Update June 3, 2024:

Further Update 28 June, 2020: This time the Mohicans return to the very incarnations stopped short by the war-like strangers.

Update 28 June, 2020: It means the big reduction in the numbers of the humans treading on the foot of the Earth turns to the being the going to the toilet to remind the many the WWIII is the being the going to the Spiritual home to cleanse the debris that tells the woman the death the natural part of the living process that means the insects not reincarnating mention to the women that think the HPV vaccine too the necessary ingredient the grandchildren are the never born meaning the generations of the worthless eaters comes to the end...finally.

WE want the women that think the being the educated in not only sciences but economics and history means the woman typing the bad influence to take to the streets too to demand the money they earn taking the kids to the slaughter begin to give to them the right to remember the being the working in the field means the selling to the license the right to sue to the max the right to return to the world in which the many that don't sell themselves to the money masters get to feel at home again to the thought the women that too think the being the educated in the field that is the alchemy that heals the many not injured to the thought the being the vaccine injured the thing that makes the many the to the max too stubborn to take the medicine that the men of the power elite think you not the humans that matter but the idiots that believe whatever nonsense is the repeated continuously around the clock in the media means the men of the power elite win the war to win the human races' race to the finish line meaning the not incarnating again white shits that took the ancestors of the woman typing to the Swannanoa River too to tell them to take the bullets to tell them too to tell themselves the better lifetimes to the max were before the white shits of the European "Christians" stole too the energy that connects the children of the Cherokee faith to the Real Deal: The Spirit.

Update 17 June, 2020:

Only the fittest of the fittest shall survive. Could you be scared?