Update 13 October, 2023: My best work erased by youtube! Go bullshit assholes!!!

Update September 28th, 2021, the day after the RHCP men of power removed my questioning the band on the youtube website too telling to the moderating to the not permitted to have too the woman as the friend much less the fan is the right to remembering the worshipping them is the expected but the so-called "fan" is the feared.

You will never meet the RHCP with the thought the working for a way to entirely show to the world the way to have the right to the ***Not Allowed*** is the way to hearing the woman is the imposter to herself when the world has the fair shake of the Cruick's tail the woman is too the right to knowing they are too the imposters to her.

Instructions: Mute the Chili Peppers. Play together and enjoy the humor of the woman not getting the point but having fun waiting for the snowfall meaning the way to give to the now is that.

Update October 13, 2023: Videos repealed to not important by the constant reclusion of the need to show off that nothingness is this, the new videos fill my soul but I am not into the constant what? Nothingness that is stop that, not important to show off that selling the soul to the devil worshipers shows that love is, what?