Update April 22, 2024: The WE knows that Baby Hank 3 isn't as into the Kitty as her need is of his wellness potions to return to Hiram's need to another man now. Hank 3 isn't into the WE. Hank 3 isn't into this. And Hank 3 wants another man than himself to be there writing now. So be there...the other man.

Updated again April 18, 2024: Will the lawyers be sent instead Hanks? Am I defaming you and your father and your family jewels? Will I be condemned for the words Hank "I really am a bigger man that I act most of the time" Williams III?

Update April 18, 2024: The WE wants the world to understand that the woman entitled Kitty Licks actually offered to feed, pay for, love, sex up and house the wanton stranger called her kissin' cousin Hank 3. She even invited him to suck the tits and to have a three way with the father's father called Hiram "Hank" Williams' Spirit, but the boy called wittle Hank was not obliging. In fact that wittle tyke actually blocked her from posting on the Hank 3 Facebook page and on his personal Facebook page. Yep: BLOCKED!

Also the WE wants the world to comprehend the boy that offends the many by suggesting that banning t-shirts and videos and songs isn't well, well that boy too was offered the task of writing the lyrics and music for the Hiram "Hank" Williams' biography records, that too was rejected. Hank "the baby" Williams blocked me from communicating with him instead. Hum? What gives? Is he now against Hank Williams, meaning that he doesn't like Hank Williams anymore, just like he turned his back on Mary Jane and heterosexuality?

The WE wants all those that love Hank Williams to say YES! And the baby Hank 3 that plays peek-a-boo, well that baby complements the WE with the way to showing to himself that wuving the world where the savior isn't the only woman loving to laugh this morning, that is the way to politely saying, this is the time to reflect.

Updated again March 29, 2024: Yep. As expected the wonderful poem added as a comment to Eric Blair's video was whacked. So I added a new one. Comment gone! Imagine Mr. Eric Blair on his hands and knees, rear end presented, wearing nothing but a dog collar and leash. Hot! Now that's some porn!

Update 29 March, 2024: This is the time to remember that I am not the woman with the reputation that spells important. I am just the woman trying to learn to love again as the heroine not the heroin user. And the Cobain's that think that being alivened by the shun, well that is the way to porcine the women too that think that fucking for the stage is hotting anybody to anything but that, fucking.

The WE knows that Katherine Brannen is tired of the shun, and the rich and famous, well they are brats to her, entirely, being the beings too shot to the darkness that being on display wins them attention. And the attention to details that say to me that I am to learn to love again another world where the idiots that want to love too a woman alongside the need to showing to all that I am too oldened, too old, too un-hip to be with the newer generations. I am old in the soul but hotted by the news that amalgamating the WE with the desire to a man that tries, well that was the seconds that allow my soul to remember that being represented as the mental illness alongside the women that... better off now that I find that I want to regard the poem the way to remembering that comments are often removed.

Rapunzel Rapunzel Mr. 3
Let your hair down from that stifling Copenhagen cap
Porcine to pornography
Who's your favorite?
Get the Goats to show to all that Satan Is My Shepherd!
The goat beard favors facial sex
My beard works to pussy up my ideals to fellacio better than wuving a woman with the heart and soul
And men know their way around a dick the best!
So suck me off Eric!
Pornography rocks!

Feelings feel that men that wuv to watch porn too are immature.
Ganja! Ganja, now baaaaaaaaad.
Faggot me.

Update March 18, 2024: Spring is on! I want to draw you Hank. The studio is ready. I will house you, feed you, smoke you out, and entertain you. Did I mention I'd pay you too? Get your butt on the road. Need.
Update March 30, 2024: Maybe this will help.

Update March 27, 2024: Not into Ganja now, not into you. Love to you though and be kind to yourself when that ends. (BTW: I spent the day listening to interviews introducing me to the Valentine's day massacre that isn't the way to me knowing a man's being but the way to my body responding to the Energies that say to Hiram's grandson that Marijuana is good. And that is. And the body that wants me to move the fuck on and remember that the day's work is the Energetic Ways Repeating to me that I wanted to remember that smoking pot is fun to me, more fun than watching porn or hiring a whore for the hour's need to "satisfy" the already satisfied with the big music career that spells to me: I am frustrated without that, a career where I need a man at all isn't, I need to be alivened by the need to a career where I am heard of as a woman now frustrated again to the nines now that I ain't going to be fed...again...but, then again, I've got over 2 ounces.

Update 13/3/2024: This is the time to remember that I am not happy. I am not loved. I am nuts. And that is all that is for the world that wants me to be there not as the White Buffalo Woman asking to be heard nor as a human considered a nice being, but as the woman shit on by ....

Further update Valentine's Day 2024: This man was mutilated, sodomized, tortured, forced to perform sexual acts for display on both men and women of the assholes that tortured Hank Williams, Sr. that way too. And that wins me the woman trying to be kinder and gentler but the way to the Scientology clubs wanting to recover queens and sisters of queens and their men the princes and kings so screwy that they think lies, deception, trickery and hurting others to death while fornicating and masturbating and raping to return to themselves the Devil's spawn... The battle of the Damien's was the battle of the European women that babied after wittle Charlie Windsor was born, Queen Elizabeth too wanted her personal Damien, well that wins the Orange's and the Danes and the Swedes there to remember that sucking the dick of Kurt Cobain wasn't hot to him.

Update Valentine's Day 2024: And the man called the cutest of the bunches of the lovin' that spells Hank 1 was abused to death by the "witches" too, well that Buddy Holly's to that too. And the dripping the painting to the needing to knowing that WE wanted Hank 3 to be there too, that asks the man, "Are you single Hank 3? Do you want to go out? I do."

Please model for me Hank.