(Earl S. Lee, Lillie Mae Lee, William T. Brannen)

Updated again March 10, 2023: My family is dead to me. I am not alive to them. And that is why I am unloved to the world too. I am alone. I am alone. I am alone. I am alone.

Update March 10, 2023: The WE thinks that Deborah Doliner is an asshole too. And that is the way to hiring her to be the land thief. And that is the way to hiring me to be without the prose today as I feel nothing but hate. And the hate that is communicating not is the hate that is the way to ending the rebel yelling that is the suicide is wanted now. So go ahead Will and suggest that. And the coldest heart that exists is the heart of the women that love to fuck kids to the bedrooms are there to remember that loving God is allowing but loving the WE tonight is being tired as hell and not able to relax since nothing exists but others that don't have compassion.

Papers are to be served to all parties thinking the land 19225 SW 344th St. Homestead, FL 33034 is actually for sale! The land isn't for sale! I will fight to the ending of all paychecks to keep the land! Litigation is expensive y'all. So drop the contract Favor Investment Holdings LLC! N O W !

Update October 27, 2022: The land is not for sale y'all! So Lourdes Cuenca, Miami real estate broker and her client Favor Investment Holdings LLC must cease and desist. The contract wins not valid to God either. So bow out investment beings. I am to return to the land to work the land, to love the land and to support my neighbors Robert Is Here!

Update April 26, 2022: Doliner is a criminal too. So be without the haste now those that know they too want to take for "me" the land. So I will be without the helping them restore the watershed to the thought. You are the shittiest humans alive today, all of you that don't act.

Update April 22, 2022: I want to keep the land or ensure a being that loves the trees inherits the land not the stinking to the nines way of backstabbing the working woman by the lying to her world as if you are to realize that the lying to the heart hears only I am to be lied to again by the staffing of the club party to the knowing William has the "Estate" taxes to inherit.

WE are to inform all members of Katherine's family that her world will never allow them becoming again there to the thought: you are to inherit the rights for the time being, William The Man That Tries To Learn Too Brannen that the life that exists includes too the other members of your family as humans not as wards to Jim's world that you inherited exclusively through the bully called John/Jack Moore of Lawenceville Georgia's way of intimating to her too Donna's put down that her daughter too educated to be comprehended by her was too stupid to want to understand: covid too tells to the incompetence that the William disrespects too the White Buffalo Working Woman that too the Donna I Am Not Nice To My Daughter Brim knows nothing about!


William T. Brannen intends to represent the "estate" as the man that erases both my intention for the land, my working relationships with others that want to develop the limes and the trees already nearly 200 years old as this land is historically significant to the entire South Florida region.

Representing the estate includes the beneficiaries as too the right to return to working on the land but the commercial developers that would rape too the land's historical significance to the not there anymore wins too the right to maximize to the estate the monetary potential that ruins too the working relationships without the caring about too the neighbors wanting to participate instead in the renovation of the orchid houses too to the teaching, history enabled for the kids to learn too fruit grows from the ground water to be reinvestigate to you as too the healing too the Everglades watershed using too solar power to pump the water healed and dispensed back to the ground to honor too the Mother Earth.

I want to reiterate to the working woman that notifying too the lawyer that the land there is too sacred to be turned to useless federal reserve tickets to the non-sense that the money is more to the thought the estate than too the wanting to remember THE HOMESTEAD ATTORNEY STEVEN D. LOSNER WELCOMES THE NEWS...That he is in fact the crook that lied to the court to tell them the will of Earl S. Lee hidden by the collusion of himself and the crooked cop Bud Brewer that too tells to the selfish old man self that stealing the land to the development from the Robert is Here men too wins NEVER!

WE are to inform the working woman that tries to advise to the being unemployed by the standards of the W4 that too the 1099 is the joke to the working beings that have to stand alone when the Central Bank Digital Currencies amalgamate to the Bitcoin too the goners to the news the watering the water that the stealing the land to the backroom cocaine buying by the brothers that gay bar to the never entering to the womb of a woman being too the way to amalgamate to the Federal Reserve the right to reserve to the still younger then will be when too the Earl S Lees to the leeing to the Lee's land will remain a family affair reserved to the rightful news the family includes both the Menta's and too the Moehling's.

I will not sign the waver Deborah Doliner P.A. in order to meet too my obligation to the man that owns the land: my uncle of the greater than great Mr. Lee!