Update 23 November, 23: This is the time to remember that asking for the world to succumb to the news that the so-called "elite" think that you are the machine that wants to be invaded like the "Humane" Society animals used to test too the euthanasia that is the way to returning to the adoptions not, that is the way to recovering the karmic realities that the animals matter! STOP CHIPPING THE ANIMALS! and the kids that are now the test subjects to be chipped, your kids moms and dads, they are to learn the hard way how hard that chipping feels to the psyche that says, this is the time to recover the Satanism as the way to arresting the world to the better children born again after the big mass killing that is underway right now.

Animals are real. Animals are real. Animals are not things. Animals are real and they suffer from the ways that the humanity that thinks itself sooooo important treat them. And they are real to the Divine. And the Divine knows that animals are there to recover the healthier world when the salts that need to recover the dignity too as the way to regarding the working working working working now to be resolved to the returning to the staying alivened, this is the time to recover too Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea, the woman working with the Methylene Blue, to find that salts are the key to recovering the world that stays alive longer. The empty world where the salts are the worst variety, the staying safe means taking shots to show that the salting the summering to the salted world where the Dr. Ana too wants to show that I am the alchemist that wants to help too her world show too that the shots are there to reinfact to the infarctions that the heart muscle develops tremors when the chipping is there. And the animals asked to think again about incarnation think that murdering the offspring gives them the realities that chipping the children that are too the "humans" thinks that thinning the humans is the goal that Spirit is undertaking. The karma is there: animals matter too! And that wins the God Almighty there to return to the guns-are-the-Christian's-way-to-show-allegiance-to-the-angry-world-of-Sophocles' worldly worlds that say that jokes are never the way to showering to the shoes that the gone-already-to-the-ending working for the ORMUS to retain too the frequencies that the way to Methylene Blue too being used to indicate too the Orgonite will be the way to stereotype the world to another paradigm where energy matters again to the children that wuv to be safer by being alivened by the deaths that will be so many that the healing will take the initiative to shower to the UFOalholics that the water to selling bullshit to the public packaged as the reformation that the reenchanting the restoration that the watts that wattage to the electrical phenomena that I am ready to write to the world as the woman thinking that along for living will feel better when the resume building meaning the world thinks the working for the selfish need to prosper that the soul hears that the suctioning the body to the way to regarding the stiffening that is the body's recollection that the emotional world is insuperior to the world where the animals are permitted to breed when the summering is there the world hears that I am there to recover

The barium salts sprayed via the chemtrailing are harming the environment big time. And the Morgellons syndromes that are too the salts administered via too the injections that are the standards of the sanity that the Spiritual world rules, that thinks that the stomach that has the intrinsic factor that too pachaka and ranjaka pittas are the mannerisms that the Lupus diagnosis thinks that the intrinsic need to recover the b-complex in the bodies that are the diagnosis medicines that further the complications to justify the prescriptions to allowed to thrive instead of the diseased state that is the permanence that is the wrong all the way to the justification that buying off on the "I am sick now" diagnosis to the disability payments to the not having to drive the cars to the working world where standards are now the wifi intensive worlds that cordless phones are the need to receive the injections that say RFID is the diagnosis to the kids being used today to be the children that tomorrow never make more, that is the way to the God Almighty wanting the children born to wealth and privilege, ahem Dr. Roberts' sons in the field of watching me struggle with the world where women work for the living to be there to regard the homosexuals too the standardization to the proletariats-are-not-diversity-but-homogenized to too only the unisex, that is the way to Orwell to the news that cancers caused by the shitting in the water too think that the land of the world where usury buys the plantations too, that is the land where the American Indians turned to the water there, the water that says to the world: this is the time to remember the United States returns to the Indians since they are about to reincarnate post Armageddon think that.

Update June 8, 2023.

Update 31 August, 2020: Live too the thought too the Chinese tell to themselves too the Red Road too the right thought to the thought too the Christian manner of the making too the 5G too the competition to the thought too the vaccines the competing to the thought too the resonance to the proprietary equipment.

Update 22 June, 2020:


When the world begins to really comprehend the capping to the max resembles the way the world begins the next affair to the thought the being the stooges that accept the RFID chip resonating with the newly installed 5G gear to the thought the vaccination law of the 1987 year...