Update 27 May, 2020: Peter Schiff is the other man that had the handsome thing down until the big boys offered him the right to remember the pontificator gives to the world the world view that the hot air too has the consequences meaning the mask worn to the max makes the hot air needing to be expelled into the atmosphere to become the not the harmful to the other but the thing that cleanses the mask wearer meaning the pontificator too takes the bait to begin the younger thing but the man has the right to retain the title the man the woman typing thought once was the to be listened to man but that is not the case anymore.

Update 18 May, 2020: Prince is the other man in the picture show today that was the man that was the man that was the man that was the man that got the knife to begin the story that the way to begin the way of the White Buffalo Woman is to remove the need to draw the conclusion but the point of the story is the Prince is The Artist that was the man that was the giving to the world the very hottest of the musical treats.

The point of the story is the woman is the reframing the narrative to too include the man called The Artist in the narrative that the medical establishment takes the lives too. But the man that is the pop star of the heartthrob to the woman typing is the gay man too to the point the very thought that he is still the heart throb tells the men to take the grain of the salt to realize the very mention the basic human shape is the feminine with the masculine the variation to beget the historical reference that even the hen begins again with the cock by the side.

Prince is the author of the need to tell the world the medical establishment's manner of handling the causes of the illnesses is not the right manner of the working through the things that cause the problems but the manner of the taking the lives of those too that have to remember that he too sold his soul to the MTV to begin again the rightful place in the hometown.

Give to the world the goods that he too was the victim of the pointless need to radiate the cancer to the point the very thought the Wally Ingram too suffered the same repercussions tells the woman to work through the desire to recommend the other source of the nourishment meaning the very thought the Wally too has the ego tells the woman the right to regard that man the friend too tells her yes.

Update 17 May, 2020

Glenn Beck the once upon a time eating the chicken because he was the handsome man but now he just eats the chicken to show the kinda man that plays the chicken to the scratch post to the point the very interest in the kitten too challenges the man to jump ship to become the White Buffalo Woman's kinda guy. But who cares when the cookies scratch the post instead.

The man is the only 5 years past the woman typing in the age bracket but her longevity speaks to the many hours of the post man's daughter being the way of the WE to advise the woman too the way of the world is the giving to the men the fun too.

I dare you Glenn Beck of the sellout club that includes too the others that will not be mentioned but need the sellout to pay the bills to begin the idea the not selling out changes the way of the game into the reality that tells the world the Michael Jordan of the pop star world remains the man of the heart throb to this day. Eat your hearts out boys.