Latino community, the other doctor that permits himself liberties with his patients under anesthesia is the man that was unwilling to fess up to his friends that she was unwilling to service him as the whore he expected her to suddenly become when she thought she was hanging out with the peer from the school called Georgia Tech where the men are the peers to each other and the woman that went that much further with her education to still be educating herself to the max was given the right to be given the back room bitch that gets the buttfuck since the God given right to be given the face and the body that wants the buttfuck not but the loving touch of the master that prefers the young coke whores to the adult lover tells you why the WE chose the other man for you this lifetime Katherine.

Now why did Dr. Patricia Overcarsh the board certified OB/GYN not psychiatrist nor counselor of any professional variety was given the right to ask the woman in the hospital for a gynecological procedure given the "Do you hurt yourself on purpose? Are you thinking about suicide?" to the point the very memes ex husband has been selling the public for the duration of the entire time the woman reached the limit of being permitted to be the stool pigeon that not only worked 7 days a week 24 hours a fucking day that had to insist her work on the property stolen by Jim Brannen from the man called Earl S. Lee that was well enough to return home and resume his duties as the orchid man was given the right to be called the bitch that took from Jim too in order to justify the fact it was Jim Brannen the man that owns the Florida property that was the heart of the woman typing until the too selfish individuals that consider themselves the victims too of the man called Richard Foulk to be the women and men that told themselves to work 24 hours a day 7 days a week is not real work if that work is just work without the prerequisite W4 meaning the very mention the only manner in which the woman ever got time to be herself was to give the man that took his liberties each time he went to the Keys without her meaning the only time the woman got to be satisfied was when the men of the town told her that her life is not the prison sentence that you guessed it it feels like since the very mention that not one of the former musicians that went to the fuck Katherine motif too want to fess up that they had not the first clue that she was the accomplished dancer too even though that was what gave them the idea the young woman was only there for the music that was not the motivator to the point the very mention the farm that was forced to be abandoned so that she could attempt to get the education that meant finally enough money for me to live too tells you that not telling her that Martia the lying bitch that misrepresents herself completely on the plastic pages of the Black Mountain Yoga website tells you that going to the other side of the coin means that going to the other side of the country means going to the other side of the coin Katherine: same game different souls playing the same redemption theme meaning the night shift that took the man called Marvin Gaye to the other side is the same nightshift that reminds the woman that wants to wear her new clothes before the reaper calls is fine with the reaper's call too because the idea of sitting alone in the house while the men that she asks to care think giving it to the many heartfelt calls means the only method to redeem the woman to the other side's view is to give her the right to work too Dr. Overcarsh the bitch that told herself the ethics bullshit that woman that was not going to leave the hospital had she decided to fly by the seat of her pants and kill the woman with the next syringe meaning the ethics answer scared her that much.

See ya Dr. Patricia Overcarsh baby killer the WE thinks you need to suffer the indignity of the breast cancer diagnosis that will give you the right to lose your breasts as well as the career that was to pay off those student loans not permitted to be discharged via the bankruptcy meaning the very furniture Richard Foulk bought using the Pell Grant that was never repaid is the furniture he has asked her to forsake to him even though he wants it not nor has any place in the house to reasonably put it but that is your opinion Katherine since Marci cleans houses for the living that you are too stuck up to make yourself the women that went to the education place too and got the degrees and the work load but did not sell herself to the establishment's ways which means she gets to be repeatedly kicked for not cleaning the houses of the women of the Black Mountain Yoga Center for the few dollars that means she is the working woman that gives the woman called Marci the pay only to have that pay to this day given to the man that was supposed to give it to her but stuck it in his pocket instead the same man that informed the Dr. Patricia Overcarsh the fucking of the men in the character analysis category saying you have not the first clue how hard it is to survive in the world without the big salary without the ability to clear the debt that would have been the woman's typing had the WE not permitted the man that is both the hospital administrator of the middle manager variety and the man that propositioned the woman too that was unwilling to go to the car with him and make out so that he could then return to his live in girlfriend too satisfied to worry that she has the right to understand still keeping the video of the rape that was also the flatline permitted only to be returned to the living by the WE's way of reminding the Cruickeds the woman that was giving the right to want to be given the right to work in the field that you permit yourselves to consider yourselves the world experts in was told to go away and was diagnosed the witch that wants her right to be called the good girl this time since the death threats that were the warnings too Gemma that the car wreck that too was considered the threat of the woman that in no way could enforce the WE to wreck the car of the woman in the New Zealand Hills is called the wicked witch that hurts beings using the power that is not possible to be used in that manner to the point the very notion that you think you have the right to call her the bitch that still thinks you would consider her worth helping to the point the very mention that you have been asked repeatedly Kelvin Cruickshank to assist in the meme that talking to the children removed from the Disney theme parks is not in line with being the visiting to the max medium that realizes the Katherine the value of the work that you are doing is lost to him unless the men that might not ever even meet the woman typing tells you that you have to regard the notion that you might just end up having to bitch slap the WE to tell you the notion the WE would ever permit them to allow you to have to be on the street alone since the work is not that kind of work that can be ignored to grab the dollars cleaning the houses of the women that stole the sperm the hospital video and the right to remain silent no more Sasha Mann the woman that hurts my psyche the most knowing I too understand the David Mann was not bothered by the woman that wanted the friend to care about her to the point the very mention that you thought it funny to watch her die for the very reason that her consideration of the man that was not given to marrying the woman that was not the father figure being the woman that considers the Catfish Brothers the best of the bands that have been identified to the RHCP management meaning the very mention that you have not the nerve to call the woman that was not going to be given the death sentence but was taken to the other side in order to sequentially tell the others the right to remain on this side is up to the WE exclusively meaning the very mention the only other thing that matters is that Earl S. Lee went home but the truth is the soul is that smart to set up the strategy to continue the meme that giving the woman that types the right to return to the Homestead meme tells you the cum Richard out into your visiting yourself in the God forsaken hell hole called bankruptcy is not permitted in the financial world in which the patient that was not considered with the rights of the human being buttfucked her not too hard but gave her the right to stop the lot of you in your tracks meaning the very mention that the man identified as the expert of the situation is the one that you want to take to task for the entire affair because the only thing the woman on the table really needed was what she in fact asked for: the nursing of the mother figure identified as the Marci Rothschild Robbins that is the mother in her heart but has been so bastardized not only by the men in her hour of mentioning the cocaine that is still the ways and means of her way along with the "heart patient" too sick to have to be responsible for his own health tells you that watching Katherine in a-fib gave him the right to tell her to calm down as he withheld the water that was her immediate need to the point the very mention that you too Dr. Gist the Bill of the waterboys weather the storm by going to the ethics board and giving them the goods that you too have to lose the license that tells you that fingering the woman's butthole the moment she entered the house that now goes to the cleaners too that the Attorney General of the State of North Carolina will not only be informed of this website but will insist the right of the woman typing to regard the mention of the Attorney General's ongoing investigation is the only reason she watched the WLOS news too that will be informed the very moment the WE allows the WE to tell you Katherine the very notion the WLOS will not care either tells you why the "on the street" meme keeps repeating to the point the economic collapse that too will be part of the New Zealand coastal regions tells you that giving the gay man in hiding the right to remove himself to the Keys means nothing to the buttfucker that gets his kicks watching the WE want you not to be on the street meaning the very mention that karma is in fact the reality tells you why the man identified as the contender for the husband category now understands the reality is that you have to use the intuition not extinguished by the men and women that fear nothing but their own careers flushing right on down the toilet that is the meme that tells you to expect the other side of the coin to mean the only thing in your way now Katherine is that fear of the street calling you to get the buttfucked Brannen father off the street too by enabling yourself to believe in the right of the woman that sells her meme to the many that pay her believe in yourself and the spirit talkin' sells itself meaning listen this time Gemma that gives herself the right to regard the very mention that you have not the first thing to give the world but the right to be the purveyor of the myth that you matter at all Gemma the psychic medium's best sucker offer but that is about it isn't it?

Simple as that. Time to relinquish the crown meanies that think you can tell the world the nothingness of the crown means more than the integrity of the man that wins the race for history's kindest gentleman means he is not the man that was incarcerated for being in the wrong place at the wrong time meaning fuck you Maynard to the max of the forgiveness clause meaning Atlanta needs to keep being so lets stop talking about the bullshit and love the one that is the messenger telling the Atlanta City Council to expect the Elders to have their say without the hesitation of the crown's delay tactics.

See ya yesterday's assholes that think Maynard represented the black community that the woman typing tells herself is the highest vibration of all communities she knows with the heart that feels.