Updated again March 25, 2023.

Update 26 March, 2023. Yep. The same folks that brought the covid-19 pandemic "to light" and then sold the many governments the vaccinations at the money money money is US way to hearing: the same folks now sell "the cures" !.

Update 9 April, 2022: The economic very important to recognize the richest of the lot advertised to as too the steward that wants to work for the father Blackie Dammett too the right to recover to the phonetic version heard to the emailing the Gomezes that fly to the ha ha ha not there now!

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Update 19 July,2020:

They smoke pot and play the game called the big boys at the Warner Brothers records too get the big deal careers to become then the simple folks again to the point the very thought the world revolves around the over-the-hill men of the yesteryear to the point they don't pay attention to the words of the White Buffalo Woman working to right the wrong of the Western manifestation of the buttfuck that is the way of the world that gives to the women too the fibroid tumors in the breasts that then becomes the breast cancer diagnosis that then becomes the way of the big boys with the better teams than the Kelvin Cruickshank to tell the women the breast tissue that is supposed to cleanse the body must now be the enemy to be removed by their guns, meaning syringes, knives and big boy tactics to the point the very thought the uterus is gone too tells you the woman has been disabled to become no longer the threat (how close that is to the word "treat" only an "h" in the second position changes them) to the men's team that wins the entire end of the times for all life on the planet but the point that the women like to be the "sick" ones to become the too hard to heal begins the way of the world that gives too to the man the right to recall the B-complex the thing.