Update October 11, 2022: And this one is real to me too. Oprah was guaranteed the Indian thing by the masters of the illusion that all children torn apart from their parents during the "we got slaves now" times were rejected by the Africanized kids that were too there to work for the plantation is our home. And that is the way to brown nose to the allowing the women to hear that the killing the Africans are abused and that wins the only way hears that the kids stolen to the Creek and Indians and too the Cherokee to the Calusa are there to remember that stealing the animals too was. And that is the way to legalize all theft to the point that I don't have any security now that the cops too think that I will need to treat them without the respectful manner when they think that removing the 2020 still there sticker to the 2022 isn't wrong, but the 2023 is better to me. And I want that.

Allow the time to sink in that the officers that write the tickets too think that righting that is too the right to the returning to the dollars needed to write too the tickets to the written off too thinks that lawyers think that allowing the penal code to flow to the unconstitutional to "be safe" turns to the act of war that was too the September 11th terrorist attacks 21 years ago, still not recommended to the officers that "detect" for the killing the innocent to false charges, too the way to hearing that killing off the discussion is the apparent need to disguise all sanctimony to the "parents love kids" to the "safety" is too the Asheville Pizza way to suffocating the people to the agenda that their restaurant/pizza joint/beer club/game room/movie theater is safer when the toxic injections are always in the air! And that wins why the summer ends on the summery that all children asked to mask are asked to shower to the show that their ignoramus parents read the WLOS to think that killing the summer to the VBS too there to "be safe" by requiring the toxic injections show off that the First Baptist Church in Asheville too prayed for the Iraqis to die.

And the redundant news that I am to be ignored again is this: Gomez isn't there. And that is the reality. And that is the reality to the world that knows that signing the paychecks to the Other Side's way to Flea to another world than them is this: I am not interested in a man not interested. So think about that, all men that think I make your dick hard. And that is the way to hearing that Jonus wasn't there to want to connect, but to serve the papers that wanting to write to the showering that all men that serve the papers to Oprah that I need support are there to ask Dr. Gates from Harvard's Black is Divinity School to want to think too that American Indians are the heritage of his world that is too that: the historian's. And I am there to want to converse to the conversation that writing off the idiot that thinks things are happening instead of trying to meet me first isn't very nice, in fact, it is prejudice to me too!

Update 3 January, 2021: Oprah's white ancestors include the Parthenon meaning the Greek, the ***Not Allowed*** asks the woman typing to consider too the cloudiness of the need to the comfort that spells I have at least one human that acknowledges the getting to the tune too the Erica Wyse Watkins was the not friendly to the woman because the thought was the not having to go through the infertility means I am too the wrong to link myself to the jealous of the babies too when the woman Martia Rachman was not assistant in the least to helping too the credentialing to nothing meaning the woman was robbed by the Rachmans not helped to the thought the need to be without too the Sheri Kay with the nicest demeanor means the need to posture to the whole town that the ex-husband's new wife spelled to the many too the Kelvin Cruickshank was bothered by the woman means the giving to the allowed-to-earn-the-bread-using-their-talents the right to recompense to the need to recall too the father was for the Marci not the woman typing means too the end of the rope SUCKS that means the need to the rage is the real to the many that have to take to the not essential to the tune too the Humpty Dumpties will have to have too the day on the throne that means the crown told to be worked for by the Sean Stone is the Crown Chakra my brother.

Sierra Leone, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Angola, Tanzania, Namibia, South Africa, Madagascar, Mozambique, Zimbabwe.

Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo The understanding too the frustration of the following the way to give to the Oprah the right to challenge too the Herbert Walker Bush too was the instrument of the murder of JFK Means the woman will give to the challenge that the Democratic Republic of the United States too will be replaced by the foreign run association of the natural mystic too represented.

Pool Republic of the Congo Kill the messenger the Oprah is the African by the definition of the Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and too the Hollywood producers that spell to the world too the fighting amongst the plebeians too tells the woman typing to resist too the Hillel mentioning the need to the audience Sean Stone too the Sharon Stone to the picture the way to "marry" too the Kelvin's Energy is the way to announce too the assistant tells to the "stalker" that the wanting to resist too the "marrying" the other thing too: the right to recall too the need to the bread tells to the making the association with the color to the Africa excludes the basis of the genetics that is too the American Entity to the thought the entire country will inherit the right to recluse to the not permitted to the bread either the African-American woman Oprah because the color wins the right to recall a long time ago a man insisted the quality of the character wins the better reference to the woman's ability to hear the telling to the world too the Obamacare was the right to the minorities is the way to give to the heads-up:

Ouadda Central African Republic The public that thinks the mother wants the kids to divide to the colors and be without the reference to the sacred meaning the ***Not Allowed*** working for the better world tells to the woman typing the need to the public persona tells to the making the woman not heard means the way to mention the woman needs too the reference to the psychic world too means the stealing the world view and passing the words off as the own tells to the making the Sean Stone there teaches too the ***Not Allowed*** will remain too the elusive when the world notices the not alive now meaning the woman typing has reached the end of the rope that means even the Red Road is too hard when too the men too ask for the buttfucking meaning the way to identify too the woman as the working not for the Mossad workings meaning not the being too the well fed and clothed meaning the never leaving too the house now that the masking is the right to the covid controllers means the way to announce to the Cruickshanks that they are the killed by the vaccines means they are too the users of the woman that spells the love is the answer when too the kids are the central focus but too the vaccine is the respected to the tune too the mother knows only the woman typing will end too the career of the having to repeat: You are the right to recover too the bread only when the mother hears her world becomes too the ***Not Allowed*** without the bread bothering her to the thought the never allowed to the discussion being the not on the ball with the mainstream need to characterize the real deal that the natural ways the body works to cleanse the many toxic remains of the American shit food supply now becomes the criminalized to the central channel knowing only too the Ayurvedic credentials the irrelevant when the buzz word with not the first credential is the bought and paid for but the woman working the many years both as the assault rifles were never there Keith Flynn of the Obama was never the wrong because otherwise I will be characterized as too the assault rifle owner means too the man's wife was fucked hard by the medicine that was too the reason too the mother hears I want to work!

Niamey Niger You have to give to the woman too the tenacity for the 4.5 years asking to the Gemma is the boss Kelvin Cruickshank Team of the KC to have the compassion to acknowledge the man has $20 million on the books and the woman typing cannot right now pay her overdue power and cable meaning internet alone bills because too the father kindly helping has to be the 82 almost year old employed but too the waiting for the pay check but the woman assisting in the ***Not Allowed*** Rising Project must be without too the credentials that too the Black Mountain Yoga doctor tells to the world are his to the thought they neither Brad nor Martia Rachman have anywhere near the understanding of Ayurveda the woman typing has nor the Rishi medicine men on the line including too the Creek warrior messengers telling to the Rachman types the aplenty in the Western regime of the lies sell better because the color glossy pages of the Martia-is-rich tells to the making the public display of too the Tantra the misdiagnosed by the woman typing as the merging of the solar plexus with too the heart means the Chakras the less important than too the physical musculature tells to the making the physical the domain of the working of the both the Rachman's says the prana too rules too the world where the woman typing learned to hold the breath permanently to the need to the exhale is the need to die too telling to the selling to the world the bullshit they told her to employ to the "credentials" to the meaningless "yoga therapist" the Martia created to spell I never finished high school but I sell the world the ayurveda means the woman has not the first clue about Ayurveda nor the Vedic employee of the Rishis nominating too the pattern baldness of the Skeletor Brad Rachman too the buttfuck wins that distinction as too the asthi dhatu would be healthier if the man admitted too the medical credentials too supercede any comparison to the way to enchant the world to the thought too the other dhatus not taught but the compartmentalized division to the organs was well communicated as too the 7th graded anatomy too told to be sold to the medical personnel meaning "I went to community college to learn phlebotomy" so I know for sure the medicine that is too the injectable poison to lowering the immunity called Sama Agni to the Ayurvedic allowed to hear woman that the giving to the injections the right to reduce fertility too tells to the making too the abortions less lucrative to the Overcarsh of the making the decision not to amputate the poor woman's NOW WITH THE NORMAL PERIODS! uterus was too the way to give to the medicine man Gist the right to recall the "taking" the organ was their motif but the nice qualified medical student advised the ethical decision was to leave the uterus as too the mass of the fibroid on the way out anyway to the thought the cleaned out of the body as if too the frozen baby that was too told to be there by the men that had to run too the pregnancy test on the woman that lied not but insisted too the fibroids known about and not the sexual intercourse for years was told to eat too the allowing the men to anesthetize the Obamacare thinks the woman not the buying too the medicaid tells to the Rachel Maddow her world will insist too the woman the anti-Semite to the thought the androgenous woman will insist too the medicine the superior to the Ayurvedic medicine that includes too the alchemy to the ability to commune with too the Prophet Isaiah tells the woman typing to comprehend the being the member of the chosen ones is the right to goyim too the Prophet.

Seminole meaning the woman is the descended from the many that trapped the other side to the point the version of the story is the Spanish forced the descendents of the other regional beings to the Everglades' swamps but the real story is the many mixed to the max beings from that region in addition to the African continent the Central American continent and too the South American and Caribbean Islands were sequestered to the jury that knows too the Oliver Stone will miss out on the JFK news the driver of the car not but the driver of what? Another CIA agent masked too as too what? Dallas Police? Whaaaaah?

Apache You will never hear how hard the medicine is for the woman typing being too the not employable when too the heart hears I must employ too the not with the men that know just know the covid is the real thing when the woman expected this type of scenario since the inception of the forgiving nothing but the giving to the pose the more important than too the Spirit World is the way to remove too the Geronimo's family by the guns but too the Geronimo works for the WE too asking too the Ayurvedic practices around the Western North Carolina region to regain too the Rishi working to the max when too the American Eagle will reign on the horizon being too the Comanche the Oprah's heritage resounds with the Indian Removal as too the way to convert the males to the corpses, the children too with the weak or inhibited dispositions to the slaves while the Apaches were too the wandering to the thought the removed by the Texas disciples of the Christian Armageddon of the Apache way to the killing too the corn with the genetic engineering will ensure the vibrant way of the life intended to re-emerge will flower when too the Apache Warrior the Anthony Kiedis dismisses too the Oprah with the big head telling to the woman that understands making that big of a career thinks only too the sell out tells her to recover nothing but too the pleading never but the recommending too the allowing the covid-19 bullshit the right to regain too the traction to the kids washing the hands with the cancer causing agents wins too the chemtrailing with the covid in the aerosol sprayed to the max all the time over the Blueridge Mountains that means too the Oprah was the descended from the many African-Indian unions for the slave production but that wields only the wrong to the "official" account by the Gates Jr. that the way to acknowledge the way to make a whiter skinned black man or woman is the rape exclusively and none of the white guests have African ancestry is the way to nix too the truth to the point the Harry Connick, Jr. too has the many both African and mixed blood meaning part Indian body parts meaning the giving to the giving to the pointless-to-continue race war the ammunition is to spout the non-sense the Dr. Gates, Jr. himself believes when too the WE is the ancestor as too the Oversoul but that wins only the right to return to the ha ha ha that sounds beginning to hear the woman needs too the accounting degree to be without too the right to hear: You are the working woman too Oprah so be with the compassion and ask for the pedigree that will insist too the many white women have too the mixed blood to the thought the Dr. Gates, Jr. himself knows is his so be without too the banking to the buck the white means privilege not hunger but the truth is the Africans were better fed than too the American Indians to this hour selected to the termination meaning too the Larry Mullen, Jr. was meaningful in the donation but the fine print shows the rations not more than the shit-on-a-shingle fed to the many troughed white kids too via the medical mystery that the shittiest food must be sprayed to the max with the chemicals that mean too the kids eat the grossest food on the planet with the heavily laden toxins but the natural mechanism of the cleansing aka the flu symptoms must be removed with the application of more heavy metals and baby parts from the abortions that fed too the troughs of the Obamacare doctors that then insist too the medical degree means my breast tissue will not respond to the cell phone in the front pocket but the truth is the Overcarsh of the Dr. Patricia Overcarsh will succumb to not only too the vaccine liability not but not the injury that will tell to the giving to the medicaid meaning the many too poor to buy too the United Healthcare nor the Blue Cross Blue Shield type the better variety is too the not buying any of the medications called to the woman typing the black magicians manner of incorporating too the many that buy too the media are the right thing to the slaughter tells to the making too the Ayurvedic medicine of both the Asheville and the Blue Lotus too the not employed means too the woman tells to the making the 911 Attacks the reason to employ the never again will I enjoy a living in the United States tells her to ask for the asylum overseas but that will ensure nothing but too the ignored by the Larry Mullen, Jr. and too the rich kids of the Irish I want to help too the Oprah but the unknown woman without the bread will perish alone without the right to remember the way to advise to her too the Mullen Jr. is too the white kid means he was not the man making the donation the man that is the accountant did.

WE want too the woman announcing to the WE the ready to the big sleep announces to the frustration that is too the major sexual frustration being too the way to tell to the men that know that the Rachel Maddow speaks too the truth but the woman connecting to the other side is too the wrong to the mind but too the right to the sexually comforting them means never will the woman enjoy too the life time when too the need to the meaning a little compassion means not one human being in the 4.5 years of the connection has asked the woman to read but then again the Kelvin Cruickshank was read for that is the right to the thought the communicated to him only shallowly because too the advice to the many humans incarnate is the working on the self is the right to the YOGA that means too the woman knows only too the best psychotherapies of the 20th century have repeated not to the 21st because the cognitive-behavioral not being very practical to the helping the patient bills appropriately to too the medicaid reimbursement meaning too the drugs too the superior to the modern medicine regime not to the max right to the helping the healing but too the writing to the world that too the nutrition and with too the Ormus there means too the woman is more than capable to assist both Ayurvedic practices in the Asheville area but will not ask again to the helping hand because that means no to the max because the need to the comfort is the need to bigger allowances than too the Martia/Brad being too the better accompanied by the buzz words kill too the resume that means too the woman worked in the manage care during the 1990s via too the healthcare system but too the not important to the local women that know too the community college phlebotomist's license means the medical credentials supercede too the Rishis.