Update 15 August, 2021: The requirements to the vaccines to be alive will insist the killing off those that insist that wins telling to the insistence the working for the WE insists too the considering the shunning too the ***Not Allowed*** working for the not the being paid but to the listening without too the judgement were the women including too the Doug GoodFeather telling to the considering the being the used by the WE works for the using too the time to grow to a new normal where too the insisting the woman stop working for the Red Road as they describe was their intention telling them to hear they are the reason too the Sitting Bull asks too the woman to try to contemplate the world where too the being offended when a working woman asks to be without the judgement was the way to hearing the killing off too the offspring will include them when they proselytize to the right to remember the concurrent to the wknowing that the world will want too the working for the WE to be without too the judgement to the selfish need to hearing the killing the***Not Allowed***'s need to egoistic workings for the need to hearing the lifetime must be too the shallower when the caring that the women too think the getting to the classic that the shot on the night of the working for a time when too the crafty world wants to remember the canceling too that image to the not the right will insist too the right to return to a world where too the turning to a new normal will insist too the continent will insist too the Lakota that frame the woman working as too the imposter are the liars.

I want too the woman to hear the knowing they are too the right to insist the giving to the world too their world intermixed was too the WE working but to them too the theft tells to the considering the wanting to watch too the woman turn to a new normal where too the working for the WE insists too the right to remember the WE is too the author of the wanting to sue too the ***Not Allowed***'s world view to the not affiliated without too the rights to the being too the angry was too the right to recover to the top too the woman was too the right to remember they are the fat and ugly.

Update January 7, 2021: The woman typing writes because the WE advises the words not to tell to the stuck in the past thing that too the 911 attacks were already commissioned to the Brad Rachman too knows the credentials to the Ayurvedic training are the negligence that spells too the spelling to the world too the Tiffany Dover was on the line with the men of the power to tell to the vaccine the nothing was really a problem tells to the psychic medium the need to the working is the need to the more than $100 to be without too the right to the comfort to renew too the bills that needed too the bread are too the insufficiently funded but too the Marci Stewart of the Robbins I means Rothschilds will be with the thought the woman tells to the many the "daddy" foots the bills to the tired to the max woman working 24/7 literally to connect to the higher realm to mystify the many that will not the big superstars of the selling the spirit are too the women that know the way to give to the woman robbed by the Rachmans without too the right to speak when the podium paid to them to instruct to her too the yoga of the selling my time to the hourly payer is the way to be without too the credentials to teach too telling to the 200 hour yoga certification the garbage is in the way to be with the thought of the suing the woman for the breach when the breach of the contract was the Martia that arranged ahead of the time to gift to the woman too the right to the proverbial straw that broke too the Katherine's back to the need to the bread but too the back-stabbing ex-husband notified too the clan that the "suicidal" wife too took to the giving to the man not once fucked around on the HIV when too the man fucked too the Miriam to the pregnancies that means too the man tells to the I-shot-myself-really-Richard-Foulk that the notifying too the command central too the Sharkey watched the man dick other women in the house tells to the grossest thing available to her too the Woody's dick that too the woman will negate nothing but too the very insurance that means I participated in the "fixing" healthcare by the 2700 page sellout to the insurance industry as well as the capping infrastructure that means too the medicaid will be the insurance the Tiffany Dover type of the respect will be the administered to the bright and shiny feeling the nothing really matters when too the Rachmans would consider telling to the woman fucked that hour the breach of conduct was us not the woman typing means too the apology will be with the Rachmans to the tune too the buying the farm wins the right to sue the woman for the right to reprise too the words the channeled but that is the conjecture to the woman much more capable to the making too the bread but too the bread machine was too the Carrie Bolen's following the divorce told to the making too the fictional man with the selling the real-estate was the right thing to nickel and dime too the woman leaving too the furniture bought by the grandparents to the thought the better off without too the friends because the white world meaning the wasichus way not the colored way was the way to tell to the now I have new woman and my friends remain but you are the left to fend for the self in the white women band together to hurt too the ***Not Allowed*** typing by the ***Not Allowed*** wants to heal too the Brooke Medicine Eagle but that was the reason the ***Not Allowed*** herself channeled by the woman typing asked Brooke to tell to the not important to her once again after the condescension I want the Brad Rachman to tell to the Mr. now or is that Dr. Zachy that the big ego wins too the right to recall the Brad too finished too the medical degree but that is not all the man took to the max the right to resequence too the mind to the woman that was the managed care software engineer before the woman erected that last week with the congratulations to the pregnancy disallowed the woman typing by the error of the making the pap smear matter with the misdiagnosis of the cervical cancer on the way to the turning to the HPV kills too the fertility of the boys with too the attack to the Viagra was my middle name before too the Rose got there were too the ways to tell to the making too the woman the infertile because the not cumming to the max with the disgusting man locked to the buttfuck wins the way to give to the world the right to remember the better way to remember the working for the man is that the way to give to the making the spherical alignment to the circular making too the minimal amount to the staying off too the streets tells to the Jim Brannen too the thought the right to the making too the self the covered but to the give to the woman working to the max before the pregnant girl of teh 21 years the right to the celebration when the woman hoping to the career facilitating too the pain of the making too the teenage years the horror tells to the making the women of the perfectly perfected perfections like the Rachman chick and her little side kick "don't bother me and my man at the outside bar on the Black Mountain is the home of the snobs isn't it" world view means the woman will not only hear I need to vent but I want to hear too Tiffany Dover died the morning of the injection meaning the need to the making too the money by suing the woman too tired to give the shit is the same woman that will contact too the big man upstairs meaning the Jesus Christ's God too the Father-Mother God-Goddess tells to the next best thing to the section 8 is the talking stick that decides too the woman asked that afternoon to leave by the Mellie Mac will be with the reimbursement by the giving to the credentials not the jealousy "I never finished the 10th grade" Martia but to the max the hiring her to improve the education that the world hears needs too the heads up: You think the woman was the angry that is the correct but too the ***Not Allowed*** wishes the Martia to learn to read too the message that her world needs the work to be the qualified to the title therapist meaning too the Pathwork foundation is the excellent resource to the Rachman bitch.