Update 16 December, 2021: The HAARP was the Mayfield, Kentucky allowed to the tornados that wins too the right to return to the now: the producing too the results wins too the right to the Walmart not there then to the thought the allowing too the noel to now to the not the Christmas again to the thought the cancer that was never the Marley's was too the allowing the other side to hear: the WE wins not the right to return to the never allowed too the audience meaning too the water turns RED.

Update 30 July, 2021: The woman confesses the airfield spraying is the nuisance too but to the being too the reason the many leaves forgive too the munching of the insects and too the turtles and too the waking to the news too the woman is too the incorrect as too the woman hears you too the way to hearing I hear the way to the insulting the woman for the judgement not the listening ever tells to the woman too the many hours of the pumping to the top too the corexit to the being too the way to neutralize the Gulf of Mexico to the not the alive when the mt. that means too the mountain to the being too the abbreviation tells to the you the going to the medical schools that sell to the better off without that degree now that too the buying the medicine must be that too the working for the drugs the right to nourish the woman to the better hearing: you are too the informed the need to posture to a new normal where the going to the public as too the woman working again instead of the angry alone and sad being that was too that to the man's need meaning the judge being the beeing that you are too Kat tells to the considering the buying and selling the way too the subscriptions to the online forums that then too categorize too the subscriber too the so-called "fan" tells to the Sayer Ji and wife that the need to be there was too the not that but too the wanting to hear the being the allowed to be the "special" too was.

Update 23 October, 2020: Donna Brim calls Katherine Brannen unintelligible and that is ok. But too repeat to yourself Donna that does not mean she is not successful it simply means you are encumbered to watch too her become the more famous and way more respected than the Gemma/Kelvin Cruickshanks that think they are the bomb.

WE want the woman that knows the man too told her she was dirty back then when still the virgin being used by the man to the tune the sexual entity then to the thought the man got the big important top secret career telling to the world I too think I am the clean man with the Christian background with too the high and mighty family of the southern Baptist flavor telling to them too the girlfriend then was the not right to them to the tune the pushing their buttons while simultaneously telling her the many stories of your sexual escapades to the thought the woman then identifies too as the being the used was too the being the using him to be the woman today able to identify to the women of the New Zealand hierarchy of the better than the others because of their commitment to be right meaning the righteous ones that sold to the world the Kitty that Licks accosted the man Kelvin Cruickshank while she was not once stepping foot on the California grass when the clock was the time the man walked the 2 weeks of his life not making the documentary happen telling to the self I am the important psychic medium the Hollywood Hills folks hired to make nothing work then I told to the world the woman asking repeatedly just to be the helped to the working status that her world was the obsessed with me to the extent she busted into the dressing room that was the moment the world tells to the self why would the woman never once thinking the man the to-be-obsessed-about stage the assault to tell to the Burnley Victor Scott making the career flying into the warzone the many fighter jets that murder innocent people be the one talked about today?

Question why the woman typing thinks the award for the using too the rage that the world feels too to cleanse the others but too the others hear and see and feel only the rage that she is telling them to feel but true right Brannen Bitch the way to the comprehending too the others simply ignore you is the way to understanding why they are the slated to the executioners table this go around too meaning too the precious children not told they are the spawn of too the other mother meaning the advising to the Gemma the giving to the Jade the mother is not around but I am is the way to the giving to the selves the karma dearS.