Update 18 January, 2022: Return to the news that the children stolen for the ritualistic sexual needs of the fantasy that the many profit too from the sex slavery that wins the results that the Sharon's need to leave was the turning the screw.

WE are to allow the 10050 Cielo Dr. to house the remnants of the slaughters that wins the realization that the lie becomes the truth to become then the way to hide the criminals that crime to the news: Susan Atkins is there too to talk. Be truthful Kat and hear: Jeremy Irons was not the man that was the actor that wins the awards but too the man that watched the beautiful woman's body being ripped by the knives that say I love to watch the shows of the big whigs that get to watch too the fashionable way to Jackass to the mentioning: I am available to write too.

QAnon is the lie.