Updated again November 21, 2023: The WE wants all Stone's that want to know that needing to knead the breadstuffs to the muffins there to return to the Kiedis' need to Hillel's image there to return to Not-A-Junkie, that renders 420.

You are to learn to love the WE y'all that ignore the pleas to be helping me survive the returning to the castes that said to the women and men that were then the scattered across the world, the so-called Romani, the Omani, that is the way to the world where the English too obscure the realities that Aidan Turner's need to be saved by the WE calling the British the wronging the world through the intelligence agencies that think that I am there to return to the bought and paid for "wife" that knows that concerts sold to U2 too think that the wasted world where the animals are pictures on the screen too, that wins the animals that are too the puppets that the WE thinks that the watering the children to the Brian Setzer there to return to the man's energy wanted, that is. And that wants the WE to think about the MTV times when the kids sold to the oligarchs the realities that buying off on the better off without the videos promoting the songs means that the suddenly the artist thinks that selling the art posthumously will be, that wins. And the artist that wants to leave never the world where the living is dying off, that is the way to returning to the world where the living is. And the living to leave is the leaving the world to the children that watch me be stockcared to the knowing that I am the God that writes to the children's children, not born yet, too.

Updated again November 21, 2023: The WE wants Benjamin Fulford's status as the agent that writes to the WE as the man that wants not the ending the Israel to the big bombing that starts the wars that end too the realigning to the news that the Khazars too think that the association with the world where the anti-Semitism that wants to return to the world the truth that the Holocaust that was the way to Auschwitz the London Bridges to the towers that fell that morning and afternoon that day called 9/11 now that the 9-11 too was there to return to the 2001 that was then the way to start the racing to the Helter Skelter too the way to bardo to the news that the concerts told to begin again as the paper tickets prepared by the presses that prepare to return to the world where the kids stuck today to the thought, the Armageddon that thinks that Charlie Windsor's other side, Charlie Manson, thought stinking up the house with the Freedom Movement there to return to stifling the careers that return to finding out that Karen Kingston's world was hacked to show that the AI thing there, that thinks that the Fulford that thinks reality is being altered finds that maya that too thinks that the mayonnaise that wants to show that Oscar Meyer thinks that hotdoggin' the world to the currencies too the AI variety, meaning the monitored by the algorithms that fail mostly, that will fuck the system to the system's need to need to know that the algorithms now called AI are the same things that were invented when they were information technology or computer science or returning to the word "programmer" returns to project managers that say to management YES. And the browning motion treats that to brown nosin'.

The WE thinks that the dollars are the way to return to the WE's need to another world where the children matter. And the fighting that wins the meat the meals that return to the violence that wants to end, that returns to the mentioning that mentioning the meat turns to offensive to the meat-eating individuals.

Meat that wants to leave the planet wants to reward the Gates Foundations that want to bastardize the products made fast food. And that wins the way to returning to the corporations that too buy the so-called farmed lands to never mentioning that the animals now enjoying the post time where the entire meat industries will be so fucked-up that the entire world returns to the vegetarian needs fulfilled, since that will be the easier way, the plants will be used to revamp to the children health.

The loaves and fishes are the children's world when the mothering allows them to serve to themselves the seeds that plant too the permaculture above the farming, meaning the selling the food will be, but the growing the food for the consumption will be too, and that wins the way to settling up the world to safe to live for the animals too want to return to American Chestnuts thriving!

The WE wants the working working working to redeem too the cancers to gone then, that wins the pharmaceutical needs not there, and the medicines that mean the men of power use the monetary ways to control the progresses that the energy companies installed meters to make the children and adults sicker than before, and posturing to the public that the Maui directed energy weapons are the HAARP used to use too that to think, that works for the weathering the storms but the smart meters used to target the addresses to fires that redeem too the pets burned alive, that makes the smartest move the way to return to the meters removed that forthright news that Fulford too knows that the meters are not well, that redeems the world to the Maui fires used to show off the AI motif again, the exaggeration that the directed energy is using the rays that are not there, that the magical need to lies that lie to the liars that stir the potting that the marijuana that isn't well to the kids is, that wins the way to requiring the tripping to the lighted world where the Highlel motif too mentions that the heroin, the drug never ever once even thought about by Hillel as wanted, was the way to Flea partnering with the Queens that wanted to snare Anthony Kiedis to their puppet, and the big man called the daddy that then got more hotted when the realing to the yearing that the man called Blackie Dammett wanted to show that showering the LAPD with the job that murdering the imaginary Hillel Slovak was home from European worlds to be found dead, that is the lie!

Updated again November 21, 2023: The WE wants the Jubilee to be. So be that y'all of the intelligence communities that think that I am real. And be there to know that cooking the nudes to another world where the summering isn't a man home to make the living again with the real deal that the whole time the Stone's that too want Morrison to repeat to them that the Beatrix was the real big queen that wanted to suck the man's dick to dried to then want the man's energy harnessed to the border that thinks the bardo that is the real deal to the working woman typing too, the place where the inside and the outside begin to find that the symbol chosen to now represent Satan to the readers that are the subscribers that too know that Benjamin Fulford was used to show that the Christ too was a Jewish man before the children hear that the Khazarians that free their own mentioning that the British too want to reward themselves for that twisting world where too that is "anti-Semitic" to speak about, that wins the wasted world where the lies that circulate to Jim Willie too there to remember that the men are respected respected...

Updated yet again November 21, 2023: The Thanksgiving world where the American Indians turned to the whitest that was then the way to trading the children to make the children to make the children to make the children think that fighting forms the fighting that fights the fights that the children need to make the children not again to make the children too the way to abortion the children to the adrenochrome to the blood-letting to be there to be the children that think that wars are the way to solve the crises that want the children to form the new forming that the better way to returning to leaving behind the warring ways returns the children to the homing themselves that the homing that homes the children to Spiritual needs fulfilled finds that watching me work while stealing my words and marketing them as real to the world as the intelligence that is the real, not artificial, thinks that the water to the WE's ways thinks that Stephen "I read and think the working woman reads the ways to the women too" Quayle, the man that parrots the scripts sent to them from the upper echeloning that the Charles III, I'm not the monarch but the stooge, that wants that to be true, but the truth that the Charles III imposters are there to show that reading the leads that the letters stand there as the military too thinks that their liege is the Queens that return to Stockholm, and that returns to Carl Gustaf's wife: Solomon too thinks that the whole time the King of Sweden sucks the women's fucking butts, that wins the Argentine spaces the home to the Brazilian world where Oseary Guy took to mentioning that the wife thinks that the man's butthole works to redeem the aristocracies there too, the model that married the man's money too thinks Israel won't be there next weekend when the next time the man's energy says Jonus is alivened, that wins the man's energy knowing that beautiful Brazilian women fuck off when they are dead.

The WE wants the world to know that the governments that bow to the Charles III's landscapes that the serving the servants the servings that militaries work to wreed the redeeming the redemption that redeems all children's stories to Bobby Kennedy's world ended too in Amsterdam, just like the big brother, the Zapruder film, ha ha ha laughable that is the only shot that afternoon, that was abused and shown to the world to show that Beatrix' big sister too thought that the Queen Mother's world that was Better now that the being the so-called "elite" that think they are soooooooooooooooo important, being too the "magicians" that are magic not but use their foolery to show that the secrecy that is sacrosanct thinks that secrets are the way to return to Queen Victoria's secret needs, the sexual need to show that women that want to return to rebirthing the world safe for the democratic need to remember that keeping the kids sounded to the news that countries that feel they are to redeem the Vladimir Putin's world to better fed when the truth that that one is weller than the WE's need to Big Truths: The WE wants you to comprehend to them and to the wasted wasted wasted ways that Joseph Biden died. And the many fake Biden's are the men that love the publicity that featuring the Queen as murdered, that you think now Zuckerberg's father figure Fulford, that the Queen's need to show that the usury uses the kids to recover themselves helping the TV shows know Metaverse's need to recover the breading to the knowing that kneading them to hearing that the warning that Greater Israel wants the nukes now, that the nuclear war will be when the so-called anti-Semites bomb the real Jews that are the praying to the Torah's God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to the needs that the going to them as the real Jews, and then the fake Jews, now the Satanists, that want to regard All Children Born Today as the subjects that are the articles that you are to learn to love the Russian landscapes when the children asked to die off are the Khazarian Mafioso's that want the children being used to be that, the British that again hire Mr. Fulford to write to them as "secret societies of ancient bloodlines" returns to the golden world where the magic was the using the ORMUS, the white powerded goldens, the whole thing that alchemy was using the gold to return to the nutrition there, the world opens to the opening that the gold, now only understood as money and pretty metal, that wants the women and men that think that concerts told to be without the wifi when the summer has to die off, as the white powders that mean "I am used" mean cocaines that sell to the children heroin that sells to the kids the results that repeating the lies to the ad nauseam thinks that selling Oseary Guy to the anti-Semite might just be ok.

Update November 21, 2023: The Thanksgiving that permits Dr. Willie to know that Mr. Fulford that wants the WE to be the kindest to the children asks the men to sacrifice the time to hearing that the water that sheds the goldens to the geezer called Charles III too there to remember that keeping up with the stories mentioning the WE wants the water to regard the golden ways the way to think that mentioning to the world that the Lehman's event is on...That won't happen until the grounding that spells the waters that are there to rasa the dhatus to beginning to have to have the hari hari too the way to hree, that returns to the kindnesses that the water to marijuana thinks the cashing the cropping to the cashed world where the cannabis cups the children to harming not the first animal but supporting school lunches formed from the animals that mentioning to the world that the cannabis isn't well to the healthy women to think about to the kids being the served the servants the ways that I am there to rework the wordings to returning to the wasted world where the inside that outsides the WE to the servant to the pigs that steal the words to mentioning that the Ramsey's too think that JonBenét's world view isn't the children's way to hearing that keeping alive the working woman's need to recover the breading that wins the wasted world where the Willie and the Fulford shoot the messenger that says to them that the jubilee is on when the dollars return to mentioning that Dr. Roberts too wants Beethoven to know that the harboring the resentment for the mothering that wins scared to read the messages makes the WE the scapegoating the ways to wasting the hours to needing to know that junking the kids lunches to shittiest of all meals/meats means the kids wellness is impaired.

The WE compliments Mr. Benjamin Fulford's interview that makes the children's ways there: the fighting wins when the white hats think that keeping the P3 Freemasons alived by rewording them as British Intelligence Alongside Nothing Else wins the way to returning to returning to mummy, the Queen, asked to leave by the need to remember that signing off on Charles III, the new king's ways, that the way to returning to them there to rejerk the needs to another way than I am to leave too soon again, that wins the way to returning to the revealing to the rivers that the dams are to return to returning to the Iraqi need to know that keeping up the preambles that the children wrecked by the wars are real to the WE ties the betters to them karmically.

The Energies that say to another working human that the staying put on the phones that the dollars are not to lose the ways to knowing that real estate thinks that allowing rentals to begin again as the healing ways to showering the dollars to usury that uses the used to use the using to use the working for the results that seating the men of power as the mental illnesses are them means the British intelligent unintelligent until the WE thanks them for the returning to themselves the scripters that work to redeem all children cashed to the cashing the golden ways to the gold stored by the Russian Federation too much to count, that wins Jesus there to remember to the kids that once upon a time the children were used to be slaves to return to the tetrahedrons that took too the power from the sands that are now the Gobi wasted world too, that wins the way to resort the children asked to begin to have to resalt the children's ways to the ORMUS that wants Mr. Fulford's new friend Jim Willie, PhD to be the man that knows that the whole time the WE wrote to the man to scare that one to wanting to remember that my subscription was, that was the way to returning to the WE too the Fulford's subscription is. But my world is unfunded by the men!

Updated 3 April, 2022: NOW !