Update January 2, 2021:

WE are the wrong to ask too the update to enter to the diagram the woman will never win a friend with the admission too the hurts to be told the babies never happened because the ganja allowed that to be the case because too the need to the smoke means too the need to remove too the children when too the Jaco was asked to hear too the woman knows the way to be without too the medical system too when too the repeated accusations that the need to the comfort means nothing but the medical allowance too the Jaco was the murdered not by the man with the authority to be with the building meaning the security guard that was not the man that beat him senseless but the man was mugged too by the Christian ethos that the woman knows too the family wanted too the vengeance to the thought the Cuban Boat Lift featured too the man that robbed too the Jaco that night with the mugging that made the bigger dent but the ambulance man that used too the standard of care protocol to induce the coma that made the man the bigger star when too the many hear the woman typing will be that too when too the mother hears the way to give to the death the right to recall the love is the way that the world knows the Christian family that knows too the US Navy is a global force for the giving to the son there the right to the wheelchair too tells to the jet fighter that the making the depleted uranium munitions the right to the making too the terrorists the dead tells to the making the assertion to the woman's mother the baby was never made because the pot made her infertile is the asinine conclusion of the woman's mother too tells to the making the assertion too the many that will comprehend too the Rishi medicine is the ganja to the thought the holy anointing oil of the refuge Iranians too to the thought the being too the Israeli wins the right to remember too the Equation that matters to the world is the way to resequence the DNA to make too the millions of the goyim too the sterile resuscitates to the woman the right to remembering the cervical dysplasia diagnosis was the other woman's that morning when too the pap smear the labeled without the name meaning the doctor made the boo boo that meant too the diagnosis was followed by the cervical dysplasia too the erected to be removed by the laser surgical procedure that means to this hour the woman hears only the ormus was then the not on the docket but the giving to the feeling to the max like shit woman too the right to be advised too the DSS would take too the so-called shaken baby out of the mother's arms and refinance too the definition that the vaccines enrich the measurers of the making too the covid the mutating to the tune too the vaccine lock down will ensure too the membership in the Humpty Dumpty clubs of the Bill and Melinda Goober Gates will be with the making too the leap of the faith too the goyims will not be them too tells to the many middle managers for the big whigs they are too the goyim meaning the way to goyim too the Netanyahu means Yitzhak Rabin will never win too the Israel was made to be there by the Standard Oil Company working with the British Crown and too the Big Cabal Of Big Banks means too the so-called holocaust was the grossly exaggerated but that means the anti-Semite writes to the news the way to anti-Semite the woman whose ancestor's descendents went to the Texas to concur with the Indian Removal were then buttfucked again by the Alamo missionaries meaning the big kids that knew they are too the Sam Houston meaning the giving to the Houston the not into the massacre too the right but too the man too made the Indian problem the right to murder while they slept the children in the beds to the making too the women too the slaves means too the whores to the men that means too the Alamo was also the sexual not but too the ultimate violence is the way too the man entitled too the Lord to the many women that know too the Iraqi problem was too the kids not getting their allowance of the vitamin depleted uranium means too the Vitamin D the made in the sunlight but the world that tells to the woman the going to the grocery will require the immunity that is the depleted assistance wins too the right to replenish the coffers to the thought the working for the woman writing to insist the world will inherit the diagnosis the written word is the word of the Prophet Isaiah means too the writing is the from the Spirit domain but the many that finance too their big land big times on the air waves and their right to resequence too the domestic relationships to the financing to the many the way to go to the long and short of the hair tells to the resequencing too the hippie as too the better to the title than the Prophet Isaiah means the woman typing runs with the assumption the Isaiah too works to tell to the world the ganja is the reason to the healing of the nations but the depleted uranium is the way to sentence the many that prayed too for the recovery of the bread to tell to the many I have been robbed too that the giving to the cash will not work tells to the making too the alchemy the Jerry Garcia will tell to the many propheteers the with the WE exceeds too the ganja's potency without too the necessary message the man was not only murdered by the medicine the many followers think too rehab is the bomb meaning the giving to the medicine the right to resequence the many artists to alive not on the planet means too the way to give to the medical establishment the right to recall the vaccine devastation now before the big news: you guessed it the woman typing was pregnant more than 19 times but not once was the uterine wall capable of the holding the repercussions of the busy doctor figuring in the many paps to the tune too the unnecessary to the diagnosis was the normal to the other woman that healed naturally and was never attended to the making the babies not being too the 23 at the time meaning the woman that was too the pig eater was given the reprieve but the woman typing the vegetarian of the near a decade then already the clean in the soul too was asked to eat too the news to the point the many years too the ganja mother nurtured her broken heart was too the figured to the medical establishment's notion that the marijuana reduces fertility and harms too the unborn means the vaccine meant to sterilize too the children that are the Geraldine's great grandchildren will end too the Royal family that is too the big winners of the gifts from the Lord to the thought the Lord Satan has won the many abiding souls as per the Revelation that too warns the women to take to the mothering to the thought the money will be the wiped to the point to the max out of the many's grasp meaning Oprah will still be the servant to the master meaning the slave of the highest authority to tell to the many to remember their spirit but too the other side tells her to rise above and marry too the woman typing meaning the merging to the heart telling to the Oprah the skin color ain't that important to the genealogy telling to her the mother wins the cousin.

I appreciate your concern. I've got a better idea. How bout you quit meat and start smoking ganja? See what that does to your consciousness. Cheers!