Updated again June 24, 2023: The boys of the working woman are the boys that want to return to U2 there wanted. And the way to Irish worlds enhanced thinks that Aidan's world will be awakened to another world view after the wife succumbs to the confusion that selling to the world "I am wealthy" inhibits the needs of the kids. And the kids that take to the being parents while permitting the clot shots to be the only way to be permitted to perform schooling is the way of the WE to succumb to the madness that the mentally ill are the intelligentsia that sell to the world the news that the Capital Records was the way to ending Jonus to never that man and the way to Jeaz I am there now is the way to hearing that the only mannerisms allowed to perform the ritualistic sexual magick to reup too the mental illnesses to returning to Jaco that is this: Jaco wasn't married to a working woman that wanted to be without the shame another woman that Jaco wanted but the woman that wanted to reestablish to the body another world than the not healthier than thou's, but the Jaco wasn't mentally ill is the way to this: Jaco was an artist of the ways and means that means music rules. Jaco was the man that waved to be wuved and was the man that was childrenated by the women too often to know how to cope without the breaking them up and hearing that comforting Zawinul wasn't allowed when the professional jealousy was that big that the man was reading the lips of the stars that know that Pastorius is well now that he knows that Julius and Caesar's favorite Felix dumbs to the know that waiting for the tabling that another world persists post vasectomy was the way to returning to Ingrid the working woman that knows that Anthony too wants to remember that babies are real. And a baby that twins to the news that inside the outside is the truth that Ingrid was used to show off that mentioning that Jaco wants Julius and Felix on the boat to the summering that summers to them returning to the WE as the sons and daughters that love to hear that Jaco was their father to the soul.

Update 24 June, 2023: The WE wants the women that mentally health themselves to parenting to remember that the mental health establishment replicates the Nazi ways point and center. And the Nazi mannerisms of the standardized proletariats now too the sexless that wins homogenized to the sexy you thinks that the water to the knowing that Jaco was that to the women, exotic too, was the way to the mothering that ways to the Berlin traveling that dropped the envelopes that say I want to buy that one that wants to recover the Ingrid there to wait until the WE wants to write to the boys, Felix and Julius. They are to be loved!

The mental healthy ways are the ways of the WE that allows the heart to penetrate to the needs of the lovers that love too the loving that allowing a man that sells drugs to sell too the maniacs to the stories that the manic-depression was the diagnosis that was wrong to the T teaches the women that baby that too allow the other kids to the mental illnesses that require the shots that say I am to die off says that all women that stereotype a working woman to mental illness to require the shots to be well to the kids shows that the mental illnesses are the women and men that prostitute to the public to show off that the watering the water to the knowing that the Team KC thinks that the shots are well to the kids, very importantly they must lest they lose face, they are to CBDC to the traveling ways that shower to Jim Morrison too there to reiterate to the Patanjali was the Rishi's man that loved to show to the men-rule motif that selling women to the prostitution to baby themselves was the WE's way. And the Jaco that wants Felix and Julius there is. And the man that wanted destinations to be him there to wuv too the woman typing was the way to hearing that cuddling without the body wins!

Jaco wants Ingrid's sons to know that he wants them to know that loving them was the money needed. So the Heil Hitlers that know that selling the lies to the liars are the lies and the lies are the truth that lies to the liars and the lies are the suddenly the welcome home becomes the WE there to return to the Woody Wood too there to return to the lies that teach to the heart that loving the liars and the lairds of Scotland were the ways and means to Ulster-Academy the women to the British want to ruin the entire world now that the One Health is there to One World too the governments to the One Who that wants the children born to be encapsulated to incarceration too rules them that is the way to Ingrid alive again within the being that talks about loving the children but feels forbidden to be there by the stereotyping all women that think marijuana too ruins the kids but the shots that clot them to forgiving mom and dad for the money machine never there again to rule them is the way to CBDC there to return to the cryptos that are not bitcoined to the needs. And the UTC that the Bernician thinks rules the roost is the exact type of return to the going to the Klaus Schwab won't be alive to return to the resetting to 2030 the world to his ways. And that wins the way to Versailles too the reporters that allow the RETURNS to the blacking the magicing to the magick that thinks that Aleister's ways of chaos and confusion are too the buttfuckers-are-us ways that show that the mental healthing the man called Jaco Pastorius to unfit to parent was the way to remembering that fathers father.

The WE wants the members of U2 to try to be there to return to them there to return to the men that make the differences for the world to return to the Irish too there to remember that Ireland wasn't the home to the squirrels that know that all children wanting to remember that all women that know that Kurt was the father too when the man was there to redirect the returning to the knowing that all channels return to Jaco the father to the boys that love to be the sons of the man called Pastorius but to the thought the man wasn't. And that was the mental healthy women that diagnoses a man returning to the mental illness and the drug and alcohol abuse returns to the ways of the mental health system using the world that stresses the fuck out the many thinning themselves to never being that way again! And the ways of the WE want the Hillel Slovak's body returned to California to show that the grave yards too want the women to recover the Slovak wasn't the hypocrite either but the Scientology that says I-me-mine is the way to mental illnesses thriving for the kids that sell to the devils-are-Crowley's-beasts-that-are-the-sodomy-invoked sees the Tantra=ic world differently when the Tantra isn't the intelligence communities that thrive by the payments and the sodomy and the comradery to the "top secret" world of the intelligence that just so suggests to the world that the false-flagging the Russians to the nukes are the way to hearing that the nukes allowed to be deployed are the homes of the British want that!

Update December 7th, 2021: Ingrid is too the way to hearing the way to still life the drummer Waking to the night was to ensure too the Boner want to reach to the thought: the U2 have to take to the task of living for the light to the Christ meaning the Light to the NEED TO WARN THE BERNICIAN THAT HE WILL BE SHOT DEAD BY THE CANNON MEANING THE UNEXPECTED HEART "DISEASE". KILL THE MESSENGER MEANS TO WATCH THE BACK!!!

Further Update December 14, 2020: The Jaco documentary is alright but too the cup of the tea needed is too the Jaco on the line meaning the woman typing is offering to the Robert Trujillo the right to contact her to the thought too the Jaco warns too the Anthony of the Tigress in the Training that too the Saber Toothed One is that too the making too the point too the custom underwear ER's too the woman to the point the man is too the shirtless on the cover.

Update December 14, 2020: WE are the authors of the woman wanting to right too the wrongs to the Jaco Pastorius via too the mythology the man was too the mentally ill meaning that is the crap of the century that is to the max too the story line too the bullshit to the point too the story is the alcoholic to the drug addict to the making too the mythos the man too the savant to the thought too the retard is to the thought too the Flea that is you tyke. Live you are the right to retard too the discipline and be without too the obsequiousness of the wanting too the Flea to hear too the man is that to the thought too the being too the sellout to the big whigs is too the right to the recalling too the woman knows only too the Anthony of the thing that matters too the Flea's friend on the other side now that means too the Jaco is too the Anthony meaning too the woman knows only the way to give to the world the diagnosis too the Flea is the maniac too meaning the giving to the self the right to reply to the retarded thing is the way to give to the man too the right to the family unit not being too the man's to the thought too the Tracy trapped the man into the relationship with the pregnancy and too the Jaco WAS NOT THE FATHER OF THE TWINS EITHER meaning too the woman hears too the Ingrid is the working to teach to her too the man was that time too the inseminator but too the children were raised by the other men meaning too the Ingrid is the gone to the other side now to the thought too the woman knows only the right to hearing the Flea is the father to the one child but the Anthony of the this side still for the moment is the father of the other meaning too the father to the fatherless father meaning questioning too the sanity of a man told to be without too the Joe Zawinul's world view that he is the reason too the many taught to the others too the Jaco too the alcoholic is too the way to minimize too the assertion too the man is the wanting nothing more than too the walking to the graveyard when too the Ingrid tells to the man too the lithium that fucks him hard is the necessary to the kids to the thought too the being too the working on the self the woman knows only too the rage that is the real deal is the rage that will ensure too the ending too the wars to the thought too the war is over is the message of the Jim Morrison too the working for the WE more to follow...

And by the way the answer to the question who killed Jaco that night it was the medical professional on the scene that medically induced too the coma that was too the administered to the man incorrectly leading to the brain lesion that led to the stroke too the Ingrid felt the many years later after too the next boyfriend too abused too the twins to the thought too the medicine there too to the thought too the misdiagnosis to the thought the manic depression was not that it was not a chemical imbalance either to the WE the pressure of the making too the lie the truth is the point the Rory will testify too the mother of the big kids today that fight to the max over too the money of the estate managed by their real father are the kids too the Tracy felt to the making too the graven image to the Jaco to the telling to his mind to the fucking him hard with the gone too much is the way to kill too the two birds with the one stone too the men of the Red Hot too hot to call too the woman talking to the Jaco of their heroes is the way to advise to them too the children that were the created on the road by too the Jaco too live to breathe and too have to be with the care meaning too the women lie to the thought the Western motif of the fucking in the background too the Flea's wife the entire marriage and too the before too has the same libido nullifying technique as too the telling to the woman watching too the man gasped for the breath that the fucking too the feeling the woman hears only too the man took the 3 lovers to the bedroom I mean too the 3 whores that night to the bedroom while the friend lay dying on the couch while too the sofa was there the woman hears only the way to giving to the self too the man took to the paying too the women big sex magick donations to ensure too the mother ensures too the making too the point too the Slovak knew only the watching them fuck too the while he died on the sofa that night is the way too to tell to the making too the call to the hospital then was too the wrong to the thought the man Slovak would not have perished had the women left and the Anthony been too the friend but the giving to the pussy licking too the right to recall too the not important to the woman typing being too the personally fancying instead too the love-making techniques to the thought the best bassist tells to the Flea too the Anthony fucked her hard when too the woman hears he is too the responsible to the point the man was to die too that night but too the beings that gave to the need to the fucking instead turned to the out of the world experience in which too the Jaco advises too the Anthony Kiedis too the Anthony of the Jaco variety is the better lover too...Much more to followwwwwwwwww.

The American Indians the Nipmuc and Nauset individuals asked kindly for the Thanksgiving to remind them they are the not welcome meaning the meal was the peace offering but too the way to give to them the ultimatum: leave or the kids suffer too meaning the way to today.

Live too you are the welcome to the world view too the making the point the settlers had the right to move to the Virginia but too they said no can do meaning they stayed too to the tune too the Boston became theirs instead of too the Mahican meaning the way to give to the woman too the right spelling when too the right to recall too the last never happened but too the settlers to this hour wish they had left meaning the only thing that remains to happen is that her world will be without too the reference that too the Jaco is the right to the repose meaning the man is the South American too but to the max too the Islander meaning the man of the Afro-Cuban character meaning the man is the WDNA man too meaning tell to the world too the Thanksgiving this year is the need to recall too the Jaco Pastorius meaning the country is the result of the Thanksgiving that was then the right to the now the best of the best is the right to the welcome home meaning I need you to be with the world that smells of the Teen Spirit too meaning I want the woman to comprehend too the Jaco wanted to be with the thought too the woman was the kid then but too the woman is that to the max now that her world is nothing but the gone to the other side to hear the world needs not to be told they were the united too to the thought the welcome to the world where too the Boston happened because too the white women went to the Indian men and said please don't say we are not the welcome meaning I will tell you to be with the thought too the whores were there on the making the journey to the Plymouth meaning the way to give to the woman typing the right to know the whore is the mainstay of the western culture meaning the Western world hears the right to be with the now is that too the right to give to the now the right to hear the sucking off too the warriors won the war to the independence too winning nothing but the end of the world enamoring her without too the need to ask why I want to be without too the dick.