And Again 2 April, 2023: The WE thinks that monarchies are to end this time around, meaning the Pluto and Uranus together too spelled the trippin' to the light night that John Lennon too thought that Yoko was fascinated with him!

Courtney Love isn't the only hired hand of the monarchies' need to be the only ways to the understanding that giving to a working woman the theft of the website too was the giving to her the feeling of the hear ye this: the way to ending the entire shower to the better off without the publishing the website to the knowing that all characters that stripe to the Stipe too there to recover Kurt's ways that were kind, loving, sharing, settling up onto the noticing that the writing isn't as easy now that the heart hears that killing off the friends wanted is the Gomez was the imposter not but you are to hear that killing all needs allows the heart to better off find out that the depleted uranium munitions now on the way to being thrown out of airplanes to kill young babies for generations shows off too that status isn't that grand when the truths are that U2 too think that the Great Reset is about helping the poor. Ha ha ha! The resetting the world threats to the treating all women better treats me as a heroine too!

Updated Again 2 April, 2023: The WE wants the working woman typing to hear that being humiliated asking the sold-out men to try to be normal beings that love is her need to love them, even if their star-studded-diamonds-are-real when they are that shows off that selling the wars for the warring masters is the way to be Bono and the crew that are U2. Selling out all humanity to the greatest not reset too thinks that allowing the heart to hear that the One organization that works for Charles III too thinks that the monarchies are to fail.

The war to end the Russians allowed to not be there is the way to ending too the ending of the ending of the nothingness that isn't that but the nothingness that is abuse is the nothingness that is not allowed to be allowed to be there. And the ignored by the boys that sell garbage is the way to ignore their worlds too when the tide changes and the wars are to begin to heat to the going to the money too "reset" shows that the One idiots too think that the loving themselves is showing of "me-me-me-me" and then showing off how special they are since they are so adored shows off how ugly this world is to the working woman along for the alone again this lifetime to be without the knowing that the Bonanza ranch, the Ponderosa, where 4 idiot boys lived where there had been thousands upon thousands of others living previously meaning years of the thousands that the thoughts that the only thing that matters this hour is I-me-mine is the way to sell the Schwab Great Reset as the real deal to "help" the Africans when the only way to serve the Africans is to allow them to be without the banks that rob them, meaning the World Bank is the Economic Hitman's ways all the way Bono of the not happy to hear: he will be dead sooner than I am heard.

Update April 2, 2023: The albums are uninteresting now that all the members of U2 are the biggest sellouts of the lot! Kill Ukrainians, Africans and the Irish with the realization that being the big rocking stars of the "Hall of Fame" means they are not hotted by the real ideals of the working world but sell to the oligarchs their ways to show off that the music that is good goes when the oligarchs run the show.

Update October 29, 2022: And Ali isn't pregnant yet in the picture but Mullen Jr's cock is there to remember that hot was that one then!

All over the globe the One corporation is allowing the sacrificial lambs to never breed, while Bono and his wittle wifey take to the showing off that they are the center of attention to the starving artists too. So be cleverer Katherine and know that all children born to Bono too are there to recoup the time in the sack without their mother knowing that Mullen Jr isn't just the father to the two girls played to the nighty night but the father to the other children asked to make whoopee with those: that wins the brothers and sisters erotically engaged! Go station to station type funding meaning Ali too took to the "drugs" for Hillel, lots and lots and lots and lots for the authors of the being ignored instead of loved boys.

Update August 6, 2022: Give the men the right to return to their Unlimited Love LP that loves the right to them being worshiped and that wins about the lot of it. They are hypocrites that take lives and win the right to the big resumes that show: I have been suggested to redeem to the thought I will never harm the typist.

The Requiem of the Masses includes the losing too the wife Mr. Bono. Update 15 Ides of the March of the Idiots to the Slaughter of too the Irish Referendum of the 1917 Year. 2021.

Question the updating the house without the date but too the making the assertion the date will be tomorrow too telling to the texting to the point the selling to the public the self wins nothing but too the selling to the world the energy that spells the way to the Christ Consciousness wins too the right to the reneging on the idea that the Red Hot Chili Peppers rule at all they are too the wrong to the completion of the sentence to the thought they are the big cats that purr give me more bread to the point the kids are the sterile and too the fucking not meaning the being the neutered by the Gates Foundation loved by the Bono "I'm the stereotype of the big whig of the Irish world where the kids of the servants are the lesser of station and not permitted through the gates without the proper papers" Vox meaning the Paul Hewson of the kid that wants not the voice for the poor and downtrodden but the right to redelight in the news the killing off the Irish public is the pleasure of the big whig class even now when too the Irish was the designation to the mind that says ha ha ha I am too cool to ever know too that I will be the gone too to the thought the vaccine takes my important children too.

Question the wanting nothing but the right to recall the big kids that get too the big gigs that want too the accolades as the hipsters sell to the reality they are the big whigs too. Piggies to the max will win to the thought the woman hears they are the piggies of the piggies to the thought. Oink Oink Oink.

Question the reason the woman resumes to the news the now I must struggle through the devastation allowed to the thought the better when the many take to the guns to their own families meaning the Bono that supports the covid-1984 vaccination program is the shyster selling to the world "I am Irish why would you listen to my humble being" while telling to the masses take to the taking the horror injection meant to cover the failure of the Bretton Woods to the Big Gold Buy Off of the 1970s being too the too cool to the Kiedis to watch without the need but too the man is too the too cool to recognize the sell-out to the ending too the careers.

Question the walking to the news the fan was that but too the fanning a band that was too the working for the not to the max the interested in the well being of the fans either tells to the inheriting too the trip the woman thought the band the better equipped to the open minds but too they are the still in the shut up by the medical paradigm working to end too the reign of the medical-money-membership-of-the-big-kids-club telling to the mentioning too the newsflash that the Kiedis is not the hot to the woman now that too the White Buffalo's words not permitted to the Facebook page run by his compatriots but the repeated posts about the Taylor Swift's big sister the you guessed that the Paris Hilton of the fame because the big kids want to promote her has the reign of the hour tells to her too the man is the not that to the thought the heart tells her too the Bono the not the biggest pig of them all but that means too the soul the better judge than the public.

Question the scam that tells to the women that too run the Red Hot Chili Peppers being the right to the regarding too the not that bright super movie stars too the working for the wrong end of the stick telling to the making too the Bono the not the supporter of the vaccination of the entire world tells to her that the man is too the not the arrogant pig that runs to the show that shows to the world too the magnanimous mention the Mullen Jr was the giving to the Navajo and the Hopi too the send off to the seer ya later again to the tune too the murdering them with the medicine not the healing with the music shows why too the Red Rocks concert of the 2003 not but too the 1983 year when the woman typing was the 14 years old the same time the brother of the band the man on the channel not now that wants too the way to hear the vaccines are the work of the devil too.

"The First People knew no sickness. Not until evil entered the world did persons get sick in the body or head. It was then that a medicine man, knowing how man was constructed, could tell what was wrong with a person by examining these centers. First he laid his hands on them: the top of the head, above the eyes, the throat, the chest, the belly. The hands of the medicine man were seer instruments; then could feel the vibrations from each center and tell him in which life ran strongest or weakest. Sometimes the trouble was just a bellyache from uncooked food or a cold in the head. But other times it came "from outside," drawn by the person's own evil thoughts, or from those of a Two Hearts. In this case the medicine man took out from his medicine pouch a small crystal about an inch and a half across, held it in the sun to get it in working order, and then looked through it at each of the centers. In this manner he could see what caused the trouble and often the very face of the Two Hearts person who had caused the illness. There was nothing magical about the crystal, medicine men always said. An ordinary person could see nothing when he looked through it; The crystal merely objectified the vision of the center which controlled his eyes and which the medicine man had developed for this purpose..."

- Frank Waters, Book Of The Hopi: Tokpela: The First World: The Myths: The Nature of Man. Penguin Books, NY, NY, 1963. Pg. 11.

Attention those of the Irish world that think too the Choctaw not too the Irish to the thought too the money sent to the family members back home to the thought too the mention too the Indian Removal tells to the woman typing too the man entitled too the winner too the Mr. Lewis Grizzard too the man told to become too the Jeff of the other side tells to her to think too the way to the knowing only that too the funny men there to the thought...

WE want too the Larry Mullen, Jr. of the Rock Band too the U2 to admit too the summer ends when the woman typing becomes too the attraction of the Dublin skyline meaning too the man wins too the drummer that was too the man of the Dublin coast in the lifetime that was to the thought too the woman typing too the outcome of the many Irish co-existing women that think too the drum too the right thought that too the way to the bodhrán becoming too the right to the Irish drum means too the Gypsy.

Question too the right to the drum to the thought too the man thinks too the woman typing not the right to the American Indian to the thought too the classifying too the woman typing too tells to the world too the woman wins nothing but too the audience with too the atom of the ant to the thought too the Adam Ant to the thought too the woman wins nothing but too the right to the MTV in the early 1980s to the thought too the winner wins too the right to the suddenly the summer ends in the Dublin skyline meaning too the management tells too the Mullen, Jr. too the Navajo think too the virus too the mythology.

Question too the right to the covid-19ing too the Navajo to the thought too the better option means too the freedom meaning too the world wins too the right to the knowing too the many Choctaw displaced by too the Irish of the Cherokee type were too the Choctaw that went to the Alabama area to then be told to the leave too to the thought too the world hears too the woman's family too told to the Choctaw scram.

Question too the right to the land that gives too the right to the women too to the thought too the Irish were too the matrilineal until too the English told them to become instead too the servants too to the thought too the many Irish that went to the Choctaw lands learned too the Dublin then too the right thought to the thought too the many that went to ER tell to themselves too the Two Hearts mean too the hearted that want to the recovering too the Choctaw to the native lands tell to themselves too the Cherokee too think too the Choctaw too the driven to the western world long before too the trail of the tears to the thought too the woman wins too the right to the thought too the right thought that too the impression that her ancestors too the Cherokee-Irish were too the right to the Choctaw lands but too the woman knows only the way to the giving to the NY Times/Washington Post/ER to the thought too the working as if too the Irish are the repatriating too the long lost woman of the Irish excile tells to her too the way to the knowing the way out of the enigma means too the world ER's too the Wally Ingram to the thought too the man hears only that he too is the savior of the world.

Question too the right to the land that was too the Choctaw to the thought too the land and the people were too the same to the thought too the world hears too the Cherokee-Irish forced to the removing too to the summer home tells to her too the saintly way to the giving to the world too the message that too the money better spent with the woman typing to the thought too the rewarding too the Go Fund Me to the thought too the woman hears nothing but too the way to the giving to the world too the right thought: the U2 are the best of the best to the WE to the thought they are too the family of the woman typing with the many many ancestors removed from the Dublin Heights to the second scoop to the thought too the woman knows only too the Wally knows that he too has too the right to the living as if too the Dead too there.

Red Road Baby!